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fibromyalgia- can't find a doctor to diagnose me
7 Replies
tired - September 1

Have anyone ran into doctors dismissing your symptoms? Any suggestions?


Susan - February 9

I had several different doctors tryping to figure out what was wrong with me. They even had a 3 way conversation with the CDC going on to figure it out. They sent me home because they didn't know what to do for me. How about that? I was in an ER.


Ema - February 21

I've had my illness since I was 10, I am now 23 and it was only nearly 2 weeks ago since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I suffer with constant agonising back pains which over the years have spread to my legs, arms, neck and shoulders. Hope Hospital in Manchester has a Dr, called Dr Anthony Jones, who happens to be the only DR willing to give me a diagnosise for a disease that controls my life. I know how you feel I was dismissed many a time especially when I was younger, I have had operations and even at one point told I had cancer, then they changed there minds. Maybe you should see if your Dr. will refer you to see him?


Ann-Marie - March 4

Agree with Ema. It was at Hope Hospital where I was diagnosed.


Katie-Ellen - April 5

Anthony Jones is overworked but caring and delightful. I do not have fibromylagia. I went to see him about arthritis, and he appears to do that rare thing amongst doctors: listen to patients. I met a young Polish doctor lately, who told me that in Poland they apparently use Extreme cold ( a chamber of -30 degrees for three minutes) to suppress fibromyalgia pain for months on end. Patient enters chamber in swimsuit, shoes and hat. Don't know iof such facilities opetrae in UK or US. She said heat may be craved by the ill person but is the enemy. Being deep frozen reduces the entire body inflammation, hence the pain.


Jan - April 9

I went to my doctor thinking I had mild arthritis, and he was the one who suggested and concluded I had Fibro. I had never even heard of it before he mentioned it


SANDRA - April 25

my son was diagnosed with M.E. by our own G.P. Dr Walker at the age of eight, he is now 13 and since then trying to find a specialist to back us up has been impossible even though we have been through the chronic fatigue service at bolton. treated like animals stay away from Dr Eminson at all costs she specialises in child abuse and muchaussen by proxy even though she is involved heavily with the chronic fatigue service at bolton HOW IRONIC.


Chronic Fatigue Service Team - September 1

The Greater Manchester Children and Young Person's Chronic Fatigue Team would like to take this opportunity to reassure our young people and their families that we will continue to always treat them with respect and do our best to help them in every way we can.

We would like to point out that a statement previously posted on this website relating to the service provided in Bolton is without foundation and misleading. The statement is particularly critical of the service and specifically cites an individual clinician. We refute categorically all the allegations made. The service in Bolton has an excellent reputation, as does the named clinician. The young people who we treat, and their families, express high levels of satisfaction regarding the care and support they receive in Bolton. Unfortunately there are occasions when family members of young people disagree with a given diagnosis, which has been determined following a full and thorough investigation and examination by a specialist team. It is a matter of speculation why individual family members would vigorously seek a predetermined specific diagnosis on behalf of a young person despite reassurances to the contrary. Such circumstances, although difficult to deal with, are extremely rare.



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