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12 Replies
Termesue - December 7

Is anyone else out there itchy? I don't mean the regular itchy, I mean the itchy that makes you want to claw yourself almost to death?!?!?!?! I have tried every cream, and even antihistamines to help the itch. The 3am shower, and I am going crazy....Big Suprise to read here that Cymbalta has stopped working for others too. Loosing grip, and think I am pushing my husband away.... Anything may help....Tammy


AngieB38 - December 8

Yes..I have one area on top of my left foot that has been itching non stop. I itch around my mid section and bra area too. The one part that is driving me insane is my foot. There is nothing there either, no redness, no bumps nothing. I go to my rheumatologist on the 30th. I am literally counting down the days. Sad to say I am looking forward to that day almost as much as Christmas :-) Take care...


axxie - December 8

Yes, somedays I get the itch all over, and I can't stop itchng, I try showers, but nothing works, that's when I take my benadryl it usually calms me down enough to get a handle on the itching, a few days on the dryl, is usually will cure it.


axxie - December 8

As for Cymbalta stopping to work, I know what you mean, I stopped for a few weeks and got back on it, because of the pain was so severe, I felt the different immediately. So I think, our bodies don't respond and it's best to let it go for a few days (that is if you can, do without) and then resume taking it. I only take 30mg, I dound 60mg was to big a dose for me. I work better on 30.


teacherceo - February 8

I get super itchy every night around 11:30. It is enough to drive me insane! I have no idea why it happens, but it is like clockwork and there is nothing that will alleviate it. I scratch at it like a crazy person, but I don't know why because it doesn't help at all! It moves from my legs to my shoulders, back, and arms. Every single husband just laughs at me. I think we have to laugh or we would both go insane! :0)


shelbel46 - February 9

Dear Itchy,
sometimes if you are on opiods or even tramadol (ultram) they will make you itch. I and several others have such sensitivity to meds most of them make us itch outa our skins. I have to take a benedryl or atarax with pain meds so I don't drive me and my husband nuts.



kvc33 - February 10

The first thing to do is take a look at all supplements, meds and even skin creams you are using. Many things give me a painful itch but I can always pinpoint the culprit. It's usually the last new thing I've tried. It's a side affect that isn't taken seriously.


ptalana - February 10

Hi guys, wow this itching is once again another one of those lovely fibro perks. From what I've read it has to do with dysregulation of neurotransmitters, meaning a constriction of fluids around the Merkel's disc,nerve receptor that sends touch info to brain. This is also referred to as sensory itching.
Cold packs, and using a really good moisturizer are supposed to help with the itching. But it's recommended to see your gp as there are prescribed meds that can help with these symptoms.
Also allergic reactions to some of the meds that we take for fms could be the culprit of our itching. I would mention this to your doc, maybe switching one of your meds could help alleviate the itching.
Hope this helps in some way.
Wishing everyone a non-itchy day, Patty;)


jrzgirl - February 15

does anyone get vaginal itching, I am embarassed to even ask


cathymg - March 19

I also itch on both of my legs but just one spot that drives me crazy.I use calming lotion and try not to use soapes that have alot of perfumes and only use aveeno shaving cream still itches but not as bad. thought i was the only one got to show this to my husband glad i found this sight.


tnichel - March 28

Yes! Going thru this now. Had to leave work to search for something that would relieve it. Only benadryl works but it make me really sleeping. It will start off as an itch in one area then rapidly spreads. Mostly my arms & legs. I describe and neurotransmitters going crazy b/c it should spread to other areas that fast. It's like being pinched a thousand times. I walk around smacking myself where it itches in an effort not to scratch. My mom says it's an internal itch and that's why the creams don't work. I've brought this up to all my docs and they look at me funny. I'm going to make them do something about it b/c I can't take it anymore. The itching usually leaves me drained like I've been crying all day. Jrzgirl, yes I do but I've always been prone to infections and bacteria. When it happens, I always feel like my body it there's chemicals I need to flush out of me. Does that make sense? Sometimes a cortosteroid will work. Don't over wash though. That will make it worse. Use plain unscented soap if you must. A uti can also make you itch.


tnichel - March 28

I forgot, also try St. Ives soothing oatmeal and she butter lotion. This sometime works when the cream doesn't and seem to help keep itching attacks at bay, at least for me.


lucyvanpelt - April 8

of all the itching, the worst is the vaginal itching. Have tried all creams/pessaries/pills/douche.. nothing works.It is embarrassing and painful. If I had one wish and was told that one symptom of fibro will be taken away, I will choose this. Pain- can still live with. The constant itching. God! It drives me crazy. And can hardly sleep in the night. Wake up feeling groggy.



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