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Help with Memory Problems
3 Replies
tiaria - December 10

I have been reading that chronic pain can cause short term memory loss, so that explains why my memory has been so bad, but, it is causing a lot of problem in my marriage. I was diagnosed with fibro about 7 years ago and it's been downhill with my memory ever since. The worse is when I go to sleep at night. It seems like my short term memory is almost erased by the time I get up in the morning. There's a lot more to it, but if anyone can give me an idea on how to help, I'd be forever grateful.


JennL - December 22

Hi Tiaria. I thought I was going crazy! 23 and newly diagnosed. I have yet to even begin any treatment, so I can't offer any advice...but it's a relief to know that I'm not going crazy!


Wycklochness - December 22

I have to write things down more so now. But, I was brought up to do that anyway and in my job it has been a god send. As I work for myself, both from home and out in the field, I keep a diary at home, and a day book for jobs away. I date the page, and put everything from phone numbers, to converations, etc. I also write reminders, which can go on each day until I get to do it. It does help and at least I know what is going on. Mind you I do forget to write down when I have to pay bills! Can't win all the time. Hope this is a help. Cheers


tnichel - December 27

Hi Tiaria. I've lost my car in a parking, left bags of groceries at the counter...not to mention my change at the self-checkout (left $5 before xmas & didn't think about it until I went to bed), and I always lose things I put in so called "safe places" as not to forget them. I now keep small notebooks with me to write down everything I must remember (dr. appts, my symptoms, questions for doctors, etc.) . I'm curently pricing blackberries and sidekicks b/c I'm tired of making grocery lists and leaving them at home. I stick post it notes around the house when I need to remember certain things. You will learn ways to deal with the forgetfullness over time. My best advice is to find what works well for you and stick to it. But my memory has improved slightly now that my meds are right. That should help you as well.



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