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How do you get the amount of fatigue/pain over to your husband?
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FAith Fuller - May 12

Does anyone have a better way of telling a new hustband just what to expect. Are better yet why you take a nap in the middle of the day.


Ann-Marie - November 17

Hi Faith. A lot of info suggests telling people that it is like having very bad flu but to be honest most people associate flu with a bad cold and just dont get it. I explain things by asking them to imagine if they'd never ever been to a gym in their life and that they suddenly went one day and did a full days work out non stop. Then ask them to imagine if they had to stay awake that night all night. Get them to imagine how their body would feel the next day and how painful their muscles would be and how tired they would be. That might give them some idea of how we feel!! Take care XX


CharlieJ - December 9

As a husband, the one who suffers from fibro, I might be able to help... The explanation that seems to have helped a few friends & family better understand is this... "Recall what it feels like when YOU start to get a horrible cold; the day before, when you're all achy and miserable and uncomfortable. Now, think about that day for a moment... then try to imagine feeling that way for a couple of days. Got it? Now, try to imagine feeling that way almost EVERY day, ALL day and ALL night. That gives you a slight understanding of what to expect from fibro." ----> Hopefully, your husband will understand better once you get more feedback from this support group... and your own research. You might also encourage your husband to read up on FMS and how it affects the quality of life for the victim.


Jean - December 9

Yes, you need to educate him on what you have. Ask him to read about Fibromyalgia on this site as well as
This may help him to understand your condition.


Lisa - May 7

Buy the book "Fibromyalgia for Dummies", it is a good book and easy to understand. My husband finally "got it" Hope your's will too. Good Luck


tammy - May 12

the doctor told my husband it's like when you work out with weights, and over do it, you feel like you can't move a muscle, and it hurts all over,,,he got the idea after



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