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How long to find a good doctor?
2 Replies
notcrazy - July 26

Hi all. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia approximately 2 months ago, although it has been seriously affecting me for awhile. Sixteen knee surgeries, TMJ surgery, etc. I can not get adequate help from any physician I have seen so far. My orhopedist diagnosed me, sent all records to family doctor, and family dr. states that I am just depressed, no fibro, all in my head. Needless to say, trying to find a new dr. Currently, I am on premarin (hysterectomy at the age of 24, am 33 now), high blood pressure meds, tryed lyrica, didn't help, hydrocodone for pain, just makes me sick to stomach. Went to see a new dr. yesterday, she ran a full blood panel, and cholestrol is 493, triglycerides (sp) is 373, both in her opinion dangerously high. However, she gave me no meds for this, and will NOT give me anything for depression or pain. I asked about being off of work for a few days, and she "sees no need in that". Have only been working at current job for 7 months, am in accounting, but must drive over 1 hr. each way. I can not stand the drive, I am so much in pain by the time I get to work, or get home, I feel like doing nothing. I just really wish I could find someone who cares. I can't continue feeling this way, life is just too painful. What can be done? How do you make a physician care? It's not all in my head. My husband tries to understand, but I don't think he really gets it. I would love to just stay in bed, but that too is uncomfortable, and considering I am the insurance provider, I can not stay home from work without a drs. excuse. Thanks for letting me vent. I live in the Knoxville Tn area if anyone knows a good physician to try. I do have an upcoming appt. with a specialist my ortho referred me to, however it is still a month away, and I don't know if I can wait.


sonniejh - August 12

I know what your going through, It is very frustrating, trying to get anyone to understand the Invisitble disease as FMS. (that's what they call it), why? Because the evidence is little, tho it's real. Your not crazy, if your crazy then 75% of women in the US is also crazy. I don't think so. Netscape has been soooo handy. with doing research and finding hints, tips, etc. There are sooo many syndrome's that follow underneath FMS. (Fibromyalgia). I have so far 9 of them. What is going to help? Clincal studies, researchers who can study further, and the funding to do t.
If I could say anything to your husband, it would be that the pain is very real, it's like all the injuries I've ever had in my life, reliving them, but at all once. There is a test (blood work) called the CTK. What it is : it's test the inflammation in your muscles. I went in about ten days ago to the hosp. I was in sooo much pain, Dx there with : Myofasical Syndrome, the diagnosis was correct, as the symptoms to it, but it's linked to FMS. Here's a list of doc's you need to sit down and call, remember expect them not to listen, but keep trying until they listen, be presistant. Because your not only doing this for yourself, but your doing this for the sake of women, who like you, suffer and are not crazy.
Infectious Disease Specialist
Medical Professors
A Naturopath
Hair Analysis

I also suggest documentation. Take notes of your every doing for a week. etc.
does weather, rain, cold, heat, effect you, loud sudden noise, etc take it into each dr. and when you make your appt tell them the first appt you want just a consultation, needing at least thirty minutes so that the scheduler, will put you in for this amount of time. If the Dr. say's I'm not convinced this is a syndrome, etc. Walk out. Don't even gve him or her, an ounce of your time. Do a search with clinical studies on FMS,
type in Fibromyalgia on Netscape or Google. keep searchng. you may need to do a search on fibromyalgia specialist in whatever city, state you rside. or a nearby city or state.
Good luck. I know it's frustrating. I live it everyday. Go to a counselor, who understands fms. and therefore, can help with resources available.
FMS is liinked with Depression for an obvious reason. It's like a csi finding the cause, and solution. They have evidence, but they can't prove their evidence well enough. We have to provide it to them.


Robin1237 - September 19

Listen: I know what you have. We who have fibro actually have Lyme disease, a bacterial infection, usually transmitted by an infected tick. Go to and read up on it all there. Hundreds of knowledgeable people helping each other through this. The bacteria inflame our nerves and soft tissue. is a great testing lab. It's best to find a Lyme-treating doctor to work with, as most doctors are not educated about Lyme disease, and they need to be!!! We generally need antibiotics, plus people are doing a lot of other treatments too. You can also email me at [email protected] to discus..



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