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Living the Fibro Life. Im new here too.
2 Replies
shelllc79 - February 22

Hello everyone,
I’m new to this site. I have been living with fibro for a very long time. I was diagnosed when I was 19. Then undiagnosed. Then diagnosed, then undiagnosed again. It can get pretty frustrating. Especially when I knew I had fibro, and new Dr’s thought they knew me better than I did, and told me I didn’t have it. Unexplainable pains. Dr after Dr. Test after test. Nothing. Everything was normal. Drs would say there is no reason for me to feel pain. Nothing is visibly wrong. No reason why my heart would palpitate, EKG’s were fine. Why do I get dizzy when I stand? My iron is borderline anemic, but not anemic. My lungs were fine, no asthma, no reason I should run out of breath. My thyroid was good. X-rays said my hip joint looked fine, maybe a lil arthritis, (at 16?) I really thought I was just going crazy. Like literally.. CRAZY… toys in the attic. Crazy
I’m now 31 and I found this sight. It really helped me realize that maybe I’m not crazy. I have so many questions I want to ask. I have searched and searched for a chat room and can’t find one. I also would like to know if there is anyone in the Conroe, or Houston TX area. I have no heath ins and no money to go to the Dr, so I get No medical help. I would like to find a local Dr who understands fibro. And would be able to help me get the treatment I need. I am so tired of hurting everyday, and having no energy to do my regular chores around the house. My kids don’t understand that some days are really hard on me. I cant keep up with everything. I get real overwhelmed. It makes me feel like less of a mother. If anyone can give me any advice or feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless ya’ll


Rahiin - February 25

Hi Shell,

I was diagnosed when I was the same age that you were, and I went through the same doctor BS that you did, but I'm only 20 now so obviously I am a newbie compared to you. But I do know how it feels to have young years taken away from you.

Unfortuantly you're in a bad paradox. You need a reeeeeally high level doctor that even stands a chance of understanding fibro; usually docs that you can get for free don't have a clue what fibro is. I'm very sorry but I don't know what to do about that, hopefully someone else here knows the answer.

I know how you feel though. But you are not less of a mother, less of a person, less of anything, for having fibro. In fact, you're more.

Lastly, I am jealous that you live in Texas, I was born there, in El Paso. I live in Washington DC now. I love going to all the major cities there, I go back every couple of years. I miss it very much. DC sucks bigtime compared to Texas hahaha.


lacey - March 9

Hi Shell,

I have only just been diagnosed (about 6 weeks ago) after giving my doctors the flick. The difference between you and me is, I'm 55 and my new doctor and I have traced this back about 13 years and I couldn't find a doctor that would even do any tests on me. They didn't do anything.

I hate thinking about all the mega bucks I have paid my doctors over the last 13 yrs and this doctor was recommended to me and she bulk bills. She came up with the answer before I had even finished telling her how I felt. She is an absolute gem. The only thing she wanted to rule out before trying any medication was if I had a deficiency in Vit D. It apparently can cause the same symptoms.

So it's now 6 weeks since I started the Vit D but it's made no difference at all.

My (new)doctor had this site up on her PC for me to see for myself. So I have been madly reading and have joined up for newsletters. I don't have all the symptoms list here thank goodness.

I know how you feel about hurting everyday but, I'm not sure about agreeing with finding a high level doctor though. My new doctor is only a GP, not a specialist. I think what you really have to do is, find a doctor who is caring enough to want to help you find the answers.

Good luck but, as you live in America, going to my doctor is not an option.




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