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Coni - May 6

I am new at this, and don't know exactly how this works. I have been diagnose with the following
High Blood Pressure

I take about 12 pills during the day and 1-2 pain pills at night depending on the pain. I get hot and cold to the extremem there is no happy median there. I stay in pain constantly, and have trouble walking, standing, sitting and doing daily chores. Sometimes I get so confused I can't remember if I ate or took my medicines, and it is a chore to stay on a daily schedule. I have been going through this now for three years, I was diagnose all in the same year with the exception of High Blood pressure I have had most of my life. My blood pressure runs 210/120-140 most of the time. I am just at my wits end and don't know what to do anymore. I see my doctor every other month, and that depends if I have the money for the co-pays on my ins. I feel so sorry for my husband / son they do everything around the house for me now. I work from home but then I have good and bad days so that sometimes is hard to do. When I try to talk to my friends they don't seem to understand the extreme pain that I am in, because to look at me I look healthy. I have to walk with a cane at times when things are really bad. To walk up a flight of stairs is torture. Even to take a shower is hard, but I do everyday.
The meds I am on

Amlodipine 10mg (high blood pressure
Triamterene-HCTZ 75-50 mg (water pill and blood pressure)
Catapris patch 2mg (blood pressure)
Savella 100mg (Fibromyalgia and neuropathy)
Provigil 200mg (to give me energy)
Vitamin D (4000 iu)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Klor for potassium
Iron Pill
Metformin (diabetes)
Pain pill for nights

Now you see what I have to take every morning, and if I forget I begin to get so loopy and can't figure out what's what. If my son/husband are here they usually can tell that I miss meds, and try to get them in me if it is not to late in the day.

I don't sleep, I wake up about every hour and some nights I don't sleep at all for a couple of days.

I am just so tired now, and just don't know what to do anymore.

I just don't want to burden my husband anymore than I have already, he works 12 hr days and still has to come home and help me.


wonnievt - May 6

hi coni,
i understand everything you are going through and feeling.I have had fibro for 4yrs and many other health issues on top of it.There are days i can't do anything and have to ask for help from my family,at first i was upset they had to help me but now i know they do out of love for me and when i have a good days i try to make it up to them like making a nice dinner or bake something for them.
some of my meds. make me loopy so i take those at night.
my son is almost 20 and i have been ill most of his life , he does well with it and helps when he can and say alot of i love you's and my daughter is 23 and lives on her own, but talks to me everyday with i love yous.
i love you's are good medicine
sleeping is hard at times i take meds. for that too. i know this is very hard to go through and hope my babbling helps a little.

coni you are not alone


Coni - May 6


Thank you for commenting, I can't remember when I have slept longer than an hour. My sleep pattern is so broken, me and my husband sleep separately on the nights he has to go to work in the am, because he gets up a 4:30 and I don't want to disturb his sleep with my restlessness. My husband and son are great, and on my good days I do try and do a nice dinner, or clean something in the house. My husband/son let me do what I can but when I tire they finish if I can't, so they let me do my limitations. I try to stay positive as much as I can and not let them see I am so worried and in pain, I don't want them stressing either. I have to admit talking with someone else who is experiencing the same will help. I just hate to burden my family so much, that is why I came on this website. I am trying to eat healthier/remember to take meds, because i miss one thing it throws my whole day off. Trying to get some kind of routine down.


wonnievt - May 7

your very welcome,at first i never slept,but now i sleep ok with meds. thats the only way. Ambein works pretty good have you taken that?Family support is a big positive,but i understand the guilty feeling you get because sometime you have to depend on them alot. I feel that way at times.
hiding the pain from people is hard and pretending that ok takes it's toll. i was doing that in the begining,but now i can admit if asked yes i'm in pain.
my best friend is sticky notes i put them everywhere.i make lists:things to do, things to remember. you will find a routine and work around the good days and the bad.
we can do this, i always said i will fight this thing to the bitter end.
chin up we can do this!
have a good mother day


ptalana - May 7

Hi coni welcome to our fibro family:)
We can all relate to the associated disorders/diseases, symptoms that come with fibro. While some of our experiences with fibro may differ, some are blessed with a mild form, others like myself have the more severe form. My symptoms are constant, no flares, no breaks! I know for myself I wouldn't be able to get out of bed without any pain medication. I would discuss with your doctor options on meds for dealing with your pain, so you can have some semblance of a life. As for sleep I too struggle with this, most nights I'm lucky to get 3-4 hours. Sleep is imperative when dealing with fibro, especially since we don't get the REM sleep that others do. I see my doc next week and I'll let you know if he has anything that can help with this.
My mobility has also deteriorated I use a walker at home, and need a wheelchair if we go out. As a former exercise fanatic this has been a huge blow, and I'm still trying to accept these limitations.
Guilt is something that many of us feel as well, but really is so damaging to not only our physical but mental health. I know for myself not bringing in a pay cheque, not having the energy nor ability to do the things I used to do has made me feel so guilty. But I have to keep reminding myself that I didn't ask for this and that life is full of challenges. My hubby also works long hard days, and has had to take on more things at home. He has assured me that this is not a problem, and is relieved that I now can ask/accept his help. It's also given my family a whole new appreciation for all that I've done in the past. Whatever energy we have shouldn't be wasted on feeling guilty, right?!
I also use a daily pill reminder case, I would be lost without it.
Please remember we're here for you, anytime you need to talk, vent, rant, whatever the case. This forum is full of the most caring, supportive, knowledgeable, and generous people. I hope that you find it as helpful as I do.
Once again welcome, Patty:)



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