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house has not sold
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jrzgirl1 - March 5

tomorrow is the last day on the contract
I keep getting more health issues
I had a d and c, colonscopy, yeast and uti, my husband is NOT supportive, we cannot afford to stay here, my daughter just got divorced but they have to live in the same house until they sell their house, she has 8 cats, my husband went to the VA clinic, bad blood test results, his liver function is high, not good,BP very high, losing feeling in his legs and feet,(diabetes) depressed,I just want to end it all, I am losing my balance so much lately, the other day I fell off the toliet seat, lid was down, I was cleaning for a house showing, but when i walk, I get dizzy and walk funny
Had brain scan and sinus scan.Normal
so much stress, and he yells alot, I am just tired. I prayed I would not have woken up after the d and c. the med bills are now hitting $18,000
we have to pay 20%, we don't have it.we have his SS but our health ins a mo. is $450.00 and mortgage is $1450.00, he gets 2,045.00 a month


lucky13 - March 7

when it rains it pours, I know when things seem bad, it all comes at once.
You can only do what you can, pay your important bills and put the medical bills at the bottom of the stack. At least your husband can get treatment at the VA, that can save money right there, and if he has to travel distance to go to the VA, they will pay him gas money. we live an hour away and my husband gets $60 a trip.
Have you talked to your bank about making intrest only payments until it sells, or see if they will do a quick sale to let you out of it.
Worse case scenerio, if you can't afford it, walk away from it now, and get you something cheaper, it will take a couple months for it to show up on your credit, either a smaller home or an appartment. or if you can't deal with the husband anymore, find you an apartment, you may be entitled to half his SS, move your DD let her help with the rent.
Just some ideas...



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