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Is this Fibromyalgia, please help !!
7 Replies
shinny - December 24

Hi all,

I'm pretty much at the end of my tether & am sick of Doctors looking at me as if I'm a hypochondriac. Please can you tell me if this is Fibromyalgia? I have listed all of my symptoms below.

Chest Area => Chest Pain, Palpitations, Heartburn, Stomach inflammation (I had this tested it was inflamed !) Fluttery feeling at top of my stomach under breastbone.

Muscle pain => I have been going to a physiotherapist for some time now & every time he finds something new wrong with me. I have torn muscles from my head right down the length of my shoulder blade, at the back. On both sides. He works on it & then it's fine, but it always comes back. Last time I was with him he pressed down hard on my collarbone & it nearly killed me & also on my left rib cage. He said I have tear all the way down from my collarbone, down my chest & under my ribs. It was so sore, I actually had to pull his hand a way. Every time he "works" on my back too, it's very sore, but the collar bone was the worst.

I've recently started getting twitches in my head; this is just a recent thing though. I often get twitches in my legs after walking really hard.

I don't really get any pain from exercise other than shin splints when I run. My legs can feel really achy & restless if I have been walking for a long while or standing on them too long.

Drink sometimes affects me too. The next day my heart is beating harder, I have chest pain & I have itchy read palms. Chocolate does this to me to, but it doesn't happen all of the time, which kinda throws me. I also get itchy eyes & can sometimes sneeze after eating chocolate.

I've had an ECG, Stress Test, BP monitor & a Holter monitor. They all showed up clear. I am 32 & have struggled with my weight since about 26 upwards (before this I found it easy to maintain my weight)

So that's about it! I've been reading up about Fibromyalgia. I'm afraid to mention it to my Dr in case he turns around & says, ah that's just a makey up thing (I live in Ireland, so it's not as accepted here !)

Let me know what you all think. Thanks, S


shinny - December 24

Oh, I meant to say that I have suffered from painful periods since I was about 17. I had this checked out too & there is no reason for this (everything is as it should be !)


shinny - December 24

I'm just reading through the site & am seeing other things I didn't even know related to it, that I have.

My eyes cannot stand daylight. I generally have to wear sunglasses, even during the winter if the light is bright.

My scalp kills me sometimes, for no apparent reason & my hair has thinned over the past few years.

My arms always seem to ache me, like I need a good massage. I get pain in my ankle & wrist quite often too.

I used to feel the cold terribly as well, but this isn't as bad over the past while. I love heat though & am always found on top of the fire !!

I have trouble with my Sinius' quite regularly, but I inherited that from my Dad (not sure if this is s fibro thing or not)

Knees hurt me on & off. About 3 years ago my right knee seezed up completely & I couldn't walk on it or bend my knee. It was gone the next day & hasn't happened since !!

Also, does anyone think that Sugar makes you worse?? I know this sounds mad but I feel that when I've eaten alot of sugar I feel like it's in my muscles & makes me feel worse.



BRENDA - December 24

Shinny, you are describing the symptoms of Grave's disease!!! I have it & it is VERY important that you get checked for it, if you haven't already!!! Grave's disease if left untreated can ccause permanent damage to your system, especialy or eyes!!


shinny - December 28

Hi Brenda, thanks for taking the time to reply to me !! I don't think I have Grave's disease as I had my thyroid checked & it's normal. I also don't have many of these symptoms of Graves; watery eyes, increased sweating, losing weight, changes in vision, red colour on my shins etc.

Anyone think this is Fibro? Appreciate your help.


melmel23 - May 26

Hi Shinny. Well i have done allot of my own research over the past few months and i have learned that there could be many diseases that could be causing your above symptoms. i recommend to check out the associated diseases section on this website. Or type into google perhaps conditions similar to fibromyalgia. Do some research and see what you think - only you know what symptoms your having and what conditions best describe what you experience. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few weeksd back. An am having the worst flar up to date, however about two years ago i printed out the info on it and went to doctors who did not appreciate my trying to do his job he spent years learning. Doctors get funny like that. I do however recommend you tell your doc all your symptoms, and have heard of fms - and demand a referal to a Raumatiod specailst who woulod be the person who makes a final diagnoses. good luck.


sonniejh - August 12

You have alot of symptoms like myself. I who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Your not crazy. We all need to contact Oprah!! Here are a list of specialist that work with these issues:
1. Pain Management
2. Neurologist
3.Infectious Disease Specialist
4.Rheumatologist ****
6.A Naturopath
7.Dentist to help with TMJD
Also do a search (netscape is awesome as also google) for clinical studies for Fibromyaligia in your area.

Be Persistant!!! Don't give up!! Write down a list of all your symptoms, write a daily log, for about a week. All of your past injuries, when you were a child did you have sleep problems? etc.
We have to look at it as if it were a CSI crime.
Good Luck


Robin1237 - September 19

Yeah, unfortunately, I believe i know what fibromyalgia actually is. You actually have Lyme disease, which is a bacterial infection transmitted by infected ticks. Go to and study up on it. There are support groups listed too, so you can go look at the European ones to connect with people, testing and Lyme-treating doctors there. You can also email me at [email protected] to discuss.



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