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fibromyalgia and pregnant, need help
4 Replies
hopeann78 - August 14

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I am 2 months pregnant and I am taking Lyrica. I want to stop taking it but I have really over active nerves. If I was to stop taking it, it would take me 6 hours to fall asleep from exhaustion. My nerves tingle all the time and I find it impossible to sleep when I am not taking something for my nerves. Does any one have any suggestions?


Fantod - August 14

Perhaps Gabapentin might be helpful. You would have to discuss this with your doctor to see if it can be taken during pregnancy. Take care.


lucky13 - August 16

Talk to your Dr about it. For me, I have bee flare free, symptom free since about 8-12 wks pregnant (been like this my last 2 pregnancies) now that I am in my 3rd trimester it's a waiting game for my fibro and it's flares to come back, or at least that's when they came back last time.
safe fetus website will let know the drug category, A and B are safe, C can be used when the benifits out way any possible risks, anything beyond that would be off limits. Your Dr may have an idea for a safer drug, but I believe what you are taking is a category C anyway, so not sure if there is a safer option, I know most anti-depressants are a C. Have you tried sleep aids, there are some safe sleep aides on the market, when I am in a pinch I take benadryl which is safe during pregnancy and helps me fall asleep.

Congrats on the pregnancy, and if you have to continue taking your medication, don't stress about it, if it were really bad, it'd be in a more dangerous category and off limits.


animalluvr23 - August 24

Well I know Gabapentin does help alleviate the symptoms youre suffering but my Dr. made a huge deal about me not being able to use it if there was a chance i would get pregnant so I'm pretty sure that won't but I also don't have suggestions execpt defienetly look into natural meds you can take to help like melatonin and magnesium.


lucky13 - September 20

we can't post websites on her but if you look up babyfit that is a good one for pregnancy and I started a mommy team on there called Fibro mommas (fibro something anyway) there are only a handfull of members on there but I hope it will grow.
My user name on there is kymomofmany, if you find me you can find the mommy team that way as well.
I have some links posted there about drugs and drug categories and I try and post helpful info when I come across it, plus there are message boards there as well.



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