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9 Replies
supagirl - October 6

hi all, can anyone else please describe their fibrofog? i have been lucky not to have it, but of late am seriously thinking i might be having some fibrofog. i can't see my specialist for a month but would just like some idea of what people experience with it. thnaks, jade


Stacey373 - October 6

Hi Jade - I don't know if what I have is actually fibrofog or if it's from taking narcotics. We've always thought my "spaciness" was from the pills, but then I learned about the Fibrofog and started wondering if that's what is really going on.

With that being of the big things I've noticed is my memory is completely shot. I literally have to write everything down or I will forget, even the important stuff. I now carry around a little notebook that I write stuff in...appointments, shopping lists, and basically anything I just need to remember!

I constantly forget what I'm going to do or say. I will walk into a room to do something and then forget what it was. I will be talking about something and then suddenly forget what I was going to say.

The running joke in my house for years has been when someone asks me about something that happened a while back or whatever...I always say "I can't remember what I did 15 minutes ago, you think I'm going to remember that???"

anyways....that's all I can really think of right now. (probably forgot the other stuff I do! LOL) Take Care, Stacey :o)


Fantod - October 6

Memory issues or "fibro-fog" are also a common complaint. You could try a supplement called "phosphatidylserine" which comes in varying strengths. This was recommended to me by my nutritionist. My memory is pretty well intact except when I am really affected by fatigue so I only use 200 mg. You could try a higher dose. You should be able to find this item at any decent healthfood store. Or, order it online from a company like Puritan's Pride which has regular sales. I use the latter for my supply - they call it "Neuro-PS." Make sure that you understand how to use it and any risks associated with taking it.


duhda75 - October 7

Fibro fog is a huge problem for me. It is very similar to how Stacey described it. But, I feel mine is much worse than that. One of my kids will come and ask me for something to drink. I will say o.k., and turn and forget what it was that I was going to do. I write notes, set alarms, reminder alarms, calenders. I always have a list of questions or concerns for my Dr appts.

I will have to try some of the suggestions Fantod mentioned.


Manhattan - October 9

The fibrofog is horrible for me. I have to check things over and over.. sometimes I think I have Alzheimer's.


ladryna - October 12

for me it isn't just the spaciness and forgetting things seconds later.. its incredibly basic things like.. turn down the .... shiny window thing.. (TV to most people) or don't forget to vacuum the lawn! its incredibly annoying, I swear the right word is right there in my head but comes out of my mouth as something bizarre.. my children say they are specialists at "mom speak" .. I also have to write everything down and it drives me crazy that I forget the lists.. or to look at the list.. or why I came down *this* aisle after looking at the list.. I swear I *used* to be quite intelligent and successful!!


trixiemyrtle - October 18

same for me ,I wonder if I am going insane sometimes it sucks


duhda75 - October 20

seriously, my fibro fog has me so lost. I forget my thoughts in mid sentence. I can't remember what things are called, I forget names, appts, dates. I used to have a fantastic memeory. Now, I find myself getting frustrated on a daily basis because I can't remember the daily rootine.

Hang in there everybody.


Auvonto - October 21

mine is like i cant think straight. i know what i want to say but i cant get it out. just the other day i was watching a show and i wanted to tell my husband about it but couldnt tell him anything. it was very interesting but for the life of me couldnt tell him anything about it. it comes and goes for me. and i did think it had to do with the pills but i am not sure. some days i will be in mid sentence and lose my whole train of thought. its really bad some times.


axxie - October 23

I guess we all have it, I forget what I've done fifteen minutes ago, so you can tell me a secret and it will be safe with me, cause I can't remember. It's worse when you are tired and feeling alot of pain.

Since changing my medication I don't have it as much, or maybe it's me not noticing.

I speak a few languages and when I speak now, I could be speaking in english, french, spanish and portiguse all in the same phrase. You should see the eyes in the headlight when I do that without noticing it to a salesperson.

The best, is trying to remember what I just read, and and explaining it, it doesn't work. Never mind directions that will confuse everyone.

What about phrase like, your name tag is on the fridge downstairs, what I meant to say was your name tag was left ontop of the dryer. My daughter loves to tease me on that one.

I go to work and I'll start saying something and end up in the middle of my sentence with mubbling.

They all thing I'm a crazy old bat, and that I can't do anything right and that I should go home and stay home.

I'm finishing in December and I'll be going through for disability. I just hope I'll remember everything when I try to write it on the form.

It's worst when you are in a flare up and when you are not well rested. When the pain is at a time low and that you are feeling rested, the words all come back.

So don't take it too hard, we all have our own communication problems. Sometimes I think of one word and something comes out, somedays I just say things like, um that thing, over there what is it again, and what I'm pointing at is a simple fridge or the tv or a bed.

Don't feel too bad, take it lightly and let them guress. After awhile you start to second guess yourself that one is better, because you can actually have a real discussion with yourself and understand yourself.



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