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Hip pain
31 Replies
Chrissy - August 5

I have inflamation of the hips very bad my doctor says it could be my FM doe's any one else with FM have this


Lynne - June 4

In FMS there should not be inflamation ethe exception would be to the Myofascia. I have sevre pain in my hips enough to where I can not tie my shoes lift anything over 5lbs.


Lisa - June 5

I also have significant hip pain. Matter-of-fact, the pain kept me up most of last night so today I am exhausted. Vicious cycle.


Kim - June 6

I sometimes have hip pain. My fibro pain seems to travel. I have trigger point pains but the worse pain shows up in my knee, hip, shoulders, and migraines, but usually not all at once.


Anne - June 20

I have bursitis in my hips and shoulders. I've not asked my rheumatologist if it is related to FMS. I wouldn't be surprised though.


D9 - July 12

I am trying to find out if I have FM....
have really bad hip pain in the bursa area- outside part of right hip, with the left side just beginning, I'm afraid.... don't know if this may be FM related or not???


Rita - August 5

Very much so. They hurst most of the time and the pain medication that I'm on doesn't seem to help much. They seem to hurt more when the weather is high humidity


Lynne - August 5

Q. Does fibromyalgia cause any joint or tissue damage, or abnormal laboratory studies?
A. No. To date, there has been no evidence indicating any consistent demonstrable abnormality in any body tissues. In pure fibromyalgia, physical examination, laboratory studies and X-rays are all normal, with the sole exception of subjective muscle tenderness.

Bursitis simply means inflammation of a bursa. It is often, although not always, associated with pain. A bursa is a small sac filled with a small amount of fluid that is found between certain muscles, muscles and tendons, tendons and bone, etc.. Its function is to act as a medium to prevent friction between tissues. It helps muscles, tendons, etc. to slide over each other. There are many bursas in the body - particularly in the areas of the shoulders, the elbows, the hips, the knees and the Achilles tendon areas. The illustration below shows a bursa in the shoulder, called the subacromial bursa. The biceps tendon and anatomy of the shoulder are also seen.
Tendinitis is an inflammation of a tendon. Tendons attach the muscles to the bones. There are many tendons in the body - in the shoulders, hands, knees, feet and ankles, as examples.


pdljmpr - August 15

yes but I also have osteroarthritis in my hips. When they both flare at the same time it is horrible.


Robin1237 - September 19

Hi -- I think fibromyalgia is actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infedtion that inflames our nerves and soft tissues. Go to and read up on it. We generally get it from an infected tick bite. is a great testing lab. It's best to work with a Lyme-treating doctor. The folks at lymenet can help you find one. You can also email me at [email protected]


LeeB - January 23

Yes, I have had it intermittently for about 10 years- long before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It came for several months at a time then went. I was X-rayed several times and no changes in the joints were observed. The pain is at the known tender points.


amandaknits - March 3

I have bilateral hip bursitis and bursitis in my left shoulder. I don't know if it's related either... but I do know that are pressure points near the area that hurt as well.


VVickers - March 25

Yes, I have hip pain too.


lmhs1935 - March 28

My daughter also gets pain in her hips as well. It isn't constant but when she has pain there she can hardly walk.


danielbrinaw - May 9

Yes! I have FM as a matter of fact my hips, knees and ankles are killing me right now. I am also having a terrible flare up. Going to the Chiropractor tomorrow. That always helps me. I just need to somehow be able to go every week. Then my hips would feel tons better more often. Hope this helps some! =)


VictoriaB - May 29

My hips KILL me, along with my rib cage. When humidity is high, my thighs and hips feel like someone is trying to pull my legs from the socket!! It's almost unbearable. I put heating pads with quilts on and have to lie down!! I had bouts of erythem nodosum off and on since I was a child but thank God have not had one for 3 years this month!


mbrad - June 1

I have the hip pain very badly and keeps me awake most nights. I do find a pillow between my legs for sleeping helps quite a bit. Also stretching exercises help to alleviate the pain during the day. Of course walking makes it worse but when I ride my stationary bike and do the stretching it helps tremendously. With FM you never know from day to day what might help. One day it helps the next day not.



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