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hot hot hot
28 Replies
FARMER1870 - May 3

Hi Everyone,

It can be a comfortable 70 degrees in my house, but I feel like it's 90 degrees or more. I will feel really hot, sometimes my face is flushed and get very sweaty and the worse part I am not doing a dam thing. Usually effects my face, head, neck and chest. It can last as little as 15 minute, but most of the time it last for hours on end. My daughter who is 21 looks at me like there is no reason to be this way when the temperature in the house is comfortable. It drives me crazy!! Sometimes I will get in the shower just to cool off, but if it is late at night, I turn on my ceiling fan to try and get comfortable. Sometimes it works and other times it don't. I feel yucky!! Having Fibromyalgia really bites!!!!!


STAYLOR875 - May 6

I would never sweat and now that is all I do. Like you I don't have to be doing anything at all and my clothes are soaked. I notice it especially when I am having a fibro flare. It is quite irritating.


FARMER1870 - May 9


Looks like this is a common problems with this condition. Sorry to all that suffer with this issue. Happy Mother's Day to all!


talk17 - September 11

Happening right now. Can't stand it. I have burning parts of my body and I'm sweaty. No fever. Crazy feeling.


Barb1024 - September 22

So true! I have a double whammy of Fibro and Diabetes, so it's hard to know which one is making me sweat when. All I know is that if I move more than two muscles the sweating begins, but I can be very cold just sitting in front of a fan on hot summer days. Yuk!
The worst is when grocery shopping not only wears me out, but also leaves me sweating all over the place!


mm30 - September 22

Yup yup yup. my neck and chest are soaking every morning. and during the day i will mist, as fantod calls it. its really embarrasing it probably makes me look so flustered. :o/


headtotoe - January 7

I have terrible heat but only when I exert myself.
It just gets worse and worse. I don't wear a coat in winter because I am so hot by the time I walk from the car to wherever I am going. I can be up doing my chores for a few minutes and then must cool off. I
have 11 fans placed around my house so I can drop in front of one of them. My only exercise is swimming but it's expensive to join gym for the winter. I also have the hot and cold at night, throwing blankets on and off. Sometimes in bed I am uncomfortable but can't decide if I'm hot or cold. So weird. I use a Theracane and my husband
rolls my back, arms, and legs. Also I see a therapist for triggerpoint therapy. All this just keeps me even, if I'm lucky, and not getting worse. It's been four years. Anyone else just have it when exerting? Back of head sopping wet?


oktoberlady - January 9

I'm just the opposite. I'm cold all the time. Even in the summer, I"m chilled. I really never sweat, unless I get overheated from a hot shower and using the blow dryer on my hair. Then I get a little under my nose and my pits get damp. But that's it. I drive my husband nuts because I complain I'm cold, but he says I throw off body heat that he can't stand. I'm on 200 mgs of Lyrica and doing ok. I can't work anymore, so I'm on disability. Most of my pain is in my neck and shoulders. Sometimes I have to take Vicodin for breakthrough pain. That works really well. I'm on a lot of other meds, but none for FM. I also have CFS and take Provigil for that.


Auvonto - January 10

YEP I sweat at night and I'm cold. how does that happen. yuk. i dont understand that. what in the world is going on. SWEAT! why everything that goes on with us just doesnt make any sense what-so-ever. ugh


lacey - March 16

oh I love you all. It's not nice for you but at least I know now I am not alone.

Actually this symptom stops for me when I take HRT but, as I am not a horse and had a hystorectomy 15 years ago, I refuse point blank to take HRTs anymore.


January - March 16

Lacey - low dose bio-identical HRT has a lot of benefits, keeps your bones strong, etc. Estradiol is human estrogen.

I agree, we are not horses, and shame on medicine for giving us horse urine hormones which are bad for humans! Anyone out there taking Premarin, please stop! This is nasty stuff (not so much fun for the horses used either!) and there are healthier alternatives that match up to human hormones.


lacey - March 18

oh I just take vit E and vit B6 about 12 hours apart and that helps tremendously.

I just have to remember to take them.


ldylarke - April 13

wow! I had no idea this was so common. I have had this problem for years and just hate it. I live with fans on 24/7 all seasons. I'm a bit too young for menopause at only 41. It is a bit reassuring to know that this is yet another symptom of FMS.



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