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lefthand side
14 Replies
peachmelba - February 2

hi there, is it me or does fibro seem to affect mainly the left hand side? nearly all my symptoms affect my left hand side. and reading alot of posts it seems to affect alot of other sufferers aswell. or is it mixed???


writerchick - February 3

Hi, I have more symptoms on my right side, but I have injuries and surgeries on the right before the fibro started. Both sides are affected for me, but there is definitely a severity difference between the left and right sides, even in the areas of my body without injuries.


belle1329 - March 6

Yes, My Left seems worse than my right, but I do have pain on the right


Beone - May 6

I have the same symptoms mainly on the left side. i have sore ribs, shoulder blades, back bone,under the left arm into the chest area, breast area, and sometimes goes to the right side, also feel some uncomfortable feelings inside anxious type of feeling with it, some times i get a burning feeling around these areas. i find it hard to relax.

hope this helps, I use a product called anti-flamme a herbal relief cream with arnica hypericum calendula & peppermint in it which helps a bit hope it can help you all the best,



Nimu - May 6

This is an interesting observation. The left side is predominantly worse but usually the pain in mainly in the lower torso of my body. My legs feel like they are burning and on fire when I have a flare up. The pain is however everywhere.


belle1329 - May 6

My right seems worse but do feel pain on both sides and more in my arms an neck and collar bone . I do have pain in hips and legs, but upper worse.


seekinghelp38 - May 6

My symptoms seem to travel back and forth between my right and left side. From my arms one day and down to my legs another. And it's always like from my fingers to my wrist to my elbow to my underarm to my shoulders and my neck.


weemama - July 4

Hi I am new here....just registered. My symptoms are also mostly on my left side. I was taken to the hospital last week from work, thinking I was having a heart attack. Was there on machines, and was poked and prodded for hours...not my heart. Their only thought for my pain was arthritis..I told them I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a year ago, but the doctor I spoke to wasn't very understanding...Wish I could find a doctor here that would get a clue and actually believe this does exist.


FibroGal - July 6

I'm glad you guys mentioned this as I hadn't thought about this. While Im affected everwhere, It seems like my left side does kind of have more issues more often, particularly my arm and hand.


jahennick - January 12

I definitely have more severe symptoms on the left side. My L trapezius is absolutley unbearable at times. I have to lie on my L side to sort of splint it. I am constantly trying to get comfortable, but it is close to impossible. I actually could not use my L arm about 3 1/2 yrs ago. It was like a dead arm. I couldn't let it hang either because it pulled on the trap. So I had to bend my L arm across my chest and hold my arm up under my L elbow with my R hand. This further aggravated the R trap. I still do this, but if I can, I will lean against a counter to hold myself up. Gravity is not my friend.


belle1329 - January 13

left and right, neck on left, arm and leg and hip,on right, heel on left


belle1329 - January 13

I noticed back in May I had more pain on right I also have pain in the center of my chest and ribs


belle1329 - January 13

Jhennick, my arms were that bad a few months back, and now a bit better, have mostly elbow pain in my right arm. Hope yours feel better soon, it did last quite awhile, felt like gravity was pulling them off, and I had to hold my elbow to lift a cup of coffee


Beone - January 30

yes peachmelba im the same as belle1329
your not alone,
love beone


Beone - January 30

sorry peachmelba,
i had a fibro fog moment and posted my comment with out reading all the reply s as they didn't load up right away, and my comment refers to my symptoms are more on my left side but i still have them on the right as well.
love beone,



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