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Fibromyalgia Support Group Orlando
20 Replies
Sherri - April 30

Hello there, i am searching for a fibromyalgia support group in the Orlando area that I can attend. Please if anyone has any info about fibromyalgia support groups in Orlando please let me know. Thanks


slimshady - December 30

I am looking to do an online support group I have had this twenty years and at home would work for me Interested?


slimshady - December 31

my mother just located a site www.fibrohugs looks great and they have online chat


Jan Gentilella - January 13

I have some information that would be of great value to you. Please email me at [email protected]


Sherri - January 16

Please contact me if you are interested in some very valuable information on the new product for Fibromyalgia...completely eliminates symptoms [email protected]


Anne Hillebrand - February 19

Please read

I am in Orlando and so is my doc, but the info can be used anywhere.



Jo - October 26

not so sure about Anne Hilldebrand - be careful


Jo - October 26

Florida Hospital has a Fibromyalgia Support Group the 3rd Monday of each month from 5:30 - 7 PM for info call 407-303-5715


Pamela - February 8

Hi Sherri, I have fibro too but can't find support group - I live in Deltona, just north of Orlando, maybe you and I should start a support group? [email protected]


Jim - March 1

If you find one would you PLEASE let me know? Thanks!!!! :) Men have it too!!!!!


coco - March 3

hi jim, i have have fibro and i have a male friend who has fibro..... here is a site he is on for men with fibro. copy and paste this in your address bar..


Anne - April 30

Did you ever get help? Best FMS in the world is in Orlando. Thomas D Harris, M.D. behind Universal Studios on Turkey Lake. First doc to reverse symptoms for his patients. Still accepts new patients, insurance, etc.


liltopo - May 3

Does this website forum have anyone on here any longer?


liltopo - May 3

I live in Winter Garden and tried Tuesday evening to go to the Florida Hospital support group but no one showed up. I've also called Florida Hospital that they have listed as a number for Fibro but no one calls back. Anyone have any information where they may have support groups in Orlando?


Jocelyn - May 4

There is a link that I cannot add into this message because the site keeps taking it out.

google Fibromyalgia Support Groups Orland Florida. One of the links have a locater where you put your zip code in and it will tell you where a support center is.

You may have already tried this, but just in case I figured I let you know. I come from Massachusetts so I do not know of any in your area.

Keep me posted and good luck.


January - May 4

liltopo -- I've been on this website for over a year - and you can get pretty good support and learn a lot from other people just by going online!

Jocelyn - sometimes you can communicate about links if you spell out things that the site automatically would remove -- like spell out "at" instead of using the symbol, or spell out (dot) com.


Jocelyn - May 4

Hi January,

I forgot about doing that. I tried making lots of spaces etc. If I find the site again, I will do that :) I must be in fibro fog clouds :) How are you feeling?

I just ate a gluten free english muffin that had multi seeds. I guess there was a seed I am allergic to. My lip swelled up after I ate it. I took so meds for that and it is not going down. Geesh....I read the ingredients and I've eaten all the seeds except one. It is a China Seed, whatever that is. Maybe that is what caused it. Having so many allergies makes it tough, but I will get it straight.

Take care and let me know how you are doing.



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