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IBS and Fibromyalgia
10 Replies
Skeeter - September 24

Does anyone have IBS along with their fibromyalgia?


corrections1 - September 25

Skeeter, I havent been officially diagnosed with fibro yet,but I have been diagnosed with IBS. It's an awful feeling and an inconvieniance to have to stay near a bathroom after you eat meals. I have read on here that this too can be one of the inconviances of fibromialgia.


Cyndreth - December 25

I was diagnosed with IBS and fibro at the same time 28-29 years ago. My IBS, like my FMS reacts strongly to stress and there is absolutely nothing I can do that will stop the IBS except remove the stress...impossible at times. There are things I can do to mitigate the problems and FMS, get more sleep, eat fiber and fruit regularly and try to eat low carb breads to tone down te IBS. I do have to admit that the IBS makes the FMS so much worse! Read the information on tis web site skeeter to get more information.


Patrice - December 26

Hi Skeeter ... I was diagnosed with most all of the Fibromyalgia symptoms, including IBS, before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. If you do an internet search for Fibromyalgia and research the many research and informational sites of Fibromyalgia, you will find that IBS is definitely one of the symptoms. Good Luck.


linda brown - October 1

yes, my stomach always feels so nervous as if someone i love has died, and i stay constipated all the time too


Robin1237 - October 4

Yes. I believe this all is Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that has the capability of inflaming nerves and soft tissues everywhere in us. Many Lyme people also have IBS. Please go read at You can post questions there and people will answer. they can also help you find a lyme testing and treating doctor.


Robin1237 - October 4

One more response -- just read Linda's comment about constipation. I stopped mine by drinking mangosteen juice, the Ultra brand -- it's an anti-inflammatory juice. Health food stores carry it, also it's online. If you try it, drink a lot of water.


doll1966 - October 4

Yes, I was diagnosed with IBS 7 years ago, before I knew I had fibro. Stress definitely is a killer. I used to use metamucil, but stopped. I know coffee is a no-no but I'm addicted to it. Now I eat a bowl of raisin bran for lunch, and it seems to help.


SarahO. - December 4

I was diagnosed IBS the same year I was diagnsoed fibromyalgia but they were both Lyme disease and went 100% away with longterm antibiotics. I hvae had no pain GI wise or fibro wise for 7+ years now. It's nice.

Best wishes,
Sarah O.
Santa CRuz County, CA


LeeB - January 23

Yes, intermittently. It was also picked up on colonoscopy.


Debzidoo - April 3

Skeeter, I was diagnosed with IBS 12 years ago as a result of having migraines every day for 2 months (as you do not digest your food properly it gets into your blood stream and causes migraines as well as arthritis). I find they both go hand in hand, when one is bad so is the other. Stress is the major factor of both.



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