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Good and supportive Doctors
4 Replies
Arista - March 2


Does anyone know of any good and supportive doctors that truly understand fibromyalgia and can really support a sufferer. I just moved to BC and it's really difficult to find a good doctor. If anyone knows of any good doctors that are accepting new patients please let me know.



axxie - March 4

Arista, have you tried, typing bcdoctors at googles. I tried to response earlier, but because there was a website address, it was not published.
Or just put in the the 3 w's with bcdoctors together you should be able to get to the right
area to search for doctors who are accepting new patiens.
Good luck


Fantod - March 4

I'd try typing "fibromyalgia doctor British Columbia" into Google and see what pops up. I would also try "fibromyalgia Canada" and see if there is a national association that help you with a referral. You can also try Googling "fibromyalgia and the name of the city you live in" for local support groups. I hope you are able to locate a fibro-friendly doctor. Take care.


axxie - March 12

Fantod, I'm still looking in Ontario for a fibro doc I haven't seen one advertise as such. You are either sent to the neuro, the rheumy or your family physician will take care of you. If you don't have a primary physician, then go the the clinics that are open late into the evening. Those doctors are usually doctors who are attending to treat, but will open doors to tests and physicians that you might need to treat your fibro. Good luck.


schmind - March 16

Arista, I just googled FMS and BC doctors and there was a site whiich listed doctors doctors in various parts of the country. When I clicked on British Columbia, it said that there were no doctors listed in BC who deal with FMS. I believe this because I, too, live in BC and after pushing my doctor repeatedly especially because of severe pain issues, he finally sent me to a rheumatologist at VGH who was very thorough and honest. He took x-rays of my spine which showed a lot of degenerative disease and said pain was coming from that but also poss.FMS as well. He then sent me to another rheumy who specializes in back and neck pain. He is still working on different pain meds for me but said I definitely have FMS (I have all the tender points and other stuff) but he thinks the FMS and osteoarthritis are complicating the issues. He is very good but I had to fight for ages with my GP to be referred anywhere. I have also joined the Fibromyalgia Network and get a lot of printed info on FMS and I tell my GP the info. He's finally after 5 yrs of hounding started to pay more attention. You have to fight and try to get a referral to a rheumy.
Sorry this is so long. please let us know how you make out.



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