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I could use a little support...
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hdrider1975 - September 1

So, I have had fibro for about 2 years. My previous doctor tried to help me but had little understanding of fibro and could only help to a point. I went to see my new doctor yesterday. She is wonderful. She has three girls that work in her office with fibro, she treats them and deals with it and sees it on a daily basis. What a relief to have a good doctor. She put me on Cymbalta 30 mg to start, an over the counter sleep aid (I have not tried it yet - I have bad nightmares, so I'm a little scared to use a sleep aid), Darvocet for the pain and I go to the gym 3 days a week. So it sounds like I have everything under control, right? Wrong... Even having a wonderful doctor who actually gave me a great big hug when I left her office doesn't mean it's all "under control".

My mom is fighting a battle and the stress is killing me. They found a mass on her lungs, they are doing testing to see if it's cancer... I'm so scared! So scared! The stress is really bothering me. My doctor said it's going to be a long road and a hard battle both for mom and for myself because of my fibro and the stress.

So I guess, what I'm really saying/asking for is some support and some comments maybe from people who have dealt with not only the daily battle of fibro pain and fatigue but with a very stressful, heart wrenching situation as well?

Thanks everyone!


Fantod - September 1

hdrider1975 - I am glad that you found a doctor that will listen to you and is willing to treat your Fibromyalgia (FMS).

I am very sorry to learn that your mother is undergoing testing with a possible diagnosis of cancer. I am hopeful that the mass was found


Fantod - September 1

(for some reason my post was interrupted) found early. There have been some very good recent advances in treating lung cancer. The cyber knife is something that should be investigated if that is the final diagnosis.

FMS is a very difficult syndrome to manage under the best of circumstances. Stress will really trigger more problems but you have probably already figured that out. I've had FMS for over 3 years and endured complications from underlying conditions, a nasty divorce and moving 2 times in just over a year. Frankly, I would have never gotten through any of it without the support of a counselor who specializes in people with chronic illness. He helped me keep some sense of perspective during some of the worst times I have ever been through in my life. I would like to gently suggest that you explore this option. You can call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a recommendation. You can also Google chronic illness, counseling and the name of your metro area to see what pops up. You can not be effective in helping your mother if you are in a bad place too.

Over time, I have learned that I can not get myself torqued up over things that are not definite. It is not productive and wastes what little energy I do have that needs to be applied to more positive things in my life. While I was going through the divorce (after 21 yrs) I just kept telling myself that everything would turn out the way it was supposed to and that agonizing over the "what ifs" would not change a thing. Pounding the latter mantra through my head was not easy by any means. Having regular meetings with my counselor who alternately was my cheerleader or devils advocate really helped.

I will be sending positive thoughts your way hoping for a happy outcome. Take care and let us know how we may continue to help. God bless you and your mother.


supagirl - September 9

hi... it is important to acknowledge that fibro sufferers take their stress out on themselves in teh form of flare ups and symptoms. important at this time is to dedicate some amount of time per week where you treat yourself, even if it is a warm bath with smelly oils.
hot showers (wet heat) are very good for the pain. there is a clinic in the us that treats fibro and i got that one from them.
whilst it may be hard to deal with the current situation with your mum, remember you are stronger than you realise.
i have been in the same position as you. i hope things go as well as possible.
just remeber that.. no matter how you feel you are a really strong girl. you will make it through and at sometime come out the other side.
all the best......



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