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how bad do your flare ups get?
20 Replies
swttee4u - December 1

like i've said in earlier post that i've been dealing with this for 17 years. i believe if they had medicine for it back then i wouldn't be this bad. i deal with everyday pain and used to it and can do everything but when the weather changes i get really bad flare ups and all i can do is lay down i can't even go down my steps when it get's that bad and i can't lay in my bed cause it's firm and it hurts to turn over so i have to sleep on the sofa.
is anyone else's flare ups bad?


Fantod - December 1

Yes, I'm having one right now. I think it is tied to the change in weather and there is a full moon tomorrow. I never sleep well but right now I'm up until 4AM. Everything hurts; even my ears so resting my head on the pillow is tough. I'm not comfortable whether I'm dressed or not. Yesterday I was so tired I got confused and left and hour early for a doctor's appointment. You are not alone. Take care.


swttee4u - December 1

thanks fantod. i know about the ears hurting i find my self sleeping on my couch with my head propped up, it helps sometimes. mine get to the point where my scalp even hurts and that's crazy! fms is an all body thing no matter where it is fms will attack it so i have renamed fms to the fi-monster.


Fantod - December 2

Yep - Sometimes my scalp hurts too. I get fed up with all of the drama associated with this syndrome. I already know that tonight is going to be a repeat of last night. I can hardly see straight I'm so tired. Here we go again.....


bmcgovern - December 2

I get bad flare-ups when the weather changes to. It tenses up my whole back really bad and when it does that i get a migraine. It makes me just really achy all over. I just want to lay in my warm bed. When it is really cold to i have a hard time warming up i dont know if anyone else has a hard time getting warm my hands and feet are always ice cold. Does anyone else get this way?


swttee4u - December 2

yes bmcgovern, i can come in from outside and it takes hours for me to warm up. i be so cold, i would put on 2pairs socks, sometimes gloves and sweats to sleep in. i feel like a block of ice!!! but then i get the night sweats and have to take everything off.


Fantod - December 3

swttee4u and bmcgovern - You might want to take a look at "associated conditions" on the lefthand side of this page. Raynauds is common in people with Fibromyalgia. My Dad has it (but not FMS) and your symptoms sound about the same. Take care.


solanadelfina - December 3

Have you guys tried a heated mattress pad? You can even find them at Wal-mart. After a cold day, dropping into a warm bed on that feels like a little piece of heaven. (I have Reynaud's phenomenon, too.) It even helps with the pain.


bmcgovern - December 3

I do not have Reynaud. I do not have any of the symptoms except my feet and hands are cold. I usually warm up just some days its harder. I do sleep in the basement and that could be why i get so cold easily. but thanks for the advice everyone.


axxie - December 3

I relate about the flares, I'm up all night because of the flares, equals no sleep, more confusion and prone to wost flares.

I'm very careful as to what I eat, sometimes I think it's ok to eat this and I end up with a bad flare, that when my skin is burning.

I've been in a flare for the past four days, weather related, anxiety from starting to work and confusion and my massage.

In the past few days, I have not been able to calm myself or my flares, so I try to sleep when I can and I drink loads of water. The pain medication doesn't help the skin burning so I just have to tolerate it the most I can.


Sonja44 - December 4

Yep, I had a severe flare in the fall of 2007 in my forearms ... it was so painful I couldn't pick up a glass of water or turn a door knob. That flare up has never totally gone away. I now joke that I have T-Rex arms...barely useful.


Termesue - December 7

I am in the middle of a flare up as well, and surprise surprise, the Cymbalta that I was taking has stopped working. Does anyone else have the rash that comes with this? It gets really bad during weather changes, and sorry to say PMS. Prayers to all that are going through this. Sorry I am newly diagnosed


Wiccad - December 10

My flares go on for days sometimes weeks. I am new to this forum but not new to the pain. Maybe I should move to a warmer climate? Has that made a difference for anyone? I just want it to stop so that I can be me again. I am lost somewhere in the pain of this and I'm losing faith that I am even in this body anymore. I would not wish this upon my worst enemy,it kills your personality and your relationships.


swttee4u - December 12

fantod i don't have reynaoud's. i know the symptoms, but i do know about the arms sonja44. my wrist hurt so bad that i can barely turn it.


DeeAnnaN - December 13

I have read that FM is not progressive, but my flare ups are definitely getting worse in pain intensity, and length. Sometimes I feel like I am bleeding internally because the pain gets so bad. Cold and rainy weather definitely makes it worse. I have not gotten to the point that I cant walk, but I dont think I have had a good night's sleep in over 5 years. Not sleeping alone makes my body feel like it never rejuventes and sometimes I feel like every tissue in my body has been poisoned. I've taken Cymbalta but I HATE it! I feel like it does nothing for me except make me emotionally numb.


stephanyb11 - January 17

i know i am a bit late with posting here, but i am new to this sight and was just exploring it....i am having a tremendous flare as we speak!!! it hurts to even have clothes on especially my legs and neck and back area...the weather and stress seem to be the big factors in my flares,(real bad ones) i hurt everyday just somedays are worse than others...i am a 29 year old wife and mother of 5...thankfully i have an extremely supportive husband!!! i do not sleep but maybe 2 hours a night and have been having debilitating migraines to the point i have had to go the the hospital 3 times this week for pain YES my flares are very extreme....i hope you find some relief very soon!!! prayers are headed ur way!!!take care stephany


belle1329 - January 28

A bit late with my answer, just noticed this question of you.
I too have very cold hands and feet. My feet are worse than my hands. Lately I noticed if I massage my feet top and bottoms for just a few minutes , very hard, (it hurts alot)sometimes hubby rubs for me, but better to do myself, I can take the pain I inflict easier, and then I put on a pair of those fluffy warm socks and within minutes my feet are warm and they stay warm for the rest of the night. It works most of the time. I also have a jucuzzi tub (best investment ever, had it for about 10 yrs, got it for hubbys back, which is better now, got a good deal used) the jacuzzi helps alot to warm me up when my whole body hurts and feels cold down to the bones. I put my feet in front of the jets and my back and arms in front of the other ones. It helps alot. I guess a hot regular tub would help and a massage. I still have my everyday pain, but Im so very thank for this relief. Hope this helps :)



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