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Latest goof up for me
21 Replies
VictoriaB - March 17

Hi all,
I wrote the best long post to tell you all what I had done lately and where I had been and guess what? It didn't take!!!! It would not post UGH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

first, you have got to go to I met this incredible lady named Annie Hilderbrand and she is a hoot. I am going to try her method, actually have started somewhat.

Now the latest and greatest by yours truly........I had the side splitting bit by bit story but will only give you the tidbits now. My daughter locked herself out of the house with her kids in the car and I went up and picked her lock and laid my wallet on her car as we were going out to see my mom. I lost my wallet and could not find it. Later that evening my husband pulls up from work, and asks me what I am doing and I tell him that I lost my wallet-he starts to yell at me and I tell him don't.........

I felt my wallet was in the good clean dirt but couldn't find it after walking the ditchlines near our homes. No wallet!

I began to pray that the dear Lord would send me back my wallet, it had licenses (Nursing and drivers), credit cards, checkbook, but no money honey...LOL
and I did not want to go through reporting all that.

At 8;15 that evening the phone rang and this man ask for my full name and I am like yes that's me and he said you are not going to believe this but I was headed toward Columbia and I saw a wallet in the road with stuff strung out all over the place. He had turned around and gone back to get my wallet, he laid everything on top and closed it up. Can you live? I got his address and went to get it from him.............I am like do you know how many honest people out there? forget honest, how many people would get in the highway?

Top that ones fibro Friends!!:0


karen lipman - March 17

Thank God for honest people! I agree. I lost my checkbook. Had no idea where I could have lost it since I don't use it that often. Then a kind voice called me and asked me if I had lost my checkbook. To tell you the truth...when he called I had no idea it was even missing. It was news to me. But I looked in my purse and sure enough it was gone. He had picked it up from the floor of the movie theater the night before and called to return it. SO NICE. See, there are good people that care about us after all.


belle1329 - March 19

I can relate, Ive left the stove on and the oven on. cant find my keys, cant find my glasses and then cant see to find them. Ive even lost my words in the middle of a conversation or repeated myself. I cant remember how to spell and typing has become a problem as some of you may have notice in some of my posts. Fortunately, my husband is understanding, and helps. But sometimes I can hear the frustration in his voice. I do hope your husband becomes more understanding as he now sees its not like your trying to do this stuff purpose, like you would really want to waste a good container of Ice Cream... ;-)


axxie - March 19

Isn't this hoot, I mean how many times I've lost my wallet and have had some kind person call to tell me they found my wallet. I think the best, was when I hung my keys on the plant hanger and forgot that it was there. The keys stayed hung for better part of a day and half, while I looked everywhere muttering to myself. Anyway, here I am looking at my cactus outside and see my keys hanging on the plant hanger. How gauche can you be.

I can relate to forgetting the next word of your sentence. One time I was being treated with Celexa before knowing that I had fibro and went to the cinema was with my daughter then only 9 and her little friend and her mom and was ordering food from the concession stand, somehow I order two orange drinks and it came out as two orgasm. Talk about being red in the face, especially the young man who was serving me, he must of thought I was a perverted middle age women. I had a good laugh, was the only way to try to camouflage my error. Then again on the same pill I called out to my daughter to go the pubic washroom, not the public washroom, no it had to be pubic washroom. Anyway I stopped taking those pills in a hurry.


belle1329 - March 26

I can relate to your saying the wrong words, but I do that and Im not on any meds!! I dont think its the pills, I think its the Fog!


sandra17007 - March 29

Gees I always have the gift of gab and say the wrong thing, I think of the word, but it comes out wrong. Like being tongue tied. Oh, lets not forget I sometime loose myself, especially if I'm driving and I'm talking with someone in the car. I seem not being able to do two things at once.
Talk about being a little out of it, I always lose or misplace something? I always drip my coffee, and I found typing sometimes I don't remember how to spell correctly and I seem to relate to stories, but when I type it, I see I sometimes obliterate complete words. The other day I was reading a sign that said Complete Draperies and renovation, I read Complete Bathroom Renovation, What's up with that?



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