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Latest goof up for me
21 Replies
VictoriaB - February 10

Want to hear the latest crazy thing that I did today?

Well, i try to not act crazy but..........I went gro shopping today and I had a lot of stuff to bring in the house. I was in a hurry because I had a massage apointment(the one thing that helps me so much!!)and I put up the things that had to be refrigerated (so I thought). When I came home (so relaxed) my husband said well I have been cleaning up a mess.........and I am like really?? (as he doesn't ever clean??) what, and he said you left ice cream out and it melted everywhere........blah blah blah!!! He told me that my forgetfulness is getting worse..........he he he!! I am almost 50 nd this is the first time I ever did this. He wasn't very sympathetic and I am feeling kinda ticked-what do you think?? (the ice-cream survived) (yum)


writerchick - February 10

I can relate! I found canned goods in the fridge the other day (I live alone so I know I did it). What I usually do with groceries is bag the frozen together and also the refrigerator stuff. I take everything out of the bags and put the cold stuff on a different counter than the other stuff. I "lose" less things that way and it's still quick.

As far as the sympathy... I believe you are right to be ticked. I am fortunate enough that my significant other still finds the understandable. The other day he even gave me a sticky note pad and a pen to carry to ease my frustration at being forgetful.

I would be proud of the fact that this is the first time you have mistakenly left food out and let him have his negativity on it. I had issues on that kind of thing even before the fibro! Take care and don't let him get you down for too long!


VictoriaB - February 11

So already over it, I am actually looking forward to the next mess to see if it becomes any more creative. I am actually writing a book about this Fibro crap that seems to have found me. I do believe that negative people are much more harmful to us than I previously thought. Thanks! V


writerchick - February 12

VictoriaB, I like your style! I agree with your opinion of the negative vs. positive influences and their effects on us. I would love to know more about the book and if any of us can help! Take care!


solanadelfina - February 13

Amen to that, and kudos that the ice cream was saved!

I have a culinary story where a single fact didn't register. My mom was making a batch of chocolate brownies, and we were using Equal as a sweetener because of the possible hypoglycemia. We added enough to make a sweet batter that matched the original.

Before we popped it in the oven, I read on the label that it's a good idea to add it after heating something because heat can destroy the sweetness. Interesting...

The brownies came out of the oven, and my brother took the first taste...and had the strangest look on his face. As promised, the sweetness had evaporated, and what was left was flour and bitter chocolate and baking powder! Nasty!

So what does he do? Grabs one and brings it to my unsuspecting youngest brother. What do my mom and I do? Follow to watch him eat it. :) Ah, well, time to find that stevia...


axxie - February 13

OH goodness, I found my friends, I'm with you with the forgetting stuff. Never left the ice cream, but you should see me with the coffee maker, I made hot chocolate percolator. I needed a new percolator after that one. Now hubby does the coffee. I salt too much or I put some spice in a recipe and makes things well kind of tates different. We invent things to be different. I kind of like being different it liven's a house and it's more interesting.


VictoriaB - February 16

Hello girls!!
sounds like I have found some Fibro Friends!! I love the story about the brownies and chocholate!! I definately may get some intake from you guys when I get to the forgetfulness part in my writing!!

Writerchick-I do the same things with the groceries, they actually bag them like that (frozen stuff-refrig.stuff), but somehow one bag I left (I really needed that massage)somehow!! I actually found a red rubber ball in my veggie drawer not to long ago and had the best laugh as wondering which 2 year old grandbaby did it and now, well...........I am wondering if they did it at all!! It was probably me!! Now wouldn't I be the one to come down the hall with your IV Morphine after surgery?? Oh yeah I need to be working!!

I am also still wondering what I put in my last biscuits as they were well very pretty but just didn't taste like my biscuits or anyone else's for that fact--my husband is like, I don't know what has happened to your biscuits anymore and I am like well it could me coz I am hurting so bad that sometimes I would like to just burn the kitchen down and forget it but I love to eat still so I can't!

Let's keep up with each other and see who does the craziest thing next! V


TiredMom - February 17

Well I have a brand new car, that I bought prior to me being sick, and well, I try to keep my car well maintained. Anyway went to Costco and I was parking in a pretty lit spot and ram my car into this hughmagus truck. Needless to say I broke some piece from the car. Anyway I had to go to the shop to get a oil change, and the mechanic called me over and ask me about the whole I put in front of my car and I looked at him like he was coming from planet Mars, what hole are you talking about, he points at it and I'm, oh yes I parked into this lit parking lot and there was this huge mega truck alot higher then my car and I ramned my car into it. It starts to laugh, and say's to me, then it was you I saw. Talk about ambarassement. Another time I had my husband's minivan and I was getting out of the parking spot after work, I was parked next to this big cement coloumn and I rammed the minivan into it. It made this big dent into the car, as you see I did this when there was people in the parking so everybody the next day where talking about it on the e-net, and of course where do I work in the helpcentre so I was reading the tread, some folks loved to laugh at me that day. Then another time I back the minivan into a electrical post, I went home and glued the red lights with no more glue. I have walked into doors, windows and splashed my coffee on me, I've trip trying to get into the bus and I tripped while on vacation with my family, they were waiting for me to catch up and I didn't see the sidewalk and I put my best foot forward and trip onto the sidewalk. I'm a real clutz, have been since I was a kid, one time I walking in the garage, where my father had purchased a new car and I didn't see the mirror and I walked right into it. Talk about being uncoordinated, when I was a teenager I used to sneak into the house and my mother didn't have to worry cause I'd always find a way to walk into my bedroom door, which caused my mother to wake up, she would only say the next morning so I heard you come in at this time, don't you think you are being a bit late for class the next morning and I would say something like it's not me it must have been the cat, yeah we didn't have a cat or a dog for that reason. So the school bus would wait for me at the door and somehow I walked into the bus side of the bus and not where the opening was, my classmate were laughing at me. If my brother would get on this site he'd tell the day of his wedding I was carrying the cake to be cut and guess what I did, I missed my step and voila I was caked over. Then for some reason I stopped being a clutz and now it's all hapening again. I just hope I don't kill my cat or better that I brake my car, I can't afford a new one.


VictoriaB - February 18

Wow, I have to say,I thought it was me but guess not! Sorry I had to laugh as I could see me doing some of this stuff!! Yeah hold on to the car coz it may be awhile before getting another like me!


axxie - February 18

And I thought I was a clutz, I the one that leaves trail of coffee stains on carpets or floor.
I've done a few mis-steps and landed on my face. Was walking with my husband it was snowing and we were talking, he was holding my hand, I fell for no apparent reason. Go figure. I can't make coffee, I can never figure out how much coffee I'm suppose to make. And I talk to my cat and the dog next door when he comes over for a visit. My husband sometimes thinks I'm a real clutz, but I'm not as bad. Wonder, why some of us are and others aren't. The one thing I know, is when I was working, I would forget to do things, I'm sure my director doesn't miss me. Lately, I could'nt figure out how to work the fax machine. I must say I did once hit a post at work, I used to park at the same spot all the time, I swear that post wasn't there before I hit it. No it was always there.


tnichel - February 20

Ok, this is funny. It makes me feel better about putting the aluminum foil in the fridge, leaving my cell on top of the car and driving away and my general screw ups due to fms. This week I can't speak and keep using the the wrong words that don't even sound similar so I can't figure out why I keep switching them out. And people don't bother to correct me they just let me sound like an idiot. Ugh... you really do have to just laugh at it all or you'd go crazy. Don't be mad at the hubby just think of ways to get him back for being unsympathetic. I'm joking but have fun with it and him.


tnichel - February 20

Oh, and did I mention jumping out of the car and forgetting to put it in park. Yeah, almost drove right through the gas station to make it on the evening news. And I work at a news station! I was horrified imagining the repercussions.


tnichel - February 20

Yes I'm back again and I must say...I LOVE YOU GUYS!lol. We are literally moving hazards to ourselves and others. You make me feel normal about buying groceries and walking out the store without a single bag. Yes, VictoriaB, I would love to hear more about this book. Oh, now I remember why I'm writing again. I'm with you on the positive negative thing. I've always been very empathetic and other peoples moods rub off on me even if most of the cues are unspoken. It wasn't until right before my fms diagnosis that I realized the actual impact negative people have on me physically and mentally. It's draining. You're the first person I've heard mention this on here and I hope more people explore it. You should make it its own separate post. OK, I promise not to come back until tomorrow. ;)


solanadelfina - February 22

Ooh, can you please tell us more about the book? (I'm also a writer and have found it one of the most healing things to do in dealing with this demon. Funny how the fog doesn't affect that as much.)You're absolutely right about the negative people being draining. I wonder how much this has to do with the theory of us having hypersensitivity.

As for being a klutz...(laughs) even training in bellydance a few years can't completely erase that. I work in a used book store, and am constantly tripping on cardboard boxes of books or backing into things that I didn't see or smacking into people. Luckily, we also develop 'ninja-like' reflexes from dodging falling piles of books or missing books being tossed into the recycling bin.

Never mind gym class! A bookstore is the real obstacle course! :)


axxie - February 28

I'm having a good laugh, just what I needed.

I lost the tv remote and had to call my daughter to come home and find it for me. What a sweetheart she came home and found the remote for me.

Can't wait to read the book, about all the funny things we all do.


Arista - March 2

Hi everyone,

I can relate to these goof ups. Sometimes I have had to ask the same questions over and over again-even with things I have done for a long , long time. People start to wonder if I am joking or not. You are all right about the positive and negative and hypersensitivity thing. I seem to do better and even remember better when I am around positive people. Negative people make me feel like I can't do anything right. I feel really inadequate sometimes.


VictoriaB - March 17

Hi all,
I wrote the best long post to tell you all what I had done lately and where I had been and guess what? It didn't take!!!! It would not post UGH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

first, you have got to go to I met this incredible lady named Annie Hilderbrand and she is a hoot. I am going to try her method, actually have started somewhat.

Now the latest and greatest by yours truly........I had the side splitting bit by bit story but will only give you the tidbits now. My daughter locked herself out of the house with her kids in the car and I went up and picked her lock and laid my wallet on her car as we were going out to see my mom. I lost my wallet and could not find it. Later that evening my husband pulls up from work, and asks me what I am doing and I tell him that I lost my wallet-he starts to yell at me and I tell him don't.........

I felt my wallet was in the good clean dirt but couldn't find it after walking the ditchlines near our homes. No wallet!

I began to pray that the dear Lord would send me back my wallet, it had licenses (Nursing and drivers), credit cards, checkbook, but no money honey...LOL
and I did not want to go through reporting all that.

At 8;15 that evening the phone rang and this man ask for my full name and I am like yes that's me and he said you are not going to believe this but I was headed toward Columbia and I saw a wallet in the road with stuff strung out all over the place. He had turned around and gone back to get my wallet, he laid everything on top and closed it up. Can you live? I got his address and went to get it from him.............I am like do you know how many honest people out there? forget honest, how many people would get in the highway?

Top that ones fibro Friends!!:0



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