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corrections1 - September 25

I have been suffering with chronic migrain and tension headaches,hip and butt and back pain,fatuige along with what I feel is Classic fybro symptoms. I take 2 vicoden a day (not alot to ask) and Soma. as apposed to 14 to 18 iubprofen a day. I am currently in physical therapy and see a D.O and a neuroligist. When asked is it possible that I have Fybromyalgia, the response is "yes but not likley" They are both NON believers in Fybromyalgia!!! I am living in the middle of a very rural area and obvious to me they are not up with the times. I guess my question is, Where do I get help? I'v been going thru this for 4 years,and cant take it anymore. I have to beg for medication and feel ashamed that I have to ask for relef on a regular basis.
ANYTHING INFO YOU CAN OFFER would greatly be appreciated!!! Thanks.


barbar - September 25

Where are you located? What kind of doctor are you seeing? Can you get to a good rheumatologist who works with FMS, a neurologist or physiatris? If you are near a university with a med school, check there. Med schools are usually right on the cutting edge.


PUPPYMOM828 - September 27

You definitely have to change doctors asap. If it is fibro, you need alot of medical support. You might try calling other doctor offices and before making an appointment, or giving any information, ask the nurse if that doctor treats any patients with fibro. Living with this illness is hard enough, you don't need the added stress of unbelieving doctors. My primary doctor is great (he treats alot of other patients with fibro so he is very familiar with it, although I am the youngest), but I also see a rheumatologist, a pain specialist, and a therapist (counselor), along with physical therapy. You've got to look and find someone. A regular doctor is not likely to be able to treat your chronic pain or be willing to give you the kind of medication you need for it. You still need to have some other illnesses eliminated before getting the fibro diagnosis, like Lupus. I think that all us fibros end up getting tested for that. You need to list all your symptoms, even if you think they are unrelated. Before I got diagnosed, I had seen different doctors for extreme pain in my hip joint, for digestive probs (turned out to be IBS), depression, sleeping problems and overwhelming fatigue. My regular doctor at the time (a D.O.) did not know what was wrong, but she did believe me, that I was really in a lot of pain. She gave me as much pain medication as she could, which was like 3 vicodin a day, and was sorry she could not give me stronger, different medications. It was not until I saw an orthopedic surgeon that said, "Gee, I would think this hip problem to be part of fibro if you had the other symptoms." I asked what they were and was astonished to realize, as I told the doctor, about all my recent visits for those exact problems; I had an HMO back then, so sometimes I saw different doctors, so my primary did not have all the records to be able to put it together. Anyway, find a doctor, preferably a rheumatologist, to evaluate you and check the tender points of FMS. Once you have the FMS diagnosed by a specialist like that, you'll need to find a supportive network of medical doctors. It will be some work, but it is necessary and definitely worth it. Having strong medical support is key; I don't know how I would manage without them and all the different medications I am on now to help deal with all the different symptoms of FMS. The last thing you need is to be made to feel guilty, or like some druggy, just for asking your doctor to give you medication- no one deserves to be in pain all day, everyday, and not have help. Hope this was helpful and I did not ramble on too much- I tend to do that.


corrections1 - September 29

Dear Puppymom,
Thank You SOOOOOO much. And you aren't rambling, You speak the truth about my situation to a T.......I have found so much info on this site, and the Forum has helped me realize that Im not crazy!!! Thank You again........


Lynne-FT - September 30

barbar, PUPPYMOM828 is so right. I have 4 doctors a GP, Orthropedic, Physiatrist (Physical Med and Re-Hab) and my Choiropractor. I also go to a therapist to vent.... it helps when I do not want to burden my family.
I make sure all my doctors have copies of all my tests and each doctor knows what medications I am on and what they are for. You have to be involved and they need to care and listen. I have other conditions after a fall I took 2 years ago and that is when all my problems started. I hope you find the right doctors and soon!


TERESA - September 30

I think that every fibro patient has had to deal with doctors who either don't beleive or have no idea how to treat FMS! I mean it's not like you walk into their office with your arm bent out of shape. Then they would no you have a problem & are in pain! We walk into their offices looking perfectly normal most of the time, with is strange assortment of symptoms (the main one being pain) for which they can find no medical reason. I've had doctors say thing like fibro is not a real disease, I take all my fibro patients off all pain meds because they are going to be in pain anyway, you are too young for strong pain meds, etc, etc.... There are relatively new studies about pain being the antidote to addiction, in other words if you are in pain & take pain meds for that pain you will not become addicted. If you are taking pain meds & you have no pain (taking meds for the feelings of euphoria) then you run the risk of becoming an addict. I now have found a doctor that appears to believe me & I'm taking enough meds to make most people comatous, yet I can functiion just fine. I like many Americans, haven't any insurance & my income level is very low. I can not doctor shop, but I found my doctor (a D.O. ) at a local clinic. IM SURE LUCKY!


AmberRose - October 1

Is there a pool near where you live? maybe they have a class you can get into to help. Wether or not you have fibro swimming helps alot for allmost all things, If you do have fibro ive read it can help stretch your muscles..its awesome casue its a no impact excersize, its worth a shot to try and help you feel its allways relaxing, i read about one lady who had fibro and signed up for a class that was mainly for elderly people with arthritis. Good luck!
And the ibuprofen wouldnt help because thats an inflammatory ...i was taking those at first as well because i though i had arthritis, i find a good nights rest helps out a lot with fatigue and also going to bed at a good time , i also have to take sleeping pills to get a good nights sleep, i get horrible nightmares that keep me from proper sleep. What do your p.t's say because they could probably refer somewhere else if your doctors are not. I also agree with barbar about the med schools! And also about being tested for lupus my test took 6 weeks and they also tested me for arthritis as well both blood tests. Anyways i wish you well! Good luck


Kimber2270 - October 1

I have dealt with doctors that don't believe in FMS. When I finally went to one that did believe, he didn't know how to treat it and just prescribed different antidepressants and pain meds to mask the pain instead. I got tired of the side effects and am now going to an accupuncturist who is also a homeopathic doctor. They did extensive tesing (tests my normal doctor would not run) on my neurotransmitters, adrenal hormones, and thyroid function. I am now taking mostly homeopathic meds except for Armour thyroid. I am feeling better, am mostly pain free, and able to function normally.


AmberRose - October 2

Why do doctors keep prescribing anti-depressants? I have fibromyalgia and do not have any kind of depression at all.. I realize that its one of the side effects but does everyone else actually have depression?


TERESA - October 3

AmberRose, I feel the same way! The doctor gave me an antidepressant & an antianxeity drug for sleep. I told him I was not waking up all nigth long because I was depressed or anxeitious!! I was waking up IN PAIN! ! H e said just try them & see if they help (my doctor is not a wealth of information). To a certant extent they have helped (they make me sleepy) but I still wake up thruogh the nigth ,just not as many times>


Lynne-FT - October 6

AmberRose, from what I have read the reason they prescribe anti-depressants is for it's serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor with helps with peripheral neuropathic pain.


Blonde - October 9

I had the same feeling of being ashamed that I was constantly complaining of the same things all the time. I finally looked in our local newspaper to see if there were any fibromyalgia support groups. There were. So, I called the leader and asked who she would recommend. She told me of a Rheumetologist. See if you have any support groups in or around your area and give them a call.


carm - October 15

You may need to go to a bigger town that offers different doctors like probably a rhuematologist. The Anti-anxiety are prescribed because a secondary help seems to be a relaxation in the muscles and trigger points which help FM sufferers sleep better and feel better then next day. I had the same questions when the doctor prescribed it for me because I was not depressed just at whits end in pain. It does seem to help somewhat. Well, good luck it is an uphill battle sometimes it took me 7 years for them to figure it out and for me to find someone who figured it out.



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