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how do you get your dr to not think its all in your head
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sharie l plewa - July 18

hi i am going on 6 months my pcps send me to other drs when i wind up getting demanding. they think i am fine i have most symptoms of fibro and am just tired and depressed i have even printed up symtoms and showed them to my pcps they think its all in my head i have had major surgery for the last 4 yrs stents, hysterectomy etc does anyone know any drs in ne ohio or se mi that specialize in fibro i am willing to travel i am just so tired of seeing dr,s every summer 1 of the worst patns in my symptoms is left chest i ask my pcp for relief he told me to ignore and get back to a regular routine. if i do have more cardiac pains how will i know. i am just so tired and dont know where to turn thanks in advance for your help sharie


Joe - July 18

I really feel for you. I would definately find a new GP who recognizes that Fibromyalgia is a recognized illness according to The American Medical Association. My doctor sent me to a Reumatoligist to confirm the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. There are doctors out there who will treat you for Fibro but you have to be persistant in your search. I hope that I have been of some help to you. Take care and good luck.


honora2929 - September 23

I really thought that America was more progressive about fibro than here in uk.
It has taken me 30 years to get a diagnosis .Do hope you get some proper help soon ,try and keep positive and i dont say this lightly because if anyone knows what you are going through its me .I have been to hell and back with it i have had weeks when i thought i couldnt go on .But i did and so will you Sharie.Love Honora x


LilyoftheValley - December 30

I have suffered fro fibromyalgia/cfs for over six years and have seen about 45 doctors. The pain that you describe in your chest might necessitate a cardiogram. I do not experience the type of pain you describe [I have had a cardiogram]. I would be concerned about this. With regard to a diagnosis of fibormyalgia, you need to get one from a rheumalogist. Then they can't offer you any more help and you must seek help elsewhere but at least you will know if you have fibro or not. I have found that massage, accupuncture and osteopathy to be the only types of medical relief. Please don't take this the wrong way, but even this web site recommends that you see a psychiatrist. It is NOT because it is all is your head -- it is to help you to develop coping strategies for this disease. I had to go through 4 or 5 before I found a psychiatrist who was sympathetic to my situation. With all of your other health complications, I would definitely go and get the tender point test from a rhematologist. Just go in there and say "I think that I have fibromyalgia and I want to know. PERIOD" You have to be really firm about your convictions with some of these doctors and if they act like jerks -- find another doctor. I hope this helps!


fibromom05 - May 21

Best answer??? GO to a different doctor and keep going to different ones until you get the answer you're looking for. Most people I've talked to are seeing a rheumatologist. I am seeing a Physiatrist.


4d - May 21

Try going to a Rhematologist. They can check you for Fibromyalgia


kathymitchell - January 10

My advice would be to look under Rheumatologists - ring some up and ask if they specialise in FMS - then just TELL you doctor you want a referral. Don't know how it works in your country, however, in Australia we can just demand from our doctor who we want to see - they then refer on.
Good luck



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