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txsunsets - September 22

i am taking nuerotin for my FMS. my doctor just up my dosage but it is making me feel stoned. does this happen to anyone else and if so will it go away. It's hard for me to focus on work and school. thanks for you help


pittsy - January 29

I am on nuerontin I am on 300 mg 2x a day and I am fine on it. I am also on...50mcg durageesic patch every 48 hrs, 500 vicodin evry 8hr 4 excess pain, paxil, ativan, zofran, mobic, buspar, and ativert! And still not stoned but still lots of pain!


axxie - February 13

Nuerotin (gabapentin) an anticonvulsant is effective for hyperalgesia (excessive sentivity to pain and allodynia, experiencing pain from an ordinarily nonpainful stimulus. You may be able to lessen any side effects by drinking extra water, as dosage increases, bioavailability decreases. A 400mg dose is about 25 percent less bioavailable than a 100 mg dose. This medication should not be discountinued abruptly.

Try to drink more water, up your consumption by 25% more then what you drink. A please no softdrinks, no coffee, drink green tea, this will help. But always remember you need loads of water. It won't cure you, but you will find less medication does the same thing.

Some of you I think are on all too many drugs to begin with. You would probably be better to re-evaluate your drugs, take a sheet and write what you take at what time and what you eat and drink, and what symptoms you have. Keep the diary for a month, then see the doctor you may see a pattern and the doctor might be able to see about changing or controlling your pain with less medication.
A chiropractor, twice a week for 6 weeks, then once a week for maintenance will see you felling better lots faster. Just remember at first you will feel some pain when being adjusted, but once you have gone for a few weeks you may see yourself with less pain.


Fibro Woman in MO - February 28

I have been taking Nuerontin now for a two months. I told my doctor it wasn't working on the pain. So she up the dosed to 2 pills 3X a day. I am so stoned I can't function. It only lasts a few hours. It still does not control my pain. My doctor also gave me a prescription for Savella. It's a new drug approved by FDA for treatment for FMS. It is suppose to be released to the pharmacies sometime this week. I will post on the general discussion board on it. Maybe it will help.



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