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I need advice and scared to talk to my doctor
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somuchpain - September 17

I need some advice or suggestions. I am 29 years old and am in constant pain. I have recently had a dozen surgeries, am in constant fibromyalgia pain, and now arthritis is rendering me useless. I am on Remicade infusions, Savella, Lyrica, Prednisone, Methtrexate, and Percocet. I went for accupuncture which did nothing. I am trying massage therapy and chiropractic care which helps only very briefly. I have started getting a little out of control with the pain medication. I ended up taking 20 7.5mg Percocets yesterday. My doctor has warned me that if I can't stick to the contract I signed (2 percocet a day) he would refer me to pain management. I think this might be necessary but I am nervous because Hydromorphone does not work at all. I can take 40mg and they do nothing. I was told pain management would probably just put me on OxyContins which I have never tried. Since Dilaudid is supposed to be stronger, is there a chance the OxyContins won't work either. I will not lie, part of it is probably psychsomatic due to the "high" I get from the meds I am on now. Will OxyContins help with that part too. I have thought about trying Methadone also. Any thoughts on that? I just don't know what else to do. Please Help.


tnichel - September 18

I really think you should give the pain management doc a try. I was skeptical at first but my quality of life is so much better now. A pain mgmt. doc will be up to date on the latest pain meds. They will likely try to streamline your meds so you don't have to take so many types of pain meds for each problem or condition. And don't believe the comment about oxycontins. There are plenty of alternatives.

I found my pain mgmt. doc to be more helpful than all my other docs. And he's careful about the habit forming meds. I finally broke down and went b/c my regular doc and rheumy didn't want to give me muscle relaxers or tramadol (a level 4 narcotic) which really works for me. They wanted me to manage my pain with tylenol and motrin which became like candy to me more than 5 years ago. With percocet being so habit forming I'm surprised your doc wants you to manage it alone, especially since it sounds like you have massive pain.

Please give a pain mgmt doc a try. I truly believe it will help you. Not a pain management clinic but an actual doc. Check nfa-dot-com for one. That's where I found mine. I really hope you find some relief. And don't settle for a doc who is not truly listening to your main concerns and trying to help treat the problem. There are so many wonderful meds out there but our regular docs have too much on their plate to keep up with all the latest pain meds. I'm going to shut up now but I really, really want you to give it a try. Fibro Hugs and Good luck to you!!!


axxie - September 18

Try the pain management doctor, I did after my doctor would not give me anything but manage my pain with tylenol. I was skeptical, I have problems with my fibro pain, especially when you are driving and it feels like someone is driving an axepick through your eyes, it's just so swell and no tylenol just doesn't cute it.

I went to the pain doctor and she listened to me and took account all my medication, and lowered my meds in some part and added other meds to manage my pain.

I'm doing better, and she truly is helpful,she is full of information, to which ones are armful for your liver and what is habit forming. Anytime I feel I have a question, I can just go see her, she is always available for me.

Apart from the fact, that I'm still very absent minded, I'm doing better in pain management. To boost my immune system, she even told me which vitamins to take and why. I'm doing much much better.

Good luck to you


Diagnosed2late - October 22

20 percocets in a 24 hour period will severely damage your liver. That is very dangerous, and can kill you in the long run. I have a family member who died. He didn't OD, he died from liver damage. The FDA has discussed taking percocet, vicoden, and other narcotics with NSAID's in them off the market. Go to the pain management. They will give you meds that don't cause liver damage.

You also need to manage your medication better. The high you get can be addictive, but you have to be very careful with that. Before taking a pill, ask yourself if you are having any pain, or am I just wanting the high. If you are not having pain, put the meds up out of sight, and go do something else. Remember you are taking this for pain. It is easy to lose control, but you have to stay more disciplined.


lucky13 - October 28

My mother in law is addicted to pain pills, and her Dr realized it when she had to start taking such large doses to get by.
If you want to be able to not only manage your pain, but to live and function you have to talk to your Dr, you need help. Any good Dr will not fire you as a patient if you are truly seeking help, he will limit your pain meds and maybe try to find one that is less addictive to use, but these are steps it sounds like you need to take to get better.
The more you take the more you will need, it is your body building a tolerance to the meds you are excessively taking.



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