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Fibromyalgia and pregnancy
70 Replies
hopeann78 - August 14

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I am 2 months pregnant and I am taking Lyrica. I want to stop taking it but I have really over active nerves. If I was to stop taking it, it would take me 6 hours to fall asleep from exhaustion. My nerves tingle all the time and I find it impossible to sleep when I am not taking something for my nerves. Does any one have any suggestions?


VJackson1982 - January 20

Hi there,

I'm 28 years old, and have been suffering with IBS since 2006, and now have FMS as of a week ago. I'm just wondering if I can get a take on whether getting pregnant is a good idea for people who have really bad symptoms. I'm on Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Cesamet and I also get bi-weekly injections of Marcaine, and even then the flare-ups come with pretty bad fatigue and THEN some.

Though I know how much I would love to carry a baby, for me after everything I've been through, I'm not 100% sure it's worth it. I just don't want to be put in a position where someone else would have to raise my kids even though I'm home. Please give me some truthful responses/advice.



angelia - February 27

I have been dealing with my fibro for 12 years. I finally got to a managable place with it. I am now 3 months along & in constant pain. I'm either angry or wanting to cry. This is my first baby & I can't do anything but work & sleep. Excercise hurts & I can no longer take any of my meds. All of the "support" is not helping. Massage only lasts for a short period. I am just really hoping that it gets better soon. It's taking all I have to keep up a good front.


TheGreenWalrus - March 19

with my first pregancy i was worred about my Fibromyalgia and how it will afect me.. and it was no problem at all!! i even breast feed for a whole year also i was concerned about pain.. and did great!! this time around im in agonay and now im in my 32 week and i have just gotten bad hip pain its almost imposabul to walk.. i dont know how to ease the pain.. im open to any idahs.. but if anyone is worried about pregance and Fibromyalgia.... your pain is littarly 50/50 chance and you may be lucky!! so dont let it hold you back on haveing a baby..


angelia - April 10

VJackson- I wish I could be super positive. I have heard that it can get better with pregnancy. It didn't work for me. I very much want my baby but there are days I wonder why I did it. Will I feel good enough to be a good mom? The pregnancy has been hard. I can't take anything so I am always in pain & the doctors are no help. Their concern is for the baby- which I TOTALLY get but it makes you wonder if you get to ever feel okay again. You have a chance to feel better & I can't say what it's like at the end. It's a tough choice but it is yours. If you don't know... it's not going to make it easier. Best of luck.


Robin G - April 16

I was DX with FMS April 2010 and (DDD). I'm pregnant with my 5th baby. With my previous 4 pregnancies I didn't have FMS. I was fine up until my 7th month as well, I'm almost 32 weeks. My symptoms have come back in full swing. My neck is killing me, my right hand hurts and tingles...But my hips, that's where the pain is the worse. I can't walk very far or be up on my feet for long because the pain is so bad I feel like puking. I also heard that FMS goes in remission throughout pregnancy. Maybe for some fortunate women but not for me. I was relatively pain free for months so when I woke up and absolute agonizing pain, I freaked out...I had forgotten what the pain was like. Every woman, every pregnancy is different and I should have known better than to have believed that the pain would stay away. From what I was told they can't do anything for me while I'm pregnant. I don't know what to do. I have an appt with my specialist tomorrow and I don't know if I should bring up my problems with the pain. Tylenol just isn't cutting it anymore. I bought a huge body pillow in hopes that will alleviate some of the pain. In 2010 (before) dx I bought a new bed. (I thought that would help, lol)Any advice on how to alleviate the pain (naturally) would be appreciated. TIA


Lisa13 - August 27

I am 29 weeks pregnant with my second child, first child was 21 years ago without FMS, and also I am having trouble walking, which doesnt help when I am still working fulltime and my job requires me to walk. I have a full body massage monthly and physio but this alone was not helping. I attended a chiropractor 3 weeks ago and this has helped. Try to find one that works with pregnant women. As for FMS going away while pregnant, I am with you. I was told by my doctor that 'in most cases' FMS goes away during pregnancy, I would like to hear from the "in most cases' women. It may give me incentive for child two. lol. I have just had a look and relised you will have had your baby by now but I will leave this post up as it may help with future bloggers. Can someone please tell me how their birthing experience went for their second child, in relation to FMS.


January - August 28

I'm not anywhere near pregnant, but I do hope all of you know that a number of antidepressants used to treat fibromyalgia have been linked to serious birth defects. Your doctor may not even be aware - but you can google (the name of your drug) + birth defect + lawsuit. Hopefully all of you are off the typical fibro drugs. I just googled "birth defect lawsuit," and these drugs came right up: Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Lexapro. Other drugs were there too, along with the generic word "antidepressant," so you'd probably have to google for whatever specific drugs you are taking.

If you find a problem drug, print out the info, and discuss with your doctor asap!


January - August 28

For some odd reason, you have to google "Cymbalta birth defect" specifically to get to the information on that drug. It has been linked to heart defects and serious birth defects, according to the articles listed.


January - August 28

Just found a good article and comments on a site called "Baby Center." There are some older antidepressants that can be used with smaller risk, and some people report taking SSRIs and SNRIs and their babies were OK. Some babies may go through withdrawal for up to 4 days. Every case is different. Just make sure you discuss with your doctor and make sure he/she is aware of the risk involved.



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