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Hello Everyone!
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ShesRestored - April 22

I pray that all of you are doing well today. My name is Linda and I was diagnosed a year ago and while I am relieved to know, the journey is a challenge. Just yesterday I was struggling with fatigue/weakness, severe depression, hormone chaos and sever pain (to the point of my skin hurting) and really so much more as you may know. I hadn't felt this bad since 2007. Funny enough, it was around the time I tried to go back to teaching dance (I have been trying to slowly get back in the groove but I guess Sunday I over did it)and as of now discouraged from exercise all together let alone. If anyone knows the balance please share! I would like to say I am happy to be a part of a group of people who understand. I hope we can all be encouragement to one another!


axxie - April 24

Hello ResRestore, I don't know about balance, it seem different with each of us, sometimes it's a hit or miss.

You sound like I was, about 7 months ago, didn't know what I was going to do, went crying to my doctor and said, do something, well they had me pricked, prodded and tested for everything and anything until they all gave up and said it must be fibromyalgia.

I researched what it was and what kind of meds could help me, I tried several and now I'm on Cymbalta 60mg, many of us are on it, it clears away the depression and the aches and pain are less noticeable.

Some can work, others like me cannot make it to work. I would suggest you ask your doctor if they can give you samples of the drug and see if it works for you.

Like with every drug, cymbalta does have it's side affects, if you can work out the side affects and stick with it for a few months, maybe less time is needed as everyone is different it might be your drug of choice to help you.


ShesRestored - April 24


Thanks for replying to my post! Good to meet you :)
Yes, I agree it seems to be so random for Everyone. And we are constantly looking for answers. I have accepted that although challenging, God is the strength we find amidst our weakness (2 Cor)-and that alone gets me through every time.

It does make most sense that there is a dis-connection between the central nervous system and the endocrine system but that still leaves many questions.

I am at a point where i am considering medicine so your input is a tremendous help, thanks.

At this time I'm just looking for friends who get it- it's hard to relate to people who don't understand that at any given moment you can go from fine to a long face.

I do have one question for anyone- I have heard about guaifenisen- has anyone tried it and does it make a world of difference??



axxie - April 26

Hey ResRestored

guaifenisen it's an expectorant, I've read some posts lately talking about it, not sure if it was you or not, but if you haven't tried it, why not give it a try.

Side effects seem low, it's the usual allergic reactions that you need to watch out for, then if none you may get these usual side affects, such as dizziness, headaches, rash or nausea or vomiting and the stomach upset.

You know that guaifenesin is an expectorant, loosens phlegm and increase lubrication of your lungs, helping you decrease the chest congestion. It can also be used for other purposes.

I don't know this help you with anxiety and depression. I have only tried the drug for it's intended purpose of needing an expectorant and I don't do very well on that subject.

I would be cautious about starting guaifenisen before talking to your doctor.


fibrospirit - July 12

balance~it is a hard one,but i find being extra aware of your body sure helps.depending on the activity,iv got about 20-30 mins in me,and im learning quickly the signals my body gives me when to stop.if i do stop when my body says so,iv got a relitivly small recovery time,every 5mins i ecxeed that is about 10-20min longer recovery.have fibro fog at the moment-hope this makes sense and helps:-)


L Light - July 22

Hi Linda,
Good to meet you, but unfortunately under such circumstances. I have suffered from fibro since 2006 and have managed to get it pretty well under control until recently. Had a complex set of circumstances involving a misdiagnosed tooth infection. Too long of a story to write, but I'm still hanging on going into my 2nd month after the tooth surgery ... difficult time, but hanging...
The 'over doing it' part of fibro can have profoundly painful repercussions, so 'patience' has been an enormous virtue of growth for me. Would be happy to share some natural remedies with you upon verifying the stability of this web site. If I receive a response from you, I'll know:-) Look to encourage, share, and heal...
Laurel (LLight)


L Light - July 24


I dropped you a brief note the other day and felt that the following writing that I've shared may be of support. Hope it helps ...

After reading the blogs in some of these chat rooms, with much heart, I felt compelled to write. I was so astounded by the amount of women on medication (suffering the awful side effects - physically and emotionally), uninformed in understanding FM's hideous true nature, and frustrated by the lack of genuine understanding and support from the medical system. I want to take this opportunity to share the knowledge I have experienced 'first hand' and learned over time. I have had FM since 2006 and truly have learned to respect the depth of the message behind it.

Not all people share the desire of reasonable independence in health care; avoidance of the medical system 'taking charge' of your life. For those that do, I hope you find the following information helpful and somewhat relieving. If you would like to discuss further understanding in working with FM, I would be most pleased to talk with you. You can reach me at: natureintime at gmail dot com.

FM is becoming well-known as a condition that researchers and individuals who have experienced it, believe may be related to chronic fatigue syndrome. Reportedly muscles begin to ache in response to stress, lack of sleep, an injury or infection, or another trauma or disease. Pain might develop gradually and affect a wide area, or it may come on suddenly and sharply in specific areas. You might feel burning, stiffness, shooting pain, or an overall throbbing sensation. The soreness can center on the shoulders, the hip or upper thigh muscles, or the elbows and knees.

Perhaps FM's most distinguishable features are that the aches are often accompanied by anxiety, depression, fatigue, or an inability to sleep (thus making healing virtually 'un-cope-able' at times). Doctors often call the sleep disturbances non-restorative sleep; you may be able to drop off, but when you awake you don't feel rested. In fact, you may be even more fatigued. Sometimes intermittent sleep patterns accompany this condition, only to worsen the symptoms overall.

Symptoms of FM may worsen during periods of stress, overexertion, trauma, extreme temperature, infection, or emotional crisis. Although FM isn't dangerous or life-threatening, it can be very disruptive. Curiously, it is seldom seen outside of Western industrialized countries, leading researchers and people with FM to theorize that lifestyle or dietary factors play a role.

Unfortunately, FM is easily mistaken for other kinds of pain. But anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen seldom lessen FM pain.

*** As an individual who has experienced FM since 2006, in some profoundly disturbing ways (i.e. swelling of knees, inability to walk, awful anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc.), I tell all of you, there is definite "light" at the end of this tunnel in life. I have not used 'any' of the new drugs put on the market and have come through each 'flare-up' or 'episode' with a better and clearer understanding of how my body is dealing and coping with each crisis period. At my absolute worst periods (twice) I took prednisone to bring the swelling down in my knees and intermittently have taken pain medication when absolutely in need. Bottom line, your personal understanding is your best remedy and future healing potential.



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