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13 Replies
Diane - April 24

I am having profuse sweating. Does fibromyalgia cause this


Bonnie [email protected] - July 7

I have this also and I think it is because my metabolism has become so slow from the fatigue that I do not get out and do a lot of things/indoors and outdoors, so I have only about a 5 degree difference between sweating and freezing. It could also be partly genetic and fluctuating blood pressure. My paralyzed friend has the same problem. Ask you Dr. for more info. Bonnie


Marie - August 27

I too sweat a lot, not during the night but if I move just a little bit not even exercising I sart a big attack of sweat. I have to stop everything lay donw and use Guided I magery to cool down. I imagine I am in winter walking in the snow with little chlothes on . It ususally take about 30 mins to get back to normal. In winter I am too warm and freeze at the same time, real hassel.MARIE


Ray - April 24

I too sweating at the drop of a dime.
At work, I sit in front of a big fan (summer & winter).
If I walk down the hall, I usually become warm quickly. Within 15 minutes I am sweating, usually through my shirt, on face, and forehead.
It's embrassing. Co-workers doing the same thing are fine.


honora2929 - June 4

Hi Diane ,like you i suffer with extreme heat .It sounds dramatic to say but it has spoilt a lot of my life ,im constantly praying it will be cool . If anyone out there knows how to stop it ,i would be so thankful .Sorry i cant be of more help.Honora


Allison123 - September 16

I too suffer from extreme profuse sweating! It is very embarrassing and even in the winter I can be wearing a t=shirt and shorts and still sweat like a pig!


Robin1237 - September 19

Hi -- I think fibro is actually Lyme diease, a bacterial infection, generally gotten from an infected tick bite. The sweating symptom, however, I believe is from a coinfection, possibly babesia. There are three main coinfections the ticks can carry: babesia, ehrlichia and bartonella. Go to and read up on Lyme and the coinfections. is a great testing lab. It's best to find a Lyme/coinfection treating doctor to work with. The folks at lymenet can help you do that. People generally need antibiotics to treat the infections, plus people also do a lot of other treatments too. You can also email me at [email protected] if you want.


anotary - December 17

Well, I too am searching for more information on this too. I do think that pain meds now trigger the sweating, especially Darcocet. I had to d/c taking Darvocet because the sweats were constant.


policarpio - March 11

My head sweats profusely, it's so embarrassing. Any slight activity at all makes my head sweat. Just a short walk in a fine weather day would trigger my facial hyperhidrosis. The hair on the back of my head, sideburns, and at the top of my forehead gets soaked in seconds and drips down the back of my neck, face and down my forehead. I am 29 and this seems to be getting worse and worse. it triggers also when i get nervous or when i feel dizzy or get motion sickness. I just feel like I am tired all the time and sweating is just making me tire a lot more. When i commute and seat straight for a not so long time i would feel my neck getting stiff, feel pinching pains at the back of my shoulders. my nose gets clogged all the time even if there's no booger or mucus on it. I have TMJ dysfunction and i don't know if fibromyalgia triggers my TMJD or if its the other way around.


ptalana - March 12

Hi Diane, yes Fibro induces sudden changes in body temperature which can cause us to sweat abundantly and also cause us to have fevers. Just another never ending perk of Fibro :(
Sending all a gentle hug, Patty


belle1329 - March 12

I too have night sweat and sometimes during the day, but at the end of the day Im freezing. The night sweats usualy end quickly followed by cold feeling but I think its more an ache, like from a fever when you feel achy and cold, anyone know what I mean?? I dont take meds only ibu. or aleve or advil or occasional Mary Jane. In fact Im getting a hot flash now/ sweats, pins and needles in my left hand and feeling very warm, my neck sweats and between my breasts. I try to ignore and move my hair as Im at work and dont want ayone to notice. It is almost gone and Im starting to feel cold. I had removed my sweater, and will be putting it back on soon :(


shellash - December 28

Hi I am 31 years old female. I also have fibromylgia since I was 16 years old. I have been suffering with all of the problems that come along with Fibro but within the last 2 years I have been excessively sweating and drs been putting me through test after test not coming up with anything. I just started to find out that you can have excessive sweating from fibro...wonderful. Another thing that you can't control and that is so embarrassing since nobody knows exactly why you are sweating ecspecially when it is so cold out and I am wearing a tshirt and still soaked. It is mainly my head, neck and chest although other areas are affected but they are the most affected. My underarms are controlled by clincal strength deoderent...thank god. It would be nice to talk to someone my age or anyone that is going through this. How do you deal with it? I cant even do the simplest activity without sweating dripping wet even taking a simple shower or getting dressed. If I do make it to the store which is only once in awhile cause I pay for it when I am sweating there and then come home cool down in front of the fan and then need nine blankets to get warm...crazy! Then my muscles hurt like crazy and I get severe headache or migriane. It is almost not worth the trip most of the time cause I know what exactly is going to happen before I do it cause it is the same think everytime. My 12 and 8 year old nieces look at me like why are you sweating...too young to understand but either does my 38 year old sister. I do have my understanding parents thank god!! I lost most of my friends since I can never do anything and also they didnt understand either so now I have 1 best friend that kinda understands or at least she says she does. I also get my pulse pounding and my face is beat red. No dr can believe it when they see me. They say I def. have a problems they just dont know what it is. They try to help but they dont know what to do when most of tests come back okay. Well hope to talk to someone in my position and if anyone knows of any cures please let me know!! Thanks! Shellash


devine - April 1

I have just read your comments on the excessive sweating with FM. Me too. My sweating is around the hair line and neck and between the boobs. I have discovered that if I use clinical strength (the one with aluminium) deoderant lightly around these areas before putting on makeup IT WORKS. Makes life a lot easier and more comfortable. The low scent or no scent one. works for hours. My sweating would occur when I concentrated in my work. So sweat would run down my face and into my eyes. Very disconcerting especially for the patients. Have a go wont hurt...


lacey - April 3

To stop heating up and then sweating, I swallow 1 vit E and B6 about every 12 hours. it has saved my sanity but, I have heard it can make some people worse.

I also use a powder called Prantal, which stops sweating in warm cosy areas because I now find that if I don't use it, I will get a terrible rash that will actually open up and get all gooey with pus. The Prantal powder is the same as tennis players use to stop their hands sweating, when holding the racquet.

Hope this helps.



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