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2 Replies
jdy - February 10

Hi, I am new to this website. I came across it through my many searches for a solution to my many health issues that doctors can never really figure out what is wrong with me.
I dont understand why is there well I feel and please do feel free to respond if you want to. But like there is a stigma that comes along with fm. Like doctor do not want to even hear you ask do you think I have fm. It's always you have this but never ever will they say FM. That is my story I havent been diagnosed with FM but I have read enough and have enough symtoms that lead me to believe I do. I am still looking for a doctor who will diagnose me correctly.I am looking for some support out there many of you who have this and have been diagnose please tell me am I just making it more than it is or Should I persue my theory further. I have always been prone to headaches but about 3.5 years ago I was having pretty horrible all day headaches constant I thought I had a tumor or something went to the doctor and Neurologist had Mri nothing. I than started with chest pains and shortness of breath numbness in my arms and finger tips. I thought gosh I am having a heart attack! went to the hospital they did all test and they came to the conculsion I had Chostrochondritis. They gave me muscle relaxer and anti-inflamatory pills. I continued feeling sick tired run down. I started to see chiropractor for my neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. A year ago I was diagnosed with TMJ. I had terrible ear pain face pain. That is what I am dealing with now the TMJ pain its horrible.I also have the chronic shoulder neck back tightness. It never goes away. I can't remeber things I feel like I am in a fog. And I am so tired. I feel depressed because I am alone in this my husband cant understand why I am so weak. His words (you just need to snap out of it)I wish I could. I wish I could wake up one morning and have a day without any pain weather its my arms,legs,chest,back or my head that feels like I have a tennis ball stuck inside. please help me am I just Making it out to something more than it is or what? I need a solution and I hope alot of you will respond. Thank you for taking the time to read this I appreciate it a whole lot.


VictoriaB - February 10

Hello and it sures sounds like you do. You need to get a Fibro friendly doc from the National Fibromyalgia website and go from there.

Pain is NOT normal and no-one would want this unless they were completely ou of thier tree. Even if they did want it after about 12 hours they would give it up!!

Conserve your strength and stay away from others that are uncaring, these 2 will take what good strength you have away!! We are here and Best Wishes!!


axxie - February 13

You need to find a doctor who understands fibro, go the National Fibro website and see if you can get an appointment or referral to one.

The pain should not be at this level even with fibro, most of us are on some medication to help us cope with the symptoms of FMS.

Just parting words, no you can't snap out of it, it has to be treated with medication. You will never be 100% like before, but you can still make things work out.

Good luck to you, you may find that you will be going through loads of testing, before they diagnose you, but if you have a good doctor, he/she will give you somekind of medication to help you cope with the symptoms.

Good luck to you and keep us posted.



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