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hot hot hot
28 Replies
weemama - September 27

Does anyone here get really sweaty? I mean your head and neck mainly. It happens if I exert myself or sometimes just lying on the couch watching tv at night. I never used to sweat at all, and now it seems like it happens everyday.


Fantod - September 27

Yes, this is another "perk" of Fibromyalgia (FMS).
I "mist" at least once aday for no apparent reason. It is very annoying. Take care.


shianti - September 28

I experience that also...It is awful. I am getting especially sweaty when I sleep, even if I am not hot. I was at a picnic a couple of weeks ago when it was in the 90's and I was sweating like a pig, but still had the chills and goose bumps.


axxie - September 28

Yes, also get it, some days it really fustration at its best. It's all about the perks of fibro.


cprruby - October 16

Hi this is my first time to reply but I have been reading the comments. I have also been getting hot sweats followed with the chills and goose bumps. I thought it was from menopause but I went through that back in 2006. I have been on Lyrica and Plaqunil which I resently stopped. I was not seeing any help taking them. I also was getting numbness on my face, hands and arms. Does anyone know if that is normal the sweats and numbness?


belle1329 - October 16

yes I do, I have it at night. I get very hot, neck up I pull the covers off and then Im freezing, my skin is ice cold!!! This happens all nite long. I toss in turn from pain and from sweating! Fibro perk!!! ugh! I also thought it was from menopause, but it had stopped in the summer for some strange reason, but came back as soon as the weather changed. I am now post menopause


KatherineWSU - November 30

Hi All, I have experienced the hot flashs. I have been taking Lyrica for about 2 months and found it doesn't help much, AND I gained 20 pounds! Yes, 20 pounds! I am getting off of Lyrica which is very difficult - killer stomach aches and hard to sleep at night.


swttee4u - December 1

yes yes yes, i feel all of you. i sweat so bad at night that i have a window open and it was 36 degrees last night and i was still sweating like someone pour water on me. and yes the numbing and tingling is a part on the monster fibro!!!


hoppy - December 5

Hi all; yes, my head and neck sweat and the back of my hair just drips. I dont know what to do about this. The dr. upped my premarin but I havent noticed that its helped at all. Is this a symptom of FMS???? I cant believe it; another symptom. When do they stop?


Termesue - December 7

WOW same here....Geeze I hate this crap....its evil


belle1329 - December 8

I get like this only at night it is one of the reasons I wake up,I noticed this happens when I rool on my stomach,If im on my back Im cold and achy even with the covers upto my neck, as soon as I go on my stomach I sweat at the neck and cant stand it so I roll back over to my back and im freezing or if I go on my side i get pain ,this happens all night long most of the time! I cant take it anymore. I tried taking advil before bed, because I thought the cold feeling was more achy like fever ache but it did not help. Ive tried sleeping pills but I had a very bad reactin after awhile. I was not myself!!
Ive tried tylenol pm but that worked the opposite and kept me awake all nite. Advil PM helped some. I dont take any other meds as I dont want to because Med and me dont mix well. I have pain but I can bear it most of the time. I go for a sleep study in January :) cant wait, I hope the find something to help!!! UGH!


reggiek911 - December 14

I thought I was the only one, its very embarising when every one else around you is comfortable and I have sweat rolling off my face.


lmvalentine - December 16

Yes, started Savella beginning of 10/09. Also under major stress, and pre-menopause. My face seems on fire at times and am experiencing major skin flares. Had them before so I no it is not the Savella. Now just worse with everything going on. Spray myself with Na-PCA for skin and cool relief and hope for the best. I sure do not need to wear blush now!


inpaindavey - December 23

hi there weemama im a newbie david yeh i start sweating for no aparant reason expecaily when im in bed and its frezzing outside like it is here in england for the last week its been subzero i take tmy quilts off becuse im swaeting me then im frezzing my feet off lol


Rosscow - December 28

Wow It's that common hey??? Thought I was nuts.
When I'm working in summer. (yes somehow I still work with this agonizing evil pain) I am just soaked. I realize a hardhat and coveralls don't help but everyone else isn't sweating so bad they look like they just got out a swimming pool.
Eating at the lunch table and all of a sudden I'm red faced and sweat dripping off me. No temperature control...evil.


stephanyb11 - January 17

hot flashes from hell here!!!! especially at night, my husband has even moved to the sofa because he says i put off such a body heat he cant handle sweating hot but my skin is goosebumped and cold...UGH FMS!!!!


FARMER1870 - May 3

Hi Everyone,

It can be a comfortable 70 degrees in my house, but I feel like it's 90 degrees or more. I will feel really hot, sometimes my face is flushed and get very sweaty and the worse part I am not doing a dam thing. Usually effects my face, head, neck and chest. It can last as little as 15 minute, but most of the time it last for hours on end. My daughter who is 21 looks at me like there is no reason to be this way when the temperature in the house is comfortable. It drives me crazy!! Sometimes I will get in the shower just to cool off, but if it is late at night, I turn on my ceiling fan to try and get comfortable. Sometimes it works and other times it don't. I feel yucky!! Having Fibromyalgia really bites!!!!!



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