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Hi I'm new here and thankful to have found you!
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Irisheyes - February 18

Hi All, I'm so glad that I found this site as I'm close to losing my mind after a visit with a new RA doctor! At the time of my diagnosis of Fibro I was also diagnosed with Osteo-arthritis of the spine and knees, bone spurs on the spine and a condition called Spondlyolithisis. Up until this point of my diagnosis I had struggled with another Female doctor who would not listen to my symptoms. I had no idea what Fibromyalgia was and spent a year in denial, and this last year learning to deal with it. So the short of the story is my darling Doctor passed away on 1/15/11 from brain cancer, he was so compassionate and although not a RA doctor he did have many patients living with it. This new RA doctor spent 10 mins with me, he had none of my records at this point, no x rays, nothing to judge what was happening with me and states " I don't believe you have Fibro" he also state "RA docs hate Fibro"? Huh? Seriously? I think I was stunned and couldn't defend myself, besides all the crap wrong with me listed above, I suffer from Post Traumatic Disorder PTSD & a very bad anxiety disorder, which I immediately went into. He doesn't even believe I have the spine conditions! Wow, it wasn't until I came home and had time to reflect on all that I had been through to have this man throw me into the world of the unknown, once again questioning myself and my symptoms. Yet ANOTHER doctor with a GOD complex. Ever since moving to Florida from Massachusetts I have met some of the scariest doctors of my life. I'm ready to find a specialist in the Boston area and even though I really can't afford to do it, go up there for REAL help. I'm fed up with these so called doctors with their holy than thou attitudes. I gladly welcome your friendship and opinions. And thanks for letting me vent, its been eating me up.

Much Love,


fishingflorist - February 18

Hi irisheyes,
Just wondering where in FL are you. i'm in Miami and have had some of the same problems. I now have a great Rhemy. I feel for you and what you are going thru. I'm thinking about moving up by my in=laws in a VERY little town(about 3 streets). Only reason why is because it's near Pitts. They seem to have a lot more doctors who know about FM. Wish you luck.


Irisheyes - February 18

Hi Fishingflorist,
I live in Tarpon Springs FL, the central w. coast just above Clearwater. When you say your thinking of moving, do you mean FL or Massachusetts? Do you mean Pittsfield, MA? That's where I was born and raised LOL Small world if that's what you are talking about ;-) Yes I am frustrated beyond belief at this point and I don't think I'm going to be able to tolerate this RA doctors personality and attitude about Fibro. Especially after having such a kind and sympathetic Doc who would help me any way I needed. I'm sorry to hear you have some of the same problems, its very difficult to deal with day in and day out.


mdak - February 18

to irisheyes- I glad you were able to vent. It seems to help or write it in a journal. I to suffer from FM with numerious medical problems. If that dr. didn't even have your history in front of him, you almost know this is not good. I have been there. It's frustrating after paying hunderds of dollars to see them. It is worth finding the right dr. It took me many many years to find mine. After I had a melt down with this disease my dr. mention disability. I cried when I thought I can't work anymore. I am feeling so much better since I took disability. My dr"s were impressed how much I improved since my disability. If I didn't keep looking for a dr. that could understand, I still would of been in horrible shape. It's worth finding that dr. Make sure you do your homework on these dr's. Ask around to see what other people think of him or her. Good luck finding the right one.


Fantod - February 19

Kathy - Welcome to the board! You should report that doctor to your insurance company in writing. Save the next patient that has Fibromyalgia (FMS) the trouble of having to deal with that pompus ass.

You've got options to find another rheumy. Call or go online and find the local hospitals physician referral service. See if you can get matched up with another rheumotologist and/or a pain specialist(I have both) that have an interest in FMS.

Or, go online to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and see a list of fibro-friendly healthcare providers for the great state of Florida.

You should also Google "Tarpon Springs Fibromyalgia" to see what pops up. A local support group may be able to help with your search for a new doctor. The University of Miami seems to have some programs that address FMS. I just did a cursory search on their website and several things popped up.

I have advanced osteoarthitis in both knees and spinal stenosis (degenerative disc disease) along with the ever popular Fibromyalgia. I can certainly understand why you would be so upset. You've come to the right place for informatiion, help and support. See the "General Discussion" section about Skype. A lot of us chat with each other which also helps ease loneliness and fear.

You've got gumption to sit down and look for help after your unfortunate medical experience. Hang in there - you are not alone. Take care.


Irisheyes - February 19

Thanks so much for listening and responding, I'm just so frustrated and very exhausted not only from the fibro and the pain, but the exhaustion of trying to reach out for help.

I will look into the skype! I bought a webcam some time ago and never used it.

As far as this new rheumy, I'm going to go to have the MRI just so I can prove him wrong on the arthritis issue, then I'm washing my hands of him. But this time I will be armed with information and facts to hand back to him and his snarky remarks. ;-)

Thanks again


January - February 19

Hello Irish. I just have to add a yeah! Report that jerk of a doctor. First, get a copy of your medical records from the office so you know exactly what they wrote down, and you can dispute it accurately. The only way we will ever get decent medical care back is if we all do it. Let your insurance company know too - they don't like to pay big bucks for nothing.

A few years ago, I started getting copies of my medical records. They are full of errors, ranging from stupid to serious! There's a whole year's worth of work in correcting that mess. And they tell me I CAN'T "correct" them, I can only file a statement to try to "amend" them.

I lost my wonderful old dr. too. : ( He was so kind and so excellent! He diagnosed me with fibro back when nobody believed in it. I've been to 4 crappy doctors, and still haven't found a regular dr. Seems like the younger ones don't know much except how to pass out pill samples and write referrals.

I'm going to report the last so-called primary care provider I went to. When I was 10 minutes into my lengthy med. history she started rolling her eyes. (I DID book a "new patient" appointment with extra time.) Then something happened and she left the room - for a very long time. When she came back, she was in a hurry. She didn't complete my records properly. She did a VERY quick, incomplete so-called physical exam. Then, she handed me six referrals to specialists, and said she didn't write prescriptions. I left there thinking "So what do I need YOU for? To be a traffic cop?"

I just got a summary from my insurance and found out that for this, she billed them about $500! (EXCUSE ME?)

Dr. Phil had an interesting comment: 80% of the students listed in Who's Who in American High Schools over the last 10 years ADMIT to cheating. Those are the "smart" kids who become doctors and lawyers. Cheaters. Hmm. I say, you cheat in school, you cheat in life. I approach new doctors the same way I approach used car salesmen. Sad state of affairs.

This is too long already, but I have to add this PS. In two sets of medical records I got, doctors wrote up an HPE - a History and Physical Exam. In both of these cases, they never laid a hand on me, and never did a physical exam. And only one took a medical history, the other did not. That is to say, the HPE's were total fabrications: THEY LIED. Cheaters! My insurance paid them for nothing. The only way I found out about this was by getting my medical records. Gosh, I don't have time for this, do you?



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