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Help!! Doctor will not listen.
7 Replies
sleepywillow - June 4

can any one tell me how to get my doctor to listen to me i have had 11 years of constant pain,bowel problems,fatigue,depression,insomnia,and many other things and she will not listen to me,please any advice will be welcome,I live in ontario,canada i,m a 32 year old female.


solanadelfina - June 4

Is there any way you could see someone else? Not all doctors are created equally, and unfortunately not all of them are willing to listen. Don't give up- your health is too important.


jerrybaby - June 8

find a new doctor.


belle1329 - June 8

I agree with jerrybaby find a new Dr. If you cant get your Dr to listen to you he/she is of no help.


axxie - June 9

Hi sleepywillow

We are both in the same boat, I'm also in Ontario Canada and have to start from scratch, because my doctor isn't all there.

Go to click on doctor search or call the one 8hundred 4451822 or visit the local hospital where physicians with pivileges or on staff accepting new patients, may be able to provide a few contacts, there's also the community health centre, google search health government of ontario, and search for long-term care's website.

I'm in Ottawa and have a few names if you are from here.


michelle J - June 28

Hi my doctor is/was the same way I was with him for 18/19 years he was the one to brake the news to me that I had the fibro. when I told him I was having trouble sleeping even with Trazodone he told me to take 2 benadryl .I still could'nt sleep and I told him it was like he still was'nt listening.I also told him about the pain and tossing and turning . It was when I got a flu that never left me that he told me what I had fibro. .He then gave me Lyrica and I still had problems then he sent me to another dr a athritis specialist I didnt like her or her office. I was lucky enough to have some long distant friends and they gave me a name of a Good athritis dr. along with a primary that listens so I left my doctor that would'nt listen to my needs .I was with him for 18 yrs he should have listened to me he has before and I dont know why he stopped ,I almost feel like he did'nt want to deal with this


Fantod - June 29

Sleepywillow and axxie - I'd like to recommend the Wasser Pain Management Centre in Toronto. It is associated wirh Mt. Sinai Hospital. The phone number is: 416-586-4800 ext 5997.

In order to get an appointment the following things have be done:

Prior to being accepted for treatment, patients must supply the following documentation:

A formal request from a physician authorizing referral via fax to 416-586-5067

A list of the names, telephone numbers and complete office addresses- along with copies of their reports- of all doctors, dentists or other health-care providers who have treated the patient;

A completed consent form;

Radiographs (x-rays), bone scans, CT scans or MRI as the reports for each of these items; and

A completed patient questionnaire.

I think this is your best bet to get some help. Take care.


Fantod - June 29

With regards to the Wasser Pain Management Centre, the physician referral form which is needed to get an appointment is on their site.



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