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help,im desperate
4 Replies
fibrospirit - November 25

Hi fellow fibros,im really having problems with finding personal support.My Dr. and specialist seem to think fibro is a simple,easily managed condition.They say things like 'people have complaints of pain','some people have lower pain thresh-holds','memory loss is not a symptom'-they really make me feel like im a whinging hypochondriac,when really i do my best to move forward every day,even though i struggle to sit up somtimes,let alone stand,and forget how to make cups of tea!! fibro is cruel-the more you try,the harder it hits,and i really need to see a professional i can talk to on the phone or see personally to help me with my managment plans and provide information.someone who there anyone out there who can help-i live in Australia,NSW,Upper Hunter Valley.


Canada17 - November 25

I think you know you need to find a new doctor.

I don't know much about Australia so all I can suggest is that you call your local hospital and see if they have a referral system or a pain clinic.

You are not alone. Keep pushing through. The symbol for FM is a purple butterfly, it represents the transformation of our pain into something beautiful. It's a shame that your doctors are downplaying your symptoms. I am sure there are more people Down Under who have FM; maybe there is a voice that needs to be heard in your community.


Fantod - November 25

Hello fibrospirit - I'm sorry that you have such idiots for doctors. They should have the privilege of spending a couple of days with a full blown flare. Then they would not be so condescending and smug.

Memory loss is certainly a part of Fibromyalgia (FMS). It is usually referred to as "fibro-fog."
Personally, I think it is directly connected to chronic deep sleep deprivation. There are acres of stories on this site about people experiencing mental glitches. Perhaps you should give your doctors the web address of this forum so they can become better educated.

See if you can find a counselor who specializes in people with chronic illness and/or pain. Many of us have outside support. Living with FMS is a challenge even on decent days. You are NOT a whinging hypochrondiac. And, you are not alone. Good luck with your search and keep in touch. Take care.


axxie - November 25

I think you really are in need of new doctors, I don't know how you can go about changing doctors, I know where I come from it's not easy, and there are rheumy to be add.

So if you can shop around, try to google search and see what comes up.


axxie - November 25

Hey fibrospirit I just google searched for doctors in Australia, there this cool site you can take a look at.

healthengine you should be able to see a site, that seem to be a great starting point. Along with the name it does have the (dot) com and (dot) au

Good luck



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