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just need someone to talk to sometimes on bad days or nights
8 Replies
baneenee44 - July 14

just need to talk on bad days or nights


mishtearz - June 16

hi baneenee, i know how you feel, i stay up with so much pain sometimes all i can do is pray and cry...wishing i had someone to talk to. People hate to hear me complain and it get's lonely. Hope you read my response soon. Take Care and hang in there


donna - June 16

I am so thankful for this forum. Friends & family just don't understand. There are so many of us, it's good to know there are others out there that understand what we are going through. At least we can get strength from each other.


Dee - June 16

Please know that you are not alone in your feelings. My family really doesn't have any idea how bad I feel every single day. I feel like if I tell them how I feel they think I'm complaining so I don't say anything. I seriously think that if my family doesn't talk about it it must not be true. I'm here anytime you want to talk.


Beth - July 13

baneenee, you sure aren't alone! Everything Dee just said, I said myself lots of times. Family and friends WANT to understand, but they just don't. Although I have only visited here a couple times, I think I'll be coming back, as it seems a very supportive place.


Karen - July 14

you are right. Sometimes this is the best place to come too. Sometimes I feel so alone. People just don't understand. I don't complain either. Especially at work. If I move slow or take shortcuts to help myself out, they think I am lazy. Or if I tell them I don't feel like walking that far they think I am lazy. I work in a nursing home where I take care of the elderly. I don't take shortcuts with them of course but I do when it comes to other things. If I say something about how i feel they think I am complaining. So I keep quiet. It can be very lonely sometimes.


linda brown - October 22

it's easy to feel alone, this site is wonderful. so keep in touch, good luck


Marni - November 14

Hi baneenee, i stay up all night every night because of pain. i know how you feel. i hope you answer this soon. i am new to this forum. This is my first entry. hang in there. i have bad days too. it is better to hang in then to hang out.


SarahO. - December 4

You can call me on bad days- daylight hours West Coast time-


WARNING: I will be likely to recommend you seek out a Lyme doc and get evaluated for many TBDs! because Lyme can cause fibromyalgia and be blood negative!

I no longer have fibromyalgia, I had it for years and it has been 100% gone now for 7 years. I am glad.

I saw 3 Rheumies who told me to treat the symptoms and that it would never go away. My whole life!!! Screw that!!! I saw a Lyme doc and it is GONE. Took a while. 9 months of IV Rocephin for me.
But it is gone.

You should have been tested for Babesiosis & Ehrlichiosis as well as Lyme. If you were tested for Lyme it should have been a Western Blot test and you should ask to see the bands.

ONE Lyme specific band is all you need to know you were exposed to it. CDC positive is for surveillance purposes.
Not supposed to be diagnosis.

What does that mean?

The AVERAGE female will have 4 bands in response on the Western Blot, the average man will have SIX. So what is CDC positive? FIVE. There is a gender bias in the Lyme tests-

ANYWAY, call me if you want to hear a friendly voice, even if you just want to complain about pain!!! Pain is awful.

If you tell me not to bring up Lyme I won't*)!
Best wishes,
Santa CRuz County, CA
17.8% Lyme infection rate



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