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I am lost.....
7 Replies
skycladfaerielady - August 10

I don't know what to do... I just don't... I just can't figure out a way to kill myself that forensics would not be able to trace. I am miserable, I make my Hubby miserable. I just want it to stop! I want a way to end ir where Hubby can still get the insurance. I am done. I can't hurt like this any more.


Justneedabreak - August 10

I am so sorry that you feel at the end of your ropes. I have had similar thoughts. I will pray for you.


January - August 11

skycladfaierielady - Something has apparently put you into suicidal ideation. Has something happened to set you off? Please reach out for help, we are all here for you. i know your husband and family would never want to lose you. Can you look in the phone book under emergency services or mental health services and call someone locally? Would you consider going to the Emergency Room? Trained therapists are available in most ERs. Don't suffer alone.

I don't know where you are located. But here is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the USA. It is 1-800-273-8255. They will talk with you over the phone. You should be connected with a well trained counselor who will listen carefully and work with you. If not in the US, google "suicide hotline" or "suicide prevention" and hopefully find a hotline near you where you can get professional help. I strongly urge you to speak with someone RIGHT NOW if you are still feeling so down. You really need to talk this through with someone.

I KNOW you will feel better later. Please don't do anything to try and take your life. Believe me, it is harder than you know to accomplish a suicide, and most people just wind up in the hospital, sometimes with permanent damage… I don't know if you are taking any kind of drug, but if you are, this COULD be a drug side effect, even though it feels very real right now. I hear your frustration with your pain, and probably you feel you are a burden. Believe me you are not a burden when someone loves you. You may be mistaking your husband's sorrow at your condition for something else. Please, please reach out for help at a hotline. You really need help right now, and it is easily available. I know it is not easy to ask for help, but please give it a good try…

Please post asap, and let us know how you are doing… hugs to you.


Lynda_Fafard - August 12

Sky I hope you are still here, I think lots of us have these thoughts, that it is too much to go on and we are a burden etc... Did you know that you may be taking a medication that CAUSES these thoughts? Something yu need to check out with a Doctor and ASAP. There are therapy groups that are for fibro folks (sounds much better than sufferer) Where are you located? Call your doctor or go to the ER and explain what is happening. at the very least do not do anything for 72 hours. try to get some research, talk to people, you are NOT alone!


January - August 16

skyclad - have been wondering how you are doing? Hope you are feeling better...


lucky13 - August 17

Please see your Dr and tell them how you feel, I know it seems bad to you now, and you are thinking ending it would be better on everyone, but it won't. You have a special place in this world, you mean something to someone and don't take that away from them.
Depression goes hand in hand with FMS and suicidal thoughts can go there to, or these thoughts can also be tied to medication side effects.
Please hang in there and seek help.


kcyran - August 23

I agree this lady does need to seek help, but don't think that "something pushed you over the edge." Living with this disease day in and day out wears down even the strongest person. I burst into tears no less that 5 times today, as just standing at the counter to make muffins for my kids hurt my hips and back so bad I couldn't stand it. It makes it worse when you reach this point and someone says "well, what's your problem? What's wrong with you?"

Ma'am, please know that are so many of us that feel like you do, and I know some days it is hard to even get out of bed. People look at you like you are faking, or suck it up, but it is not so simple. Please do speak to your doctor to see if any medications are making it worse, or if you can get something to make it better. Your husband does need you, and you are not a burden. I pray you get some relief from this miserable disease.


cincin - August 29

My heart goes out to you. I have been pushed to this limit also.It's impossible at times.What I would do is think about the people that are terminal with cancer and the pain they must endure,someone who has lost a limb or two,someone who was suddenly paralysed and can't move or feel at all,or someone who has a gravely ill child that could leave this world at anytime.I always try to remember that someone out there is in a much harder life than me,they keep going and so can I.It's a life of constant work to feel better,trying to find the best foods, medicines, exercise, etc., but you can feel better. Not 100% and not without flare ups. Don't give up there is so much to live for, keep fighting please. Talk to someone, your doctor,your minister/priest,the help hotlines,anyone!!!



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