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I need some encouragement!
4 Replies
ibritz - August 26

I've been on this site for probably about a month now. I am 49 and have had FM for several years, diagnosed about 3 years ago. I am really stressing out with pain lately. Stress is hard on me and when I flare up and start getting more limited, I get more depressed. I'm on all kinds of meds. I just getting fed up. If I take Imitrex for a headache in the evening, then I can't sleep at night, then more stress = more pain = more depression = more pain ... I need some direct encouragement to help get me out of this depression.


barnes3188 - August 27

I understand how you feel. I can't find anyone to understand my pain and anxiety. My doctors all think I'm lying and won't prescribe me anything so my pain is horrible. I wish more people could understand that just cause they can't see it on an x-ray or blood test it does exsist very much so. I'm so sorry your stressed but I do understand the feeling. I cry almost everyday about it.


Ajj1ao - August 30

In dealing w/ my own FM, I've been on many different drugs, both before and after my diagnosis. In general, I find that the side effects of medications cause stress and problems that are not outweighed by the minimal relief drugs provide. My current philosophy is to stay away from drugs - they're more trouble than they're worth, and doctors are never forthcoming about side effects and the risk of dependency - especially for someone hypersensitive.

I also struggle w/ a vicious cycle of pain and depression, but what helps me most is pushing on through and living up to my resolution that the condition will not derail my busy life. Of course some days are hellish. Be gentle on yourself when necessary!


VictoriaB - August 30

Hi, So sorry about your pain and all. I know, I go through it every day. I am 49 also and was in graduate school when mine was diagnosed. I think that I have had it for awhile tho. I just kept pushing myself and going on but you know thee comes a time when you can't push yourself and that is where I have been. I am fortunate to have a good GP, he hears me and treats me with respect. I have been on pain meds for a year and Cymbalta for 2 months. The Cymbalta gives me more energy. The pain med really helps me a lot!!!!!!!!!! I know all the discussion on both sides but this condition has to be individualized as it affects everyone differently. My pain got so bad that I knew I couldn't live like I had been...................Thank GOD for relief of pain, at least long enough to think about something else!! You have to keep fighting for yourself and find the plan that works for you and also the right provider, that will make all the difference in the world!!!!! Best of luck! V


trans - September 25

Well, I don't know if I can encourage you but I have had fibro over 36 years and challenged everyday by it and I do the best I can. Having a good doctor for the fatigue and pain is key. I was having quite a pity party for myself a week or so ago. I was experiencing unbelieable itching all over but no rash, turns out it is fibro. I thought to my self, man oh man, what is next. I saw 67 symptoms on this one website and I think I have had most of them over the years but you can not give in to it, let it win. I know there are many people bed ridden and on disability with this monster but I think the big difference is that a person can not give up. Keep looking for new things to improve your quality of live. I am constantly researching, at least then I feel proactive and I am running my life not the fibro, don't get me wrong, it gets the best of me some times but I have to keep fighting because, what is the option. Take care and will keep you in my prayers.



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