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Fog Humor
13 Replies
writerchick - October 3

I'm currently in graduate school and in class the other night we were discussing memory problems (Yeah, I know that topic well!) Anyway, the student in charge of the discussion thought it would be "fun" to play the name game (where everyone has to say everyone's name before them + their own in a circle). At the end of the discussion, we had to write down all of the names we remembered, then everyone said their name for the class to see how many we got correct. When it was my turn to say my name, without hesitation and clear as day I called out the name of the man sitting beside me.

All 21 people in the room just stopped and stared at me. Then busted out laughing. I was SO embarrassed! I had no idea why they were laughing until he said "well, I guess I'm her then"


tnichel - October 5

Ha, that's a good one. Love it! Well no super crazy fog moments for me this week. People just stare at me when I'm walking in public places, stores, and parking. Mostly b/c I'm always talking to myself. I think my co-workers are tired of saying "what did you say" I guess they'll get with the program eventually. ;)


fibrofreaked - October 12

I had a hearing impaired student a couple of years ago and had to wear a mic system so she could hear me. I would often look up to find her grinning at me as I muttered to myself so often. Mostly "now where did I put that stack of papers I need?" LOL


axxie - October 12

Funny, I like that one, and tnichel you are not alone, I too talk to myself, trying to use my inner voice. Well sometimes that doesn't work and I can carry a conversation with myself, people are probably thinking I'm crazzy. Muttering for me is like second skin.

We are not crazzy, or maybe we are, to deal with FMS


weemama - October 26

Ahhh yes the muttering..happens everyday. At work at home at the grocery store...try to keep it in my head, but sometimes it slips out of my mouth. Don't even realize I am doing it. I do it mainly when I am trying to remember something like what I need to do at work or what I need to pick up at the store. I also have alot of trouble concentrating on what my daughter is saying to me when she calls. I usally get...Mom are you still there? I feel bad when I zone out on her.


fibromomish - October 29

Ha! I am in grad school too, well was until the Dr told me to take time off b/c I'm so bad. I just came up with a blank stare when they asked my name in the last class I was in. I always get asked if people can help me when I am in a store, I just realized today that I too talk to myself and caught my face in a mirror at the store and look ridiculously lost. I now know why all those clerks looked at me like I was lost and kept asking if I needed help.


axxie - October 30

OK, all makes sense to me now. I went into the store today and was looking for something, but I couldn't remember what it was! Twice two different clerks asked me, if I needed help? Of course I said no, because I couldn't remember what it was that I needed.


Canada17 - November 5

I'll be on my way into the kitchen or bedroom or whichever room and my husband will ask me to grab something. I, of course, say "No problem, honey." He's gotten used to me coming back empty handed. And as soon as I seem him I remember that I forgot whatever it was he needed and march right back to where I was to obtain it. It's become an ongoing joke. Sometimes I wonder why he even bothers to ask me. lol

I'll be trying to tell a story and right in the middle of it, I totally forget what I was saying. Usually it's because someone or something has interuppted me, but I have a hard time getting back on track. This is especially true at family gatherings and it's annoyed some members of my family because while they want to hear the rest of my story, I can't tell them because I don't remember what it was I was telling them.

I talk to myself too AND I have to always write myself notes for things that I need to remember. I've always had terrible short-term memory it's just gotten worse as my FMS has become more prevelant.


solanadelfina - November 15

Be careful on your meds! This morning I took my amitriptylene instead of my tramadol for the pain. Made it to work, barely stayed on my feet for register and helping buy stuff, and ended up coming home early and crashing in bed. It STILL hasn't worn off yet...


writerchick - November 15

So not fun to take the wrong meds!!! I'm glad nothing bad happened!

OK, So Episode #2 for stupid human tricks in Ed Psych class. 2 weeks after calling out the wrong name (and gender) in class, I had to lead a 45 minute discussion on a specific topic that had very little information in the book. I woke up the morning of class with a full blown migraine that would not be denied. In desperation, I took a Percocet on the way into class. I stood up in front of the room 30 minutes later and just said "Dude." Then jumped into the 15 minute explanation, had Q & A, then led small group discussions. Some classmates told me it was an excellent presentation of the material that finally made sense to them. I simply said "Thanks" because I had NO clue what I had presented. Wasn't fibrofog, but medfog can get you, too!


Canada17 - November 15

My husband is a trained chef, so I am lucky that I do not have to do a lot of cooking. (I always forget about stuff too so it's a really good thing).

I attempted to make rice to go with some pork chops the other night. My husband was at work and I was feeding my sister who had been babysitting for us. I threw the chops in the oven and set the timer.

I followed the instructions on the rice and thought that I was doing so well until I smelled something burning.

As it turns out, when I was supposed to turn the temp on the burner down from high to med-low I actually turned on the burner in front of the one I was using.

Needless to say the rice was toast and not worth eating. When I told my husband what happened, all he could do was laugh.

It is an on-going joke in my family that I can't cook. It's not that I can't cook, I can as long as I have absolutely nothing else to pay attention to. But with a toddler running around, my attention is certainly divided...

My husband's food tastes better anyway ; )


belle1329 - November 16

wee momma, I do the same with my daughters and husband, lol. I feel bad too but...
I hope they understand :) I mutter at work all the time, and my co workers say what, I said oh just me talking to myself, dont mind me.


axxie - November 18

Daughter took one look at me and said, did you go out like this!, I said yes, why, she said to me look into the mirror. OH boy, what a sight I was, first I had mustard stain on my sweater, my hair was not tamed, actually it looked like I put my finger into a socket. On top of that, my pant legs were uneven, I had rolled one, apparently forgot the other, and I went shopping like that, not to mention I had no make up on...... what a sight for sore eyes.....thank god, I didn't meet anyone I


belle1329 - November 18

Lol, Ive ran out like that before too , always in a hurry, and forget about things until its too late.. but dont feel bad , as you said....

As a rule, I try to apply the check and balance.

This happens to everyone, don't feel bad, we live in a society where life revolves too fast for us human to comprehend. :-)



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