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Fibromyalgia and pregnancy
70 Replies
Beth - September 25

Maryann, don't give up and try not to stress too much. I've had fibro for almost 20 years but didn't get diagnosed until 5 years ago. I was 39 when I had my first daughter, and 42 with my second. It took us 10 years of trying off and on (couldn't afford fertility treatment, insurance didnt cover that), had several early miscarriages, but one day it just happened (and once you have the first, the second seems to conceive easier). As I wrote above, my fibro got a lot worse for awhile after the second, but it seems to have let up on me a bit. :) I'm still having problems, but not nearly so bad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I met be getting back to "normal" (haha) I can handle that, been doing it for lots of years.
You're right, it's scary, but my girls are SOOO worth it! And like tonyab says, there are lots of kids out there that need love if you can't have your own. Good luck and love to you!


Michelle - October 18

Hi. Im 36 with a 13 yr old son. I have had FMS for about 11 years after a car accident. I am now pregnant for the second time- im 6 weeks along- I have noticed a huge flare up of my FMS as far as the aches, pains, sweats, hot/cold flashes, dizziness etc... The flare up started a few months before i became pregnant but hit like a ton of bricks after... I'm wondering about specific names of medications or vitamins... Something i can show my doctor. Also- were you guys able to have the chiro and massage covered under your insurance or pay out of pocket? How should i word my massage and chiro so that it gets covered? i know at my age theres supposedly a 1 in 3 chance of miscarraige, not including the FMS factor, and i intend to increase my odds in my favor!!


Miranda - November 7

I am 42 and 14 weeks pregnant. I stopped all meds in February and started taking a natural approach to feeling better. Lots of sleep and yoga made me feel human again. I have not felt any of my fibro symptoms till the last week. I have been unable to exercise due to morning sickness. I'm very disheartened because I was feeling so good and we wanted this pregnancy so bad.


Lisa - November 12

Nicole, not to be rude but you should know just so you don't have your hopes resting on only that, that a lack of seratonin is not the ONLY THING that causes fibro...if that were the case we could all be well practically instantly. It does cause depression and other common symptoms of fibro, and can certainly exaccerbate some of them... but I've had FMS since I was 17 and done a lot of research about it. I have some AWESOME doctors... I agree not to trust them all though! Knowledge is power. Everyone, This is my first pregnancy and i'm just starting the 2nd far I still feel sick every day (neasous) and am really tired and achy... I do hope that it actually GOES away, even if it does reappear in the 7th month. ...Thanks for all the input, those of you that have been pragnant before!


Kendra - November 24

Just this past summer I have been diagnosed with MFPD and FMS. I know I have had it since my accident in 2001 and it runs in my family. But my symptoms have gotten alot worse. I can't breath, I can't do much around my house, the weather has me in bed for days, I can't sleep because I wake my self up because I stop breathing in my sleep and my hands and legs are in pain and the list goes on. I can only do dishes and I am done for the day. By my fault is on my good days I do to much, which is only clean the house, and laundry. But my question is, My fiance and I have been trying to have a baby, is it true that it is harder to get pregnant with fms? I know when I am ovulating because my flare ups get really bad. We also talked about adopting just because I know that this runs in my family and I don't want to take the chance of having a daughter and her having to go through this. But I also see how bad my sister is and she can't even take care of her kids, or she can't even go see them play sports because she hurts to much, and I am not far behind her with pain and not being able to do ANYTHING. So in away I would feel guilty not being able to take care of my own kids. I guess you can call me confused on what to do! I love kids and I can't amagine my life without them, but do I have them only because I want them. Or do I not and think of how well off they would be because I couldn't be there fully for them?


Stephanie - January 4

I am presently 16w pregnant. My first trimester I did not have any FMS symptoms at all, but am now having a lot of aching that I initally thought might be just pregnancy symptoms but am now thinking are more fibro-esque. I am terribly sore in my low, mid and upper back and am aching in my bones. I am already doing prenatal yoga and am looking into some prenatal massage. What else can I do?


Dom - January 6

My fms has totally disappeared I am 19 weeks pregnant. My fms was so bad before my pregnancy that I was on morphine for pain.
My fms started though following the birth of my first child - 8 yrs ago.


Beth - January 15

Nicole, I have to tell you that I am with Lisa on this one. Fibro is not only caused by lack of seratonin. As a matter of fact the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. I found on a website called where a specialist in fibromyalgia, Dr. Peter J. Pellegrino says all medications need to be weaned off of early in pregnancy if not before. Just a little information that I came across.


Beth - January 15

I left a big part out of my last answer. Dr. Pellegrino says particuarly anti-depressants and seratonin-type medications need to be weaned off of.


Jean - January 15

If you are pregnant the medications used for Fibro better be kept on the shelf for the saftey of your unborn. Ask your doctor about this. Hugs


penny - January 22

how much pain was everyone in before they fell pregnant? is it worse? for example my pain is based in my legs. does it go to other parts or the body? or does it just get worse and worse the later the pregnancy goes on?


Jennifer - February 1

I've had fm for 2 years now and now im pregnant with my third child. My FM has been alot worse since i got pregnant. I was diagnosed after my daughter was born in October of 2003. While i was pregnant with her i went through a lot of pain that i dint go through with my son. After she was born it got worse and worse. it seemed like i just couldnt get ahead of the fatigue and the pain. Now im pregnant again and its 3 times as worse and i work a full time job. Did anyone have to quit their job because of the FM while pregnant?


Anonymous - February 3

I was just diagnosed with Fribromyalgia. I'm 34 and am planning to have my first child. I'm a little nervous since this is my first child and my doctor has told me about genetic disorders. Plus the complications with Fibromyalgia makes me a little more nervous. I found a helpful website. It seems there are some things that women can do to manage there Fibromyalgia while being pregnant. I suppose it's just finding out what works for you.


Michelle - February 15

I am 33 and I was just diagnosed with FMS on Monday, and now it all makes sense. I had a baby 4 1/2 months ago, my second child. And let me tell you, I was in pain for all of the third trimester and in the doctor's office constantly for this problem or that problem. We finally decided to induce 2 weeks early because I was in so much pain and I could barely walk. I thought I was just getting "old," but now I know what was wrong with me. I cried in the doctor's office when I got my diagnosis because all these years I had one pain after another and I was beginning to think I was a hypochondriac. For anyone who cares, here are all my symptoms. See if you can relate: excruciating headaches, pain in almost all of my joints, especially my hands, feet and neck, an inability even to shake hands with someone because of the pain; exhaustion, irritability, carpel tunnel syndrome while pregnant, constant pain in my feet no matter what shoes I'm wearing, mood changes, a weird fuzzy sensation in my brain, memory problems, even hypoglycemia my doctor now tells me is caused by FMS. The list goes on and on and on. But I am so grateful that it finally has a name! I do not think that I will have another child because I can't stand to go through that again. For the first time in my life I'm going to concentrate on taking care of me and my body.


Suzanne2 - February 16

Michelle, I know exactly how you feel! I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago. I am 32 and pregnant with my 2nd child. I suspect I have had FM for many years because of the pain I have had even in my 20's which is not normal for a healthy person. I was on lexapro and sleeping pills and told to exercise daily to alleviate the symptoms. I felt much better, even just housecleaning was enough to ease most of my pain. I was just told I have a subchorionic bleed with my pregnancy and put on bed rest. It has been 2 weeks now and I feel like I am going to die. I have had horrible headaches especially in the evening, I cannot sleep at night anymore and cannot take anything for it. My hands and arms go numb at night and I limp around when i do get up because my joints hurt so bad. I also have memory problems and hypglycemia but had no idea it was related to FM. To be honest I all but forgot I even had it until I was put on bedrest. I was just getting into going to the gym a few times a week and trying to lose weight when I found out I was pregnant. I just realized today that all my pains are probably due to FM. I didn't think I would find any info on the net about pregnancy and FM but I'm so glad I found this site. I found a forum about the subchorionic bleed as well and all this info has helped me more than any Dr has ever explained to me. Good luck to all of you!


Amanda - May 22

I'm 10 weeks and so far the morning sickness has been intense. And since I decided to taper down some of my drugs, Effexor, Neurontin, I find the muscle pain and fatigue has definetly increased. So I don't know if its from the taper or the pregnancy...



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