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Fibromyalgia and pregnancy
70 Replies
MOLLY123 - October 9

I noticed that i was starting to feel better and eventually did a pregnancy test. It was fantastic news and i started to feel like the old me before fibromyagia. Before i was pregnant i had constant excruiating pain and tiredness. It was like hell on earth. During pregnancy i had some relief, well untill now i five weeks to go and its hitting me hard again although there is still some relief - but very little. Pregnancy has been great for me i wanted another child and i didnt want fibromyalgia from stopping me. I kept thinking nothing can be worse than what i was going through before i was pregnant and that has been true. Regarding the birth it has been discussed that i have a section because of the extreme tiredness, unable to carry on with any normal daily routine etc that i have a section. I am a bit nervous but more concerned about having the fibromyagia back 24/7. Molly


nmutua - October 13

Well, here I am. Diagnosed at 27 during my first pregnancy, eight months in. I've spent the last 7 months near bed ridden in excruciating pain that no one could seem to help me with. I've had Fibro for about 6 years now since an acute lower back strain that was a severe trama to my body when it shouldn't have been. Since then I've dealt with things and what I thought was my still healing muscles for years. We got pregnant and I felt great for the first month, experienced the usual nausia for a while but I knew that would happen. What I didn't expect was my life to be completely turned upside down, physically, emotionally and financially. I tried hard to continue to work, but couldn't anymore from the spine, muslce pain, and back spasms at around 8 weeks along. Since then it hit my neck, shoulders and arms so hard that I lost all strength in my arms. I couldn't carry a cup of coffee or raise them long enough to put on eye liner. I began the series of treatments that I'm sure you've all tried... chiropractor, accupunture, massage, physical theropy, muscle relaxers, tens units... all made things worse. My first OB office wouldn't take me seriously and told me this was normal pregnancy back pain and to take tylenol. All I could do at that point was take 14 extra strength tylenol a day and it would do NOTHING. It finally took me throwing up bloody clumps of my esophogus that landed me in the ER, for a compassionate doctor to perscribe me percocet. That was the first thing that helped calm things at all, for a while that is. my New OB has since kept me on it, I have to take 4 a day. About 2 or 3 months after dealing with that constantly, the pain decided to morph and migrate south, taking on horendous nerve attributes in my tailbone, hips, legs, feet buttox and arms. Along with arthritis type pain in my knees and feet not to mention the fatigue, heart racing/breathing attacks and electric shocks everywhere. I know exactly what you mean up there about having to flip constantly throughout the night because of your hips. I haven't slept more than an hour at a time in months because of it. About 4 hours combined a night. The nerve pain in my legs is the worst. Absolutely any kind of slight pressure, blankets, pillows... causes the nerves to build in that area until it's unbarable. Feels like someone stripped my legs of all everything, threw it in a meat grinder and then somehow reshapped it into legs. Alot of the time I can't walk. Sitting puts pressure under my butt that amplifies everything and then works its way up my spine. I haven't quite come across anyone who has dealt with this for such an extended period of time. I'm 34 weeks along and have been dealing with this constantly for 7 months. My doc recently perscribed me Zoloft along with the percocet and I'm so grateful for the level of nerve relief it's provided. But since I've gained a tolorance to the percocet I'm worried I will to the zoloft too. I've scheduled a C-section for 39 weeks. I also have Nevous System Sensitization which has amplified things. Have any of you had problems after a c-section? Another question I have is since I've been unable to work (I was the main bread winner) in 7 months, how do I go about getting disability for this time? Thanks guys!


alison77 - November 30

I am 29 years of age and was recently diagnosed with fibro. I am in my 18 week of my second pregnancy. The first trimester was extremely difficult with severe fatigue and morning(all day) sickness. My symptoms lightened up greatly after the 14 week mark. Since 10 weeks into the pregnancy I have been having nighttime hip, shoulder and neck pain. I have tried different pregnancy pillows without luck. I continue to rotate during the night from one side to the other to minimize pain. I have found Tylenol arthritis to be helpful and B6 for hand/feet/lower arm pain. I have been working on headaches with different jaw exercises suggested by a physiotherapist. I suggest that you really fish for a good physio and it will be worth every second spent. I have also been up to the washroom 6-8 times a night. I significantly reduced the amount of citric acid in my diet and now only go 2-3 times a night or less. My next battle is sleep. I find my symptoms are ever changing throughout this pregnancy but the best I can do for my body with food and exercise is the best possible thing I can do for my baby. Good luck to everyone and keep on truckin!


Nayadesai - March 13

HI Cyndi,

I realize your post is very old. Could you or anyone else elaborate on the possible use of flexeril during pregnancy? it is listed as a category B drug, putting it in the safe category for pregnancy. Also, my doctor has ok'd lidocaine patches which is also a cat. B. If Anyone could comment on their experiences with these or any other safe meds, I'd appreciate it. Thank you


SarahBeth - July 22

I know that this post thread was years ago, but I'm 18 and I've just recently been diagnosed with Fibro after countless doctor appointments, specialist referrals, blood test, x rays, and hospital visits over the past five years. I've since been put on 8 different medications (none of which have had any positive effect, only the negative side affects), been to three radically different chiropractors, and undergone 6 months of excruciating physical therapy. I have symptoms almost exactly like what you mentioned:

"Now it seems like every other week, something attacks me. This week it is bowel syptoms--abdominal pains, terrible gas/bloating, etc. A couple months ago, I went to the emergency room because I was having chest symptoms--not pain, but a sort of fluttery, twitchy feeling."

Unfortunately, these symptoms are not only on an every other week basis, they're on a daily basis. Every day a different body system/function pains me greatly, in addition to all the normal pain. My rheumatologist says I have a very severe case. Now I'm not looking to have a baby anytime soon, but I've been doing a lot of research to see what other ladies such as yourself have gone through. If I'm already at this stage in my condition, is it completely idiotic of me to still want to have a baby? Is it even doable? I know my husband will do everything in his power to help me, and my parents will be around to help too. I'm just scared.


rosalynlewis - August 8

I am pregnany for the first time in week 31 and we are discussing c-section vs. vagingal delivery with fibro. We are concerned that the labor is going to make my symptoms worse and that low back/hip pain is going to be too much during the labor process. Any suggestions?


lucky13 - October 18

I gave birth Sept 2009. My fibro symptoms were gone through most the pregnancy, they slowly began coming back late in my 3rd trimester. I have to say it was a nice vacation :)
I had a vaginal birth and my only compliant has been back pain from the epi I received. To me a c-section was out of the questions, it seems like it would be harder to recover from a major surgery like that.
Baby is 4 wks old now and all my symptoms are back full force.


sweater - January 20

i have 1 child a little girl she,s 7 now. I had a very hard time before & after having her due to miscarriage upon miscarriage. luckily my daughter held in there, soon as i found out i was pregnant with her my symptoms of fms disappeared but i was very tired for the 1st 3-4 months little backache through the pregnancy and that was all. i had to have a c-section because i had a lower back operation and they thought i,d damage my back more with the pressure & pushing. the disappointing thing was i had to go under general anaesthetic cos of my scar tissue they couldnt give me an epidural. they advised me to breastfeed and i did cos of all the meds i was taking the baby would wean off through my breastmilk. this worked for me and baby fabulously for 13 months. when i stopped feeding her myself the symptoms started coming back slowly but they were more intense. 7 years on my symptoms are worse than ever. i wish i could be pregnant again just to get rid of these symptons for a while. good luck to all the parents to be its the best thing i.VE ever done.xxxx


Canada17 - January 22

I was just 23 when I got pregnant. I have had Fibromyalgia pretty well all my life (only recently diagnosed though).

Of course, when I was pregnant, I didn't know I had FM. However, looking back I now understand a lot more.

1) I felt implantation cramping so much that my doctor told me no exercise, no shopping, no walking around for extended periods of time. I know now that my FM made me more sensitive to the pain of implantation cramping and thus made it appear that I was suffering something much more serious.

2) Relaxin (sp?) it's a hormone that is released when you get pregnant that allows your bones, muscles, tendons, skin, to stretch and grow with the baby, otherwise we'd rip wide open! It is also the reason why you are told to be careful when exercising while pregnant because you can injure yourself very easily as you are far more flexible than you should be. I wish they could bottle that stuff because those nine months were PAIN FREE!!!

3) The epidural. It didn't work. They kept pumping more into me until the doctor said he didn't think it would do anything more for me. I believe this is directly related to my FM but have not discussed it with any doctor. Since I don't plan on having another it's kind of a moot point.

4) Getting my body back proved to be a difficult task. I cannot exercise the way I wanted to, the way I needed to, in order to bring my post-pregnancy size 16 body back down to my pre-pragnancy size 6. I am, three years later, a size 10. I look good. I feel good. But it is hard to push myself to drop that extra 20 lbs as it causes me so much pain. It's a slow process but I'm working on it.

5) The joy I receive from my daughter, who will be three in March, gives me more will to push through the pain than anything else. When I am having a bad day she brightens it for me. God knows she causes me stress but she is such a sweetheart I don't know what I would do without her.

Childbirth was the single hardest physical thing I have ever had to do. I cannot accurately describe how worth it it really is though. I am so thankful that I did it but given my FM diagnosis and the reality that creates for me, I will not put my body through that again. I don't think that I could handle it, but that is a personal choice my husband and I have made in addition to the added expense, both emotional and monetary, that comes with having more children.


teacherceo - February 8

I have had two kids, and I felt absolutely wonderful throughout both pregnancies. It was as though my fibro had completely disappeared. Then, 7 months after having the kids it appears again and by 9 months after giving birth my fibro is back in full swing. If I had the money to support 80 kids I would be pregnant all the time!


MorganM - February 11

I'm 25 and pregnant with my second child. The first pregnancy was fine. Wonderful in retrospect. With this one, the first trimester was no fun at all. Bad morning sickness, horrible fatigue and excruciating lower back pain. Then at about 3-4 months, my symptoms all but disappeared. I'm 24 weeks along, or six months, and all of a sudden I have had a huge flare up of symptoms I never had before, like terrible restless leg bug-like feelings, and a return of the fatigue, headaches and lower back pain. I didn't have any epidural or pain medication with my first child and I don't plan on using any with this child. I don't take any pain meds now other than OTC. Not that I don't want to, but I have no health insurance and I'm rather poor. I consider it practice for labor.


rhapsody - March 20

Anyone who's had more than one pregnancy will tell you that each pregnancy is different. Same applies now. I have had a total of 7 children. The last 2 were after my diagnosis. Of them, the first after diag. was soooo easy! No problems. Pain was mostly gone. Best I'd felt in years. Funny, 'cuz I was also going on 40 (and turned 40 just before I had her), and was worried about the age issues as well. But, no problems. In fact, she was my easiest pregnancy out of all of them. So I went into my last pregnancy full of confidence. I should have known better, since none are the same. Lots of aches and pains with that one. No serious medical issues, and we both stayed healthy through the pregnancy. But I was quite uncomfortable. Had a terrible time sleeping. Even when I managed to sleep, the pain would wake me up. Lots of fatigue too. Delivery went okay. He got a little stuck (tried to come out face up), but no big deal. So, go in expecting whatever comes along. You can't know. Just as any other woman with any other pregnancy. In the end, it's always worth it though.


lucky13 - April 9

Well this is my 2nd pregnancy after diagnosis, I am only 10 weeks in and so far I am still having mild pain, but not bad enough to worry about, especially being use to the fibro flares this minor pain is easy.
My last pregnancy was fibro free until my 3rd tri when the pain slowly came back, I'm hoping to be that lucky again.


DestinyDai - June 3

I have had fibromyalgia for about 5 years now and I'm only 19, I'm also 6 months pregnate. Some times the pain is so bad I cant get up out of bed. It wasnt always that bad and now I'm scared that it will get so bad that I wont be able to play with my daughter after she is born or my step-children. So I guess what I'm wondering is what did you guys do to help and if there is any chance I will be able to play with the kids.


lucky13 - June 4

DestinyDai, you said you have suffered with Fibro for five years, have you been offically diagnosised? If not, that is your first step. After you have your baby you can start treatment for fibro, there are meds out there approved for treatment, if you go to the Diet forum and the Exercise forum you'll find some good tips there to help you cope and manage your Fibro.
I was diagnosised 3 years ago, I have yet to be perscribed something because I am preggers for the 2nd time since diagnosis. I manage my pain with Tylenol Athritis, and yoga.
You'll be able to play with your kids, but your family needs to be understanding of Fibro and know you will have some bad days where you feel like you can't function. For me, on those days me and the kids lay around and watch cartoons/movies and play games where I can lay down, like coloring or playing cars (depending on the ages)since about 2 yrs old my DD loves to get her nails done, so we do that sometimes on my bad days as well, that and do her hair. That way I don't feel like I am neglecting the kids, even though I can't be as active as I'd like.

Living with Fibro is trial and error, learning what works for you and helps you. Just do your research and try to stay away from foods that are thought to trigger your flares. Take up light exercise, I love yoga plus the relaxation breathing is wonderful before going to bed. Try your best to get plenty of rest since lack of it can cause flares as well.

Honestly, my kids get me through my day, if it weren't for them, I'd probably not be so motivated and wouldn't even get out of bed sometimes.

Good luck, oh and over at babyfit . com there is pregnancy forums there, and I started a fibro mommy team (we only have 2 members as of right now though)


hopeann78 - August 14

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I am 2 months pregnant and I am taking Lyrica. I want to stop taking it but I have really over active nerves. If I was to stop taking it, it would take me 6 hours to fall asleep from exhaustion. My nerves tingle all the time and I find it impossible to sleep when I am not taking something for my nerves. Does any one have any suggestions?



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