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Male Breast and upper rib pain
2 Replies
Beone - July 5

Any one else have breast rib collar bone pain, it can also be in the pectoral muscle most of the time, comes and goes,been real annoying makes me feel sick sometimes. It also can be on either side but just lately on the left,when i get it on the right it can make my heart race and i have to lay down to recover, The pain also comes with real tight back muscles. Ive been to hospital A number of times to get checked out and all is OK heart wise, this pain can really get to me mentally i don't know what to do,i feel like a woose. I know I'm not cause Ive done karate to a high level wrestling and rugby but this is worse than any pain Ive had with those sports,

Any help would be welcome, just need reassurance really,
love Beone


January - July 6

Hi Beone - don't know about this. Sounds like your pain is severe sometimes…? It makes me think of the postings on here about costochondritis (something I don't have thankfully!). Don't know if you have searched back and read the older threads, but that's a place to start.

I think the racing heart can come from severe pain! I can remember waking up in so much pain I had to stand in a hot shower, and could barely breathe with the muscle pain. For me, that has pretty much disappeared with a strict gluten free diet.

You say your back muscles are tight as well as your chest muscles. As you've had your heart checked out, I'd suggest you try a good massage therapist. Ask them to check you for muscle knots and trigger points - these can be treated with massage and sometimes lidocaine injections. You also might benefit from acupuncture - it really can help relieve pain if you get a good person - and the needles don't usually hurt. If they do hurt, it's just for a moment, and means they hit a strong point and you need the adjustment. Also, you don't say if you've tried any kind of medications - like OTC pain relievers or prescription muscle relaxers or pain relievers.

You're not a "woose" - you sound like you've got "I am invincible" syndrome! There is obviously something wrong. Muscle cramps are very painful and can be caused be any number of things - that's what you need to figure out. What's causing it. Good luck. There's a lot of good information on this site, so happy reading!


MissAmandaLynne - July 7

I'm no expert here, i'm trying to get an actual diagnoses to alot of what i'm experiencing, but the person who posted before myself, was dead on about costochondritis.

I was diagnosed about a year ago.
It's an awful pain in my sternum, in my ribs and even into my breasts because of where the costal cartilage that's inflammed is.
I would read up on it.
I went to the Dr. thinking i had pnuemonia or something wrong with my heart, because i wasn't in any form or fashion familiar with medical conditions.
Nothing helps me.
Anti-inflammatories are suppose to, that's and cold/hot compresses. But they don't work either. I just have to deal with it :(

I hope you find out what it is.



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