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i've tried everything
4 Replies
supagirl - September 12

i don't usually talk negatively about fibro, or give in to it, but i am about at the end of my tether, i seem to have tried everything in the 5 yrs since being diagnosed. i am always in pain in some area/s of my body. i wake up feeling like i have been in a concrete mixer, and am constantly having scans etc to rule out more serious problems, mostly coming back to it being fibro.i have tried medications, wet heat, magnesium, acupuncture, physiotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, gentle exercise, swimming and more. i am only 41 and cannot imagine having this for another twenty years, i feel 70 now. please someone give me some hope. i am usually the type of person that just gets on with things and looks for the positive, but knowing you are all in the same boat has allowed me to talk frankly. thanks, supagirl.


New Friend - September 14

Hi there. My name is Fran. I feel for you. I do. And not so many of our friends and loved ones can say that. You described my agony almost to a 'T'.
I have begged and pleaded with my doctor to help me. I will say this much, I have felt a little, not much but a little better after starting a new medication. I have been on Lyrica 150mg 3 x a day. Cymbalta 60mg 2x a day. Percocet for break thru pain. (pain never goes away, but I do have bouts of intense sharp pain in my upper and lower back and neck and shoulders). I take Diazepam to sleep and recently, about a month ago, tried Opana which if you don't know is a time released opnoid. At first it was 15 mg 2 x a day. That helped for about a minute. When I told my doctor there wasn't much improvement at all, my dose was increased to 20mg 3 x a day. Okay, let's same I woke up in a 10. I am not about an 8 and it take less time for the pain to 'simmer down' after I get up and take my meds again. However, I had a serious back spasm that required medical atention and was out of work for 3 days in bed. This was a 'doc box' urgent care visit and he gave me a shot of Torodol.(not much relief, but better than I felt when got there.) Anyway, he gave me a prescription for Carispol beter known as Soma, which is a muscle relaxer(I don't like them because then make me sleep for what seems like days and I hate the groggy feeling) But, this one, taken at night about 2 hours before bedtime has really helped. So, I guess the Opana and the Soma has helped. A little. I will take anything at this time. The BAD part is that with all I am taking, I pay about 300 dollars a month out of my pocket AFTER insurance has done it's pitiful part.
I have sacrifice trips, family fun, riding
horses...(boo hoo there) and having any extra
cash to do anything with because of the meds.
I know I was going on and on, but the main point I was making, was about the meds incase you have not tried them. ( I beat Cancer hands down last
year and lost my right kidney, but this, this FM,
OMG is far worse. And I am nervous about what all these meds will do long term to my liver and kidney.) I guess it's a chance we all take.) I hope this helped you in some sorta way. Just don't feel alone Sweetie, you aren't. I pray every night for all of us who have this. So try to relax, when you can, stretch more and keep good thoughts going, I sure know stress makes mine go balistic!! Take care and God Bless, Fran


canadacalling - September 14

hi supagirl: I know how you feel, i am 70 - just had birthday and have had this fm crap since dx in 1990. I usually do talk negatively, but for once I am telling someone that it seems that is our life. I have tried lots of stuff as well as you. Maybe we should talk about what drugs have worked for you. Let us know, as we can all share a bit. Take care, and pray....


supagirl - September 27

hi fran, thanks so much for your support. i really felt you understood where i was coming from. your comment re having survived cancer and that fibro was worse, made me see comparatively how people experience fibro as bad as it is. it might sound lame, but just knowing you know how it is has helped. noone around me can really understand the depth of it and relentless pain. it was also good just to be able to say how awful it is instead of playing brave for friends and family. i am in australia so the drugs are different but will look into those you have mentioned, especially soma. i am already on morphone patches though so may not be able to take them. thanks alot for your support. i hope you are going better on your soma dose, how have the mornings been? take care, jade in


supagirl - September 30

hi canadacalling,
thanks also for your reply, you have dealst with this alot longer than me. i have decided to try to complain less to my partner and if i really need to vent then to vent to this forum. i am on morphine patches and paracetomolcodeine tablets. i am really overweight though and need to lose some to see if it helps the fibro. does anyone else get annoyed that some people diagnose themselves from the internet and not a specialist? (in australia we see rheumatologists for free). my rheumatologist was good, explained alot and now i just have to get used to what is and isn't fibro. i have just had more scans to see if i am having chest trouble and it seems now it is the intercostal pain of fibro.... aaarrrggghhh!!!! go away fibro!!! hope you are alot calmer than me.... no i'm cool, just learingin how to cope witrh this.,cheers jade



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