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Hip pain
31 Replies
mbrad - June 1

I have the hip pain very badly and keeps me awake most nights. I do find a pillow between my legs for sleeping helps quite a bit. Also stretching exercises help to alleviate the pain during the day. Of course walking makes it worse but when I ride my stationary bike and do the stretching it helps tremendously. With FM you never know from day to day what might help. One day it helps the next day not.


Madie - June 4

I also suffer from hip pain, but luckily the one side is better, so I can sleep on that side...Heat seems to help and I've got one of those mattres pressure point covers, that helps alot! Physio sometimes helps for the bursitis....


Tracieg - July 5

My fibro also affects my hips. Mine is throughout my lower body. It was basically hips, thighs and knees but now it is affecting my calves, feet and toes. They are on fire right now and nothing helps.


ibritz - August 6

I also suffer with severe pain in my hips. Bursitis, osteoarthritis, and I, too believe it hurrts more in Fibro flare. Cortisone injections don't make them more flexible, but sometimes gives some relief from the severe pain. I can't cross my legs at all, I can't put my feet up to put on socks or shoes. I have to finagle with them. I wear no socks and slip on shoes whenever possible. I know there is something out there called a sock-aid, that I will probably get when the weather gets cold. They do work pretty well and are usually provided as part of a kit after you have a hip replacement,.


PreggowithFMS - August 10

I read somewhere (tonight actually while researching pregnancy and FMS) that there should not be inflammation - HOWEVER I would like to say that myself and a friend whom I have met that suffers from FMS take Naprozxen which is exactly what that takes care of.

I would be interested to know if you have been diagnosed with RA? My mother has been diagnosed with RA but I really think she has FMS. I have FMS and alot of her symptoms are like mine. She is of course older than me and I think her pain is more severe than mine but she does have hip pain.

I have hip pain from time to time but the majority of my pain is in my upper body.

I just realized the question in this post is dated back from 2006 - but hopefully this will help someone.

Or possibly someone reading this might be in the same situation as my mom.


PreggowithFMS - August 10

I would like to correct my statement from earlier - it is Naproxen and I DO NOT take that even though the bottle says do not take in the 3rd trimester but OB GYN said not to take any at all.


catmom50 - September 4

I have had pain in my hips also. One side or another. Right now I have been suffering with knee pain. First it was the right one, for so long I actually went to the ortho thinking it was something other than Fibro. He Xrayed and said nothing wrong, must be Fibro. Now the left knee is terrible, hurts so bad, I can hardly walk. Heat helps, and staying off it feels better. But i have to keep going, so I don't stiffen up so bad.
I feel with you with the hip pain, it's nothing to take lightly, very painful.
I have been taking Lyrica for a couple months, samples from my doctor. Then when I tried to get a RX, insurance said no, I would have to try something else. So I have been on neurontin for one week and feel so much in pain, I want to go back on Lyrica but have to try this for a month.


conni.tway - September 9

YES! The only thing I know helps is massage therapy.


trans - September 25

I have noticed last winter and now that my right hip hurts all the time, I think it is weather related, I was fortunate to get away to Florida last winter and didn't hurt at all down there. Take care


Fantod - October 21

I have moderate to severe hip pain as well. I am unable to walk/stand for extended time periods. Mine is caused by bursitis which is very common with FMS. I also have it in both shoulders. There is no inflammation per se associated with FMS. Bursits is extremely painful and requires treatment so it does not become a long term problem. Unfortunately, even with treatment mine has been persistent. Fresh pineapple is very good for bursitis. It has an enzyme which breaks up bursitis. Diet is also very improtant. Eliminate any deep fried foods and lunch meat. They both contain ingredients that will worsen the symptoms. Your doctor could be more specific about the "inflammation." It is certainly something that needs exploration. It could be osteoarthitis, bursitis and a host of other things. Have you had an MRI or xrays? There is a new pain patch on the market called Flector. Prescription only; I use it and it is very effective. It relieves pain wherever it is placed. Because Flector does not get into your bloodstream, it will not interfere with any other medication that you may be taking. I hope that my response is helpful to you in some way. Take care.


Xtapolapocet - June 3


While I can appreciate your fervor for seeking a solution to the peril we all endure, I must disagree with your diagnosis of Lyme Disease as a catalyst for Fibromyalgia. I (for one) have never been bitten by a tick and never exposed to Lyme Disease and I have Fibromyalgia. So you can see why I cannot concur with your theory.

Unfortunately there are traditional 'snake oil salesman' online, all pushing theories for what ails you. Just as the implications of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome were misunderstood until recent studies (thanks to advances is medical science) revealed such discoveries, so shall the advancements in Fibromyalgia. The best those of us who suffer can do is to support one another in our struggle and do not forget to support those who end up being caretakers to those who are essentially disabled because of it.

Best of luck in your endeavors! We all want a cure. :-)


kerrygold - June 17


Yes I suffer very badly with hip pain, mostly the left but often both, it feels like an intense burning ache in the muscles and joint. Rest helps a bit but I try to ignore it and keep going,but sometimes I just can't - this illness is so frustrating....



LeeAnn68 - June 23

I get bursitis in the hips....but hip pain is always my first signal that there is a flare coming. If I wake up with hip pain and I am not very careful to take care of myself, I know I'm going to end up in complete pain and in bed for days.


singsop - June 25

Yes! I've been treated for hip bursitis for a long time, to no effect. I do have mild OA in my hips, too.
Now I wonder if I ever had bursitis, and all along it's been the Fibro... The hip pain is my most troublesome symptom.


kerrygold - July 1

Yes, very much so and for years I was told I had bursitis and had several injections which did not help at all.


Pikespeak - July 2

I thought I had hip pain until I realized that it's actually soft tissue pain in my glutes, piriformis and illiotibial bands. It really helped me to be able to relate those specific areas to my doctor/massage therapist to "get" at the problem.

Stretching of those areas is a part of my routine now. Voltaren (just a small dab) rubbed into those areas at night has improved my sleep!

There are plenty of charts online if you want to identify where it hurts. Here's hoping you have a restful 4th of July!



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