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Fired for Fibromyalgia
3 Replies
tshomezoo - March 18

I was just fired from my job two days ago for not telling my employer I had Fibromyalgia. I have been having a really hard time lately with pain due to lack of insurance and therefore, lack of medication. I still was at work EVERYDAY. I have recently found a doctor who will see me on a sliding scale basis and am back on meds. I have been working in Preschool settings for years. I started a new job in September and at the time, was doing pretty good. I don't feel I should have to disclose my diagnoses. About three weeks ago, I took a turn for the worse, and it was obvious at work I was in alot of pain. As we all know, sometimes you just have to trudge through. When a co-worker asked what was wrong, I told her. I also told her I was seeking treatment and would be fine. When my employer found out, I was promptly fired. Although she did have the audacity to ask me if I would like to remain a sub., but thought I (full-time), was a liability to the company.


Duo - March 22

Surely this is discrimination - could'nt you take your case to an employment tribunal (don't know if you are able to go down the same route as we do in the U.K.) but good luck.


ptalana - March 23

Hi tshomezoo, welcome to the forum :)
I'd first like to say how sorry I am that this has happened to you. My concern for you is that there could be a clause in your employment contract regarding any health concerns/issues. I would read this over very carefully ensuring that there isn't any such clause, particularly regarding disclosure. If there is no such clause I would look into what your legal rights are. An employment attorney would be able to give you all this info, and let you know if you are in a position to fight your dismissal. Many of these attorneys will give you a free consultation, and you only pay if you win your case. They could also give you any alternative avenues to take if a law suit isn't a possibility. I'm not sure where you reside, the gov't may offer an agency to help you deal with your dismissal and any discrimination involved. Just be prepared for this not being easy!!
I've personally been in a lawsuit for almost 3 years now, suing for my benefits and all other coverage (upcoming surgeries, wheelchair, etc..). This is regarding an accident I had at work which has left me disabled with a spinal injury, which has developed into a severe form of Fms:( One would think this would be so simple, but not so my employer is fighting me on everything. I have really had my eyes opened on how unfair the system can be, and how difficult it can be fighting for your rights.
You're so right in that if you're a liability as a full-time employee why wouldn't you be as a sub??? Unbelievable!!!
Please let us know what happens. I wish you good luck and strength in whatever avenue you take.
Take care, Patty :)


Canada17 - March 25

If you work in a preschool setting, they could be a clause in your contract regarding disclosure of illnesses, however, I would think that would be for illnesses that you could spread or that might put the children in danger, like narcolepsy or epilepsy.

I think it would be a far cry for an employer to assume that Fibromyalgia would put anyone in danger, especially if you haven't been written up for anything.

I would talk to your local labour board. Where I am it's called the Ministry of Labour, and you speak with the Labour Board. They should be able to advise you as to what you rights as an employee are.



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