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Heartburn- wedge shaped pillow.
3 Replies
canadacalling - November 11

I have this annoying heartburn at night especially. Does any one use a wedge shaped pillow to solve this? I know that putting the bed up on blocks is good - been there. Comments.


Fantod - November 11

You should be taking an acid blocker like Zantac. Stomach acid can really damage the throat lining and lead to other problems. GERD is a common problem among people with Fibromyalgia (FMS). I have it myself and no amount of diet changing seems to fix it. In addition to 600 mg of Zantac a day I also use two pillows at night to keep my head propped up. I have never tried a wedge shaped pillow. I can manipulate my two pillows which to me seems more comfortable. Hope this helps. Take care.


canadacalling - November 11

Hi: I am taking one called pariet in the morning and I do have Gerd, but end up using gaviscon to help keep the acid down. Since I have changed Doctors, he now has me on a different regime for cholesterol, plus no more warfarin, so have to take an aspirin a day. All these different changes. However, it turns out the Dr. that I did have before is out with back surgery, so this was a great time to change - in my favour. I see the new one on Tuesday and perhaps he can start me on something a little more agressive for this Gerd stuff.

Looking forward to next weekend, as I am going to Michigan - Rochester, to see my son and grandchildren, although their Mother and I have had a falling out - mutual I guess. You know all these things do make a difference in the stress level and being a Fibro person we are "possessed" - not sure what with though.
Thanks for reply. S


Fantod - November 13

Be sure to talk to your new doctor about your problem with GERD. It took me a couple of tries to find a medication that actually controlled the problem.

I hope that you have a nice visit with your son and grandchildren. I live in MI too. Sorry to hear that you and your daughter in law don't get along. I hope that you can keep your stress level under control while you are away. Take care.



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