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chris c - June 14

i tried Lyrica twice. i'm not sure if i found any improvement. both times i had to stop due to dizziness.


linda brown - July 15

not for me, made me gain 30 pounds


moonbloom - July 23

It doesn't work? I wondered. There's so much hype about Lyrica and I take Naproxen 500 mgs twice a day, which is bad for my heart. I am in a flare right now. Everything hurts.


ibritz - July 23

I took Lyrica and loved it, for the first week. The the dosage was increased and my feet swelled up sooooo bad. I stopped it for 4-5 days for swelling to go down. Then just tried at bedtime, and the swelling came back again. I stopped it. I have been thinking of trying it again. Without the swelling I thought it was working pretty well.


ibritz - July 23

Judy - As far as your question about cold feet, I don't remember if it helped that or not.


anonymouse - July 30

It did not help me unfortunately. I can not take it and am afraid of it after my experience.


Lesleybird - August 7

Yes it helps but it is not without a few problems. When I first started taking it the doctor started me out on a dose that was too low. Once the dose was increased to 75 mg. three times a day it got rid of my pain nearly completely for the first month or so then it stopped being very effective and I got a lot of the pain back as my body developed tolerance to the medication (this happens with another class of drugs narcotics, but Lyrica is not a narcotic). Now to help to prevent tolerance I take 150 mg. at night and do not take it during the day unless I am having a bad flare up of pain in which I take another 150 mg. earlier in the day making for a total of 300mg. Only problem is that when I wait until I am having the bad pain it takes about 2 hours or more to work, but if I took a lot of it all the time it would not work for me when I really needed it during a pain flair.
The main side effects for me are dizziness and increased appetite. I gained about 10 pounds in 6 months which I went on a more restrained diet and lost the weight. The pain control was worth side effects to me. I mainly got dizzy when I backed up my car or bent over. Most of the side effects of dizziness and increased appitite almost went away after about a year of taking it.
Some of you might not know that Lyrica is in the same group as an older drug called Neronin (which is cheaper because the patent ran out). Both drugs are antiseizure drugs which help with neuropathic pain. Another thing you all might not know is that Lyrica is given in Europe as a treatment for social anxiety dissorder. I do find it gives me more self confidence is social situations but it makes me chatty.....I talk too much like one does when they are drunk or something. As you all can tell I can't spell very well! Lesley


lovetaurus61 - March 17

my dr. put me on Lyrica today. start me with a low dose of 1-50mg tablet at nite for about 3 days if I can toletate it. The 2 a nite for about the same time and then 3 a nite if I can really tolerate it. I go back in 4 weeks to see if things are better. More labs. They forgot to check me for Lupus....Talk to u in about 4 weeks.


tshomezoo - March 18

I honestly believe Lyrica was my saving grace. I have been diagnosed for 11 years now, and nothing has ever worked before Lyrica.


lovetaurus61 - March 19

Hi Tshomezoo, I am glad to hear that Lyrica has worked for you. Have u been taking it for 11 years? I am taking it now and have had no side effects so far, except for the dizziness, so I only take it at nite time. Thanks for the positive feedback. Good luck and Godspeed.


Libbyk - March 25

Hi i am glad to hear Lycia works for you. I am taking Tramadol at the moment but my doc is weaning me off to put me on Lycia due to the side effects. It is reasuring gto know that some people get pain releif from this drug.


lin949 - August 14

For me Lyrica didn't work any better than asprin.I've had Fibro before it was even called Fibromyalgia. It was called Myofacial Pain Syndrom, that was back in 1984. I had it for years before that, during those years all I ran into is that I was crazy that nothing was wrong with me - got that even after 1984. I'm on 16 meds most of them stem from the problems conected to Fibro.
HOWEVER, don't let my story stop anyone from trying Lyrica because it didn't help me but it might help someone else


Merrick123 - December 7

I tried lyric, it really worked but the weight gain was very discouraging, so I stopped taking it.



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