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Marcia - August 2

Does anyone experience a hoarse voice? I've had fibro for 25 years. Today I went to an ENT and was told that my vocal cords are not closing completely, probably due to the fibro.


shawna - November 4

hi, my doctor also thinks I have fibro. I have had symptoms for over 2 years along with hoarsness that has not stopped, its been consistent. I to am seeing a ENT, Im not sure what they will tell me but I hope all will be ok. If you would like to talk sometime please feel free to email me. [email protected]
thank you


Pam - March 17

Did anyone answer you? I have the same problem with hoarseness, people think I'm ill or have a cold. It gets worse with increased pollution.


Donna - May 4

I had hoarseness and a sore throat earlier this year it went on for several months I had throat sprays lots of antibiotcs eventually it went away. I wish my doctor had realised it was prob a symptom of fms rather than give me lots of antibiotics etc.It is so hard to believe that so many different symptoms are due to the fms, even at the moment a red itchy rash over mainly the arms and legs.Nothing seems to releive it, anyone else out there ever experienced skin problems like this?


Kim - May 5

My mother, who has had FMS for about 6 years, has had a very hoarse voice for awhile and has went to a few different doctors. She was taking mediciation for "Silent Reflux", I think Prevacid, but her hoarseness is not getting any better. They have now referred her to a speech therapist. They are also looking into a possible symptom of FMS. I was diagnosed with FMS last year and I have a hoarse voice that comes and goes. Maybe it is a symptom of FMS.


Margaret - July 13

Yes I have had the red itchy rash and it has been diagnosed temporarily as Dermatitus Hepiformis. I say temporarily as the doctor (Gastro) said I should see a dermatologist when I have another outbreak and have it tested. This would mean you also have Celiac Disease which I was diagnoed with 2 years ago. My pain specialist feels I have Fibro and my GP agrees with him. I am a newbie to all this. I had been referred to a speech therapist several years ago for the hoarseness but she said nothing was wrong with my speech. It comes and goes - mostly if I talk a lot. Good luck and good health.


Nicole - August 2

For years, I thought it was from living in the way-too-polluted Yugoslavian province of Kosovo- post war! This is something I had never imagined- fibro related!?? Wow. Answers some questions.



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