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How to stop the pain?
6 Replies
Rob - December 9

Any new methods to stop the pain


Me - December 10

See my post to BUMMED!!


slimshady - December 30

the answer I beleive is not going to be to rid yourself of the pain but to manage it the best you can take the edge off and cry when you need to. There are alot of people claiming they have the answer they don't!


Rob - January 16

There is a surpisingly simple nswer and New from me for more will be very glad you [email protected]


Susan - February 9

God I wish these people that post nothing but ads would take a flying leap!!!

There's really nothing that doctors can do but prescribe pills to deal with the symptoms. They don't know what Fibro is. You have to take matters into your own hand. Everyone is finding different things to survive this condition. One thing that I have noticed is that everyone who is finding some kind of relief is taking someting internally. Some use MSM, some take vitamin B. Some change their diets. And myself I use Protein Whey. So you see there are unlimited number of so called cures. I suggest you keep a diary. Keep track of what you eat and your pain level. Add some multi-vitamins to your diet. I took HOT baths to get relief from the pain. I also found weather and lighting set off my Fibro through a diary I kept myself. Learn to say NO to people who want you to "over do it". And you should be on your way to figuring out how to deal with this condition yourself.


CharlieJ - December 9

Just found this site... suffering w/ fibro for a couple of years now... My new Dr. diagnosed me after working w/ me both in a physician/patient relationship and a personal friendship.
Currently, we are working together to tailor my treatment to best reduce pain and improve quality of life. You see, I'm 42; married to an active woman; and we have 3 young children. Thankfully, everyone in my immediate family is supportive and understanding. Can't say as much about my extended family. Oh well...
My current meds are: Vicodin, Neurontin, Robaxin and Lexapro. I am also taking Glucosamine/Chondrontin and a men's daily vitamin. I also use heat therapy, massage and a TENS unit for the really bad days/nights.
Do I still hurt? YES. Is my quality of life better than it was two years ago? DEFINITELY.
Don't necessarily expect to get better... but DO expect that you CAN live with fibromyalgia. DO NOT GIVE UP!


Jean - December 9

You can only control Fibromyalgia through antidepressants, pain medications,only as needed, looking for other conditions that may be mimicing this Fibromyalgia or working with the Fibromyalgia . Getting prper amount of sleep is so very important for recovery. There are new medes on the market like Duloxetine, which is an antidepressant and the Effexor XR also an antidepressant and both replace the chemical imbalance in your brain for the neurotransmitters. Seretonin and norpinephrine and also dopamine will build as time goes on to give you the rest you need and the pain sensations will lessen in time. Please be aware that this takes time and patiencts to accomplish this feat.



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