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Memory Loss
3 Replies
wwhitfor - August 2

I've had fibro for the last 14 years. It seems every year another part of my body would ache in pain. I got into a car accident 3 years ago with wad 2 whiplash, and that is what took the cake! From then, my upper neck has been affected in which it was always my back before. The worst is the fatigue and my memory! It is difficult for me even to rent movies, as i will rent a movie, and can rent it again in 2 days thinking I havent seen it. I really want to finish my degree, in which i have a year left, however i am scared that my memory will affect my progress immensely! Does anyone else go through this?


mypain - August 3

I mother is amazed that I can't remember 15 minutes after she has asked me to pick something up from the grocery. If it is not written down on a piece of paper, forget it. I will not remember it. I am too afraid to tell her about fibro is very scary for me... I want to go back to college...but the fear of not remembering is the only thing holding me back...


enncync - August 12

OMG! I've had FMS about 14 years myself. There are so, so many symptoms that when I'm feeling something, I have to go and check a list of symptoms to find out if it has anything to do with FMS.

What is difficult for me is that I still work a full-time job, and my memory loss has become a problem for some. It's embarassing because folks them I'm just dense, and of course I don't want to tell them that I have FMS.


Mimi G - August 20

Yes, Yes, Yes....I have FM now for over 20yrs. I can relate to everything you have said. Especially the movie is such a scary feeling..I know! It is that short term memory thing that really is affected by this disease. Hang in are not alone. Be happy for the things we remember and try not to panic when you experience this. This is really a common symptom of FM. Just was on another FM support grp talk and someone related that Fish Oil and more Vit. D helped them. I too have lots of trouble with my neck. I use a contoured pillow now and a heating pad under my neck when I go to has really helped alot! And you hear so much about exercise helping...but I really have to protect my neck...walking I believe is the best. Any tips for lower back pain...tried lidocane shots but they only helped short term!! As I type...I am taking no meds. I can't...have found nothing long term that helps me...side effects a just add to FM. I take lots of hot baths, massages by any family member willing and pray alot. Wishing you pain free days.



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