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Hi, does this sound like fibro?
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Justme - August 7

Hi there, the neurologist has been treating me for occipital nerve damage, because I always have a pain in the side of my head. I was recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis, likely caused by the prednisone I was on. Wonder though if I could have Fibromyalgia. Here is a list of my symptoms:
Memory sucks
whole body aches
get a shaky feeling inside, feels like blood sugar dropping rapidly
always hungry
bottom of my feet burn
I know the words to things but can't get them out
difficulty swallowing, almost like my throat has forgotten how to swallow.
Tired all the time
after walking a couple of blocks, my legs feel like cement stones,
have to pee all the time
loss of balance tingling, numbness in arms, legs
itching on head and face for no apparent reason
Sweating profusely
tingles throughout body, almost feels like an electrical current, a few other things that I know I am forgetting.
so does this sound like fibro? Thanks for your help


[email protected] - September 16

That's exactly what I would say you have because I have fibro and those are my symptoms. Good luck finding dr who acknoledged it and has treatment suggestions. It is extremel frustrating!


[email protected] - September 20

I would say that sounds a lot like fibromyalgia. It is really aggravating all the Drs. Ive seen and they all want to put it aside I have been hurting so bad for about 5 years and it is not getting better the Drs. wants to put it on depression and the 3 surgeries ive had recently but i was in the same pain when I had seen a dr. that wanted to send me to see a rheumatologist and the next month i was in car accident that caused me to have a fusion in my neck and 2 in my back now i really in pain so im seeing a pain management and he says lets put the fibro aside,he says this is the reason you are in pain he said im full of arthritis i dont know if a rhematologist would do anything different but my pain doesnt stop. So i wish you luck with finding a Dr. but i would defintly say that sounds like it.


renee - November 4

I have all they symptoms you do and more. I also have the internal shakiness feeling, like my body is having internal tremors or something, its weird.


Sheena - April 7

What worked for me, find a GOOD, nice, caring rhuemetologist. (OK, I know I spelled that


kay - April 27

I know how you feel. Its hard to find a Dr. that knows and belive in Fybro. But yes i do have all the symptom and i forget sometimes and it makes you feel like you are going crazy but belive me your not and the shakyness in side is scary . Im seeing a new Dr. that specilizes in Fybro and i hope she can help.I had a very good Dr. in Florida when i was there. So i hope this one is just as good or better. Just make sure you get a Dr. that knows alot about this.good luck


Kazz - April 28

Reading your description it sounds like Fibro but I also wonder if you also have a Panic disorder - I have this also - the inability to swallow, the shaky feeling inside, electrical current going through your body (I get this when I have a panic attack) my suggestion is the same as the others find a Dr you can relate to and who has an understanding of FMS this can take some time but eventually you will find someone who can help you. *hugs*


Anne - April 30 has a complete list of FMS symptoms with descriptions. All free site.


Annie - June 18

COULD be fibro...but you need to rule out other causes. Please see a doc who knows something about fibro! If your doc is old fashioned, he may think Fibro is a "mental disease" (Thats what I was taught 26 years ago in Nursing school!) and lots of docs still think that way. AVOID those docs. Luckily, nowadays the younger guys are being trained that it IS real.


sharie l plewa - July 12

sounds like it to mo too i think 1 of the worst things is dr,s that think your a hypochrondiac when you have never been one before


stephanie - August 7

See a rhumatologist.. they seem to be the most compassionate about Fibro and can also run the proper tests. I think you probably do have Fibro, as many of my symptoms are similar.. It is true. many doc's dont believe it is a true physical condition.. this is why I highly recommend a rhumatologist.. good luck to you !!



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