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jaw lock
16 Replies
ceecee - May 21

I have had fibromyalgia for about seven years but in the last few months have noticed something strange. My jaws literally lock and when I get them to unlock they make a cracking noise like they are going to break.
Does anybody else have this? or maybe this is something else.


anna - August 2

hey, i woke up with that this morning, except i could only open my mouth as wide as a cm. maybe less, i couldn't eat all day. only just now has it managed 2 go bak 2 normal! that took 13hours. You're jaw won't break. My mother had it shortly after giving birth to myself, and she had it for about 3 months. It's probably not a good idea that u are forcing your jaws bak into their place. It is usually a natural process which we all go through. And it relieves itself when it can. I was juts surfing the net and i moved my mouth and i was able 2 open my mouth again after 13 painful hours! hope everything turns out ok. Other ways are going 2 see a specialist, or a massuse who can ease tension you have in your upper neck. Im sure everything will be ok soon. Good luck, best regards, anna.


deb - August 3

I also have the jaw lock problem. It's been going on for quite some time. I have to pop it before trying to open. They say it's another FM problem.


Dr Cindy - August 4

I am a doc with Fibro and a long-time (30year) TMJ (jaw joint) problem. If your jaw "locks" shut or open DO NOT force it open or closed. Use some moist heat over the muscle on the side of your face, your throat, your temples and the upper back of your neck. Towels wrung out in very warm water will work for this or stand in the shower. Just allow the spasms to ease up. Massage and chiropractic adjustments to the neck and upper back can be very helpful to help relieve and prevent this problem. You should also see your dentist to make sure you are not grinding or gritting your teeth at night as you might need a night splint/guard. Then there are things you should do on a regular basis to manage it so it is not inclined to lock on you. Locking up is NOT normal. Hope this helps.


Sophia - September 14

I have had a clicking jaw for a few months but the other week i found that i cant open my mouth fully. I have had alot of dentistry work done but am worried that this wont go and i will need an operation to fix it. Help


(none) - January 24

omg yes!! all the time..but i can open it a lil and then it starts to hurt. it feels like if i try to open it any farther it will snap. its also hard to eat.


border collie - May 21

has it got jaw lock border collie


wmbear - January 21

I have occasional temporary jaw lock. Fortunately, it is very temporary and if I take the correct action, it goes away almost immediately. Typically, I will be eating and my jaw will lock in the closed position.

When this first happened, my impulse was to try and force my mouth open but I quickly learned better. Now, if I just close it again immediately and "let it sit" for a few seconds, it unlocks. Then I find that the best thing is to exercise it a bit to ensure that the jaw is not out of joint and is working properly. Then I go right on eating!

Problems sometimes come like last night if it happens when I'm sleeping, though. When I'm asleep, unfortunately, I go ahead and try to keep opening my mouth. This leads to pain and strain and waking up. Plus a general feeling of discomfort in my jaw (not pain, fortunately) that may take several days to go away.

I've also found that massaging my jaws with my fists regularly at least once a day helps cut down on the frequency of occurrence. Before last night, I hadn't had any trouble for months. It kind of caught me by surprise. So I've been massaging my jaws off and on all day and it does help. There's no swelling or pain, so it doesn't seem serious enough to "seek immediate medical assistance" (as they say).

It remains annoying, though. If I could find a chiropractor or someone like that who could really do a job on it, I'd go see him or her. Anyone have any suggestions along these lines?

And thanks everyone for sharing YOUR symptoms. That makes ME feel better and I hope sharing mine does the same thing for you.


helpls - May 25

i have jaw lock problem too. It normally heals after few hours..but this time, it has been more than 5days and its very hard for me to eat. If i force it to open, it makes a slight crack like its going to crack! any suggestions on how i can unlock it?


socrluvr1313 - February 22

My jaw did the same thing were it locks and pops and stuff like that all the i went to the doctor and dentist to see why my jaw hurt and why there was a bump on the side of my cheek.. so they ordered for a MRI and i ended up having TMJ disease which is where your TMJS are located it can happen forom grinding your teeth at night or clenching your teeth or just by natural causes....but somtimes doctors mistreat this for somthing else.. but to treat it you can either get surgery done if its really bad or get a Mora (a mouth guard thing that pushes your jaw forward to help the discs go back i to place). i am 15 and i had this problem for a year now and now my right tmj is starting to hurt, before it was just my left one


stephanyb11 - March 30

i had to have my right jaw reconstructed because TMJ got so bad and my jaw and locked would not shut i had to go in for emergency surgery on a sunday morning to wire my mouth shut..6 weeks later they had to reconstruct my jaw....tremendous pain!!!!! that was 3 1/2 years ago and now my left jaw is starting to pop everytime i open my i completely know what you are going through!!!!
Good luck


belle1329 - March 31

My jaw does crack often never locked completely thank God . I am a clencher and a grinder and have TMJ :(


Duo - March 31

This is how my problem with TMJ first started - it was painful to open my mouth to clean my teeth on a morning and then after about a year I was having so much pain from the joint up into my head and down my neck I find I can only eat very soft food (sometimes liquidising meat and veg as it is too painful to chew). I was told during a recent hospital visit that this is definitely a symptom of fibro. Great eh.


huskymom - April 4

Yes, I have this also, my dentist said it is TMJ so I have it along with Fibromyalgia. They are both driving me crazy


oolcoolcool1 - July 9

I wake up with this every morning. simply slide my lower set of teeth in front until i hear a click then i dont have it again til the next morning. except today i was swimming and got it now when i do the slide i dont hear a click and i can only my mouth half way.


Marilyn - August 23

My jaws get affected quite often with Fibro flare-ups or even GERD. They tighten and/or ache and it is an unsettling feeling.

Several years ago I had TMJ that lasted almost 6 months!


duhda75 - September 11

I also have jaw lock or TMJ. I have had it for several years. But, only on my rt side of the jaw. Sometimes it locks up on me, and becomes painful. That is until I am able to pop it back into place. It's irritating and sometimes quite painful. But, I have researched TMJ is just another of the many symptoms of FM.



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